Dragon’s Dogma 2 A New Godsway Walkthrough

Collect the Wyrmslife Crystal and get the Empowered Godsbane in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Upon meeting Rothias at the end of the Convergence quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, the first king of Vermund will give you the Dulled Godsbane Blade. However, due to centuries of neglect in the Seafloor Shrine, the blade has lost its powers. Regaining that power is what A New Godsway quest is about.

To restore the Dulled Godsbane Blade to its original form so it can defeat the dragon, you need the help of the mages of Battahl as they seem to have figured out a way to harness an Arisen’s power through the use of items called Godsway.

For the first step of A New Godsway quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you need to leave the Seafloor Shrine and make your way to the city of Bakbattahl. The mages who might have information about the Godsway are in the Forbidden Magick Laboratory, under the Flamebearer Palace.

Navigate past the Laboratorium—Equipment Stores, and turn left to enter the Material Stores area. Once you do, you will find an NPC named Ambrosius talking to himself.

Select the option to deliver him the Dulled Godsbane Blade. Ambrosius states that he will be able to craft the best version of this specific blade, a Godsway that should be more powerful than any they have made before.

However, Ambrosius will suddenly remember that he does not have the Wyrmslife Crystals he needs to complete such a task, so you can offer to find them for him.

Wyrmslife Crystals are acquired by killing or damaging a dragon to the point where it flies away. If you have been exploring extensively, it is possible you might already have enough WLC to complete this step. You need 15 Wyrmslife Crystals so Ambrosius can use them to create the Empowered Godsbane Blade.

I will quickly cover how to gather the required amount by finding a lesser Dragon and taking it out. Before heading out, check the chest on Ambrosius’s left side and collect Farseer’s Circlet from it. You can also pick up a Wakestone Shard from the table.

Where to find the Lesser Drake for Wyrmslife Crystals


If you have some side quests, like the Phantom Oxcart, you should pursue those before embarking on the A New Godsway. A New Godsway is a point of no return for some quests, and you will not be able to complete them.

To complete the first objective of the quest, A New Godsway, you will have to find the Lesser Drake’s location. For that matter, you can venture directly to the Reverent Shrine on the northwest side of Battahl.

There, you can speak with the NPC Oracle called Luz, who will inform you about the location of the Lesser Drake. You can also skip this step and head straight to Dragonsbreath Tower, or find any other dragon around the world.

If you go for the Lesser Drake, Dragonsbreath Tower is located on the southwest side of Battahl, in Wyrmsblood Forest. Make your way to the location shown on the map below and here, you will meet Sigurd, the Mystic Spearhand Maister.

Talk to Sigurd and he will offer his help in taking down the Lesser Drake. Depending on the events at Melve, you can unlock the Mystic Spearhand Vocation once you have finished fighting the drake. There is a campsite at the entrance so make sure you rest at it and make some food to buff yourself.

How to kill the Lesser Drake in Dragon’s Dogma 2

Make your way through the Dragonsbreath Tower to reach the top floor to engage the lesser Drake. Along the way, some Hobgoblins will ambush you and a bunch of increasingly frustrating Harpies, so make quick work of them before heading to the upper portion of the tower. You will also find a chest to loot to get Dragon’s Faith in DD2.

Once you reach the top floor, a large red dragon will suddenly appear, so you must defeat it. Make sure to target the red spores present in the Lesser Drake’s body. You can easily spot these near the Dragon’s elbow, neck area, and head potion. During the fight, the Lesser Drake will take to the air and spit a Fiery breath on you and your party members.


If you notice the lesser Drake’s health bar, you will find six points underneath it. You must deplete the Dragon’s health bar six times to defeat it.

The best way to deal with this specific lesser drake will be to use your pawns to do the heavy lifting for you. Once the drake in Dragon’s Dogma 2 starts using its fiery breath while flying, you can climb the stairs and efficiently target the red spores on its body.


Make sure to bring curatives such as Panacea, Mighty Roborant, etc., as you must also heal yourself and your party members during this boss fight.

Once the Dragon lands on the top floor, you must drag out and target the affected areas on Drake’s body to inflict maximum damage. If you choose a Thief build, you can climb Drake’s body and spam many slashing attacks on the red spores.

Similarly, if you are running the Magick Archer class, you can effectively target the red spores on the Drake and damage it. That being said, you should include a Mage pawn in your party if you want to defeat the Dragon with relative ease during your fight.

This strategy will effectively and efficiently remove the Lesser Drake in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Next, you can loot the Dragon’s corpse and collect items such as Wyrmslife Crystals (x15), Dead Ringer, Dragon Scale, Twisted Pinion, etc.

Remember that you will need to obtain a total of x15 Wyrmslife Crystals. If you are running short on this specific item, you can hunt dragons in different areas, such as the Tomb of Renu’Lebarr (Battahl), the Bridge of Theodracus (Vermund), etc.

Hand over the Wyrmslife Crystals to Ambrosius

Now that you have the Wyrmslife Crystal, you can complete the final objective of the quest A New Godsway in Dragon’s Dogma 2. You must deliver fifteen Wyrmslife Crystals to Ambrosius, who will be at the exact location at the Flamebearer Palace, where you met him at the start of this quest.


If Ambrosius is missing, he may be dead. Search the Morgues to find the body and revive him using a Wakestone to progress in the quest.

Ambrosius will be pleased with your endeavor and ask you to come again after a day, as he will have finished the superior Godsway by then. You can rest at a nearby campsite or find a bench to pass the time. Once you return to meet with Ambrosius, he will not be willing to hand over the Godsbane to you.

However, he will be swayed by the Pathfinder; this way, Ambrosius will hand over the Empowered Godsbane Blade to you. The Pathfinder will instruct you to make haste for the Moonglint Tower.


Completing A New Godsway and getting the Empowered Godsbane Blade triggers the endgame of Dragon’s Dogma 2. While you are still free to complete other quests, you won’t be able to use a Ferrystone to get to Volcanic Island Camp. Walking to Agamen Volcanic Island on foot will trigger the appearance of Gigantus and you will have to defeat Talos before it destroys everything.

After this cutscene ends, your main quest, A New Godsway in Dragon’s Dogma 2, will be marked as complete, and you will receive the following rewards:

  • x35,000 Gold
  • x1 Wakestone
  • x6000 XP
  • Empowered Godsbane Balde
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