How To Get And Use Rift Crystals In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Rift Crystals are a currency used to hire Pawns in Dragon's Dogma 2. They are rare so you need to know how to get them and use them.

Building an ultimate team is crucial in Dragon’s Dogma 2, and rift crystals help in this process. Rift Crystals (RC) are the currency used in the game to recruit pawns or anything related to pawns. However, unlike gold, RC is less common in the game, making it important.

Interacting with the riftstone for the first time will give you 30 RCs, but this is limited to the first interaction. As you progress through the games, you will receive other means of earning rift crystals passively. This guide will show you how and where to find RC and how to use it.

Share Your Main Pawn

share pawns to earn rift crystals in dragon's dogma 2

A common way of earning RCs in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is by allowing other Arisen to hire your main pawn. To get your pawn hired, you must have it equipped with good gear and skills. This makes them desirable by other players who may want to use them on loan. Remember, the longer your pawn is hired, the more crystals you will get.

To make your pawn publicly available for others, make sure you have the following settings:

  1. Go to Options menu
  2. Set your Network Features setting to On
  3. Change your Main Pawn Online Access to Anyone

Defeat Enemies

Some enemies like Cyclops, Griffins, or Ogres drop crazy amount of RCs. The bigger your target is, the more RC it will drop. During the nighttime, you might come across some undead enemies, taking them down will reward you with chunk of RC.

Loot Chests and Treasure Chests

Chances are you might find rift crystals hidden in chests. If you’re on an RC hunting mission, target the chests with exclamation mark on them in the mini-map. However, the treasure chests are a perfect way of gaining RC, always open them.

Solving Sphinx Riddle

The “Riddle of Wisdom” requires you to find the Sphinx’s parent, a special type of Pawn to the Sphinx at the Mountain Shrine. All you need to do is go to Harve, activate the Riftstone of Fellowship, look for a pawn with either the “SphinxParent,” “SphinxFather,” or “SphinxMother” moniker, and add it to your party.

Take the pawn back to Mountain Shrine and talk to the Sphinx. This will solve the riddle; you will get 1200 rift crystals in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Repairing Broken Riftstones

Another reliable way of earning RC is by fixing the broken riftstones. These are known as the Forgotten Riftstones; you will find them in abandoned places in wild forests or near caves. There are over 66 of these forgotten riftstones, and your pawns may even guide you to the location of Forgotten Riftstones. Interact with the rubble to repair it; you will earn some RC in return.

Activating Riftstones

Activate all the riftstones you stumble upon in your way. However, it is a slow and limited way it does give you small amount of RC bonus. The game features over 34 riftstones spread all across the map.

Complete Side Quests

Complete all the side quests; some give you good loot and rift crystals. Some side quests reward you with some rift crystals on completion. So it’s a good idea to complete them whenever you find them.

How to Use Rift Crystals?

You can use RC at either the rift stones or pawn guilds. There are over 34 different types of riftstones spread all across the map. These riftstones allow you to find pawns of different characteristics and vocations in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The best way to use RC is to rent out higher-level pawns from other Arisens. It will cost you nothing if you go for a pawn below or equal to your Arisen’s level. But if you go for a pawn with a higher level than your Arisen, it will cost you some RC. This is one of the best ways to use your stored rift crystals, as it helps you easily go through specific quests.

You can also customize your main pawns using Rift Crystals or get The Art of Metamorphosis from the Pawn Guild near the Great Riftstone of Vermund in Vernworth. The art of metamorphosis enables you to customize your pawn’s appearance. The game has two pawn guilds: one in Vernworth and the other in Bakbattahl.

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