How To Find Sacred Arbor In Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Sacred Arbor is the home of the elves in Dragon's Dogma 2. It is hidden and not easily accessible. Here is how you can find it.

The Sacred Arbor is the home of the Elves in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and contains a missable mini questline that you can complete to save their home. The elves in this game are secretive, so you won’t find many out in the open. But they do exist, and you can find them here. Finding this area can be a bit tricky, which is where we come in.

In this guide, we’ll go over the location of the Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2 and review all the quests you need to complete to successfully finish the Elven questline.

Sacred Arbor location in Dragon’s Dogma 2

The Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is located in the map’s northern expanse. This is between the two major areas of Vermund and Battahl. You can reach it on foot or by following the elven questline, which begins with the quests “Gift of the Bow” and “Trials of the Archer.”

Should you pursue and complete the quest line associated with this area, you’ll have to evacuate its inhabitants during the true ending quest, “Halls of the First Dawn”.

What to do in Sacred Arbor

The Sacred Arbor features Grisha’s Armory, which offers a couple of weapons you can buy. However, the main draw of this area is the elven questline. This includes two quests; “The Ailing Arborheart” and “Out of the Forest, Into the Forge”. Before you embark on this journey, we recommend completing “Steeled Resolve, Blazing Forge” in Battahl.

Complete the Ailing Arborheart

After completing the quests “Gift of the Bow” and “Trials of the Archer,” make your way to the Sacred Arbor in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Find and then speak to Doireann to begin this quest. She can be found at the entrance of the large shrine.

After you converse with her, she will tell you that the Arborheart is sick. You must find Scalecinder (Gwyfencha) to save it.


Doireann and most NPCs in Arborheart speak Elvish, so you’ll need a pawn with Woodland Wordsmith to understand what they’re saying.

Next, make your way to Bakbattahl and head to Brokkr’s Smithy. The exact location of the Smithy will be marked on your map. Upon speaking to Brokkr, you’ll discover that he’s unwilling to help the Elves’ cause, given the tousle they have his kind, the Dwarves.

Seek out Sara, Brokkr’s apprentice, who’ll be willing to help you. This is given you’ve already completed “Steeled Resolve, Blazing Forge”. She’ll tell you she’ll help you acquire the Scalecinder, but convincing Brokkr may need some work.

She’ll tell you he may come around if you bring him some Nutriabh, an Elven dish he enjoys. Following this conversation, the quest ends, and “Out of the Forest, Into the Forge” will automatically be assigned to you.

Complete Out of the Forest, Into the Forge

Make your way back to the Sacred Arbor and speak to Doireann in Dragon’s Dogma 2. After conversing with her and telling her what it’ll take to convince Brokkr, bring her rotten fish and apples so she can begin preparing the Nutriabh.

Once she’s done cooking, escort her back to Brokkr’s Smithy either through a Ferrystone or Oxcart, where she’ll talk to Sara and deliver the stew. Sara will then lead you and Doireann to the outside of a cave which you can explore to find the Scalecinder. This item appears as a green powder lying on the ground.

Take your time and explore every crevice of the cave to acquire Scalecinder. Break any objects that you find as they may also contain this material. After you’ve collected enough Scalecinder, head outside and hand them over to Doireann.

Now, you must return to the Sacred Arbor a couple of days later in Dragon’s Dogma 2 to see the healed Arborheart and complete the elven questline.

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