Dragon’s Dogma 2 All Riftstone Locations

All Riftstones locations are here to help you hire the best Pawns.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 features numerous Riftstones, which can be used to “hire new Pawns” or send them on “Pawn quests.” Some, like the Regular Riftstones, can be used as many times as you want, while others are for one-time use, like the Forgotten Riftstones.

The name of the Riftstone will impact the Pawn you will summon from it. For example, if you go to the Riftstone of Calm, you will find Pawns with Calm Inclination in Dragon’s Dogma 2. With our help, finding the Riftstones is easier than ever! We have marked their locations on the maps below, organized by region.


Even though the Forgotten Riftstones summon a high-level Pawn, it is better to find a regular one. This way, you have control over the vocation of Pawns you can hire and have a larger variety to choose from.

Vermund Riftstone locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

This is the main region of the game, and you will explore its many parts quite early. You will find the most Riftstones here, especially on top of the cliffs, as this area has a lot of mountains that you will need to climb.


There are many more Riftstones in Dragon’s Dogma 2 than the ones mentioned below, and we will add their locations as we discover them. One thing to keep in mind is that almost every settlement, such as Harve Village, Sacred Arbor, Melve, etc., has a Riftstone.

1. Riftstone of Fellowship

The first Riftstone of Fellowship is on the tower’s bottom floor next to the path that leads you to Checkpoint Rest Town. This area is above the Battahl region, and we have marked it on the map so you can reach it easily.

2. Riftstone of Duty

You can find this RIftstone in the Vermund region below the Misty Marshes location. You can easily spot it while traveling from Vernworth to Checkpoint Rest Town.

3. Riftstone of Perseverance

You can find it easily in the Ancient Battleground to the left of Misty Marshes. It is pretty close to the Campfire location. Just follow the map, and you will reach it easily.

4. Borderwatch Riftstone

Borderwatch Outpost is the very first location you will reach after completing the prologue. The riftstone in the middle of the camp will serve as your introduction to the Pawn system of Dragon’s Dogma 2. Should you wish to return, Borderwatch Riftstone is to the northeast of Melve.


Similar to other main settlements, there is another Riftstone in Melve as well

5. Riftstone of the Calm

This Riftstone is a little west of the Nameless Village in Dragon’s Dogma 2, next to a wooden bridge. It is on the mountain’s edge, so it is pretty easy to spot while crossing the wooden bridge.

6. Nameless Riftstone

The Riftstone is right next to the inn within the Nameless Village.

7. Riftstone of the Calm #2

A little right from the Misty Marshes, you must travel along the stream to find this Riftstone of the Calm that can help you summon Pawns of the Calm Inclination.

8. Riftstone of Agility

To find this, you must travel northwest from Harve Village to the location shown on the map above. You will find this Riftstone close to the road, and the special thing about this is that you will only find the Pawns of Slim build here.


Apart from these Riftstones, you also have the Grand Riftstone of Vermund in the city of Vernworth, inside the Pawn Guild. This Riftstone will allow you to search for and summon Pawns of any level, vocation, inclination and you can even hire pawns of your friends.

Battahl Riftstone locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2

You will visit Battahl later, but the Riftstones here are easy to find. This area is pretty open and clear, so spotting the Riftstones from a distance is easier.

1. Riftstone of the Foothills

You can find this Riftstone northwest of the city of Bakbattahl under a waterfall. You can only find Male Pawn at this Riftstone. All the pawns will be of small stature.

2. Riftstone of the Fanged

You can find this one under a mountain shade a little below the path where you find the Riftstone of the Foothills, shown on the map above. Only male Pawns are found at this Riftstone location in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

3. Riftstone of the Fanged #2

The third Riftstone in Battahl is on the lower side of the map, below Bakbattahl. This Riftstone location is right on the top of a mountain next to the shores. You can only find the Beastren pawns at this Riftstone.

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