Dragon’s Dogma 2: How to Make Fruit Roborant

Make your early-game injuries go away using this curative.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers a crazy open-world experience, full of dungeon crawling and undead enemies. From the very start of the game, as you arrive in Melve, you will need various healing items to survive or even revive yourself and the NPCs. One such item is the Fruit Roborant, a restorative medicine that replenishes your lost HP.

Fruit Roborant is also a key item required to complete Medicament Predicament, one of the earliest quests you will get in Melve town. The quest giver, Flora, will request you to collect the fruit as her family needs it.

Although you can get the fruit right away from the apothecary behind the quest giver, it costs a ton of gold. So, you must learn how to find and make Fruit Roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2 through other ways.

How to make Fruit Roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2

An easy and quick method to get the Fruit Roborant is purchasing it from Runne’s Apothecary, which is right behind Flora. However, as stated earlier, this method can be quite heavy for your pocket. Luckily, there is a way to craft it using some ingredients in the game.

The recipe to make Fruit Roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2 involves two ingredients; i.e. Morningtide & dried fruit. You can replace Morningtide with Greenwarish, which is also as abundant in the wild as the former herb.

Dried fruit is easily obtained by combining two Ripened Fruits. The best choice for this purpose happens to be the apple, as it is among the most abundant fruits in DD2. You have the liberty to choose either two fruits of different kinds or the same kind. (E.g. two apples or one apple and one grape)


You can ripen a fruit by simply keeping it in your possession and doing other gameplay tasks for some time. Make sure the time is not too long, as it can spoil and rot instead of being ripened.

Other ways to get Fruit Roborant in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you are unable to make Fruit Roborant by the crafting method, it is also possible to get it in the wild. The location from where you may find it is near the Northern Vermund Checkpoint. The chest containing the fruit can be spotted in an open space while walking the path that connects Melve to the checkpoint. Keep yourself ready to face some goblin enemies here.

You can also get the Fruit Roborant by defeating enemies in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Remember that not all enemies drop items in this game, so your chances are quite dim while going with this method.

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