Dragon’s Dogma 2 All Dragons (Drake) Locations

All Drake locations so you can collect a lot of Wyrmslife Crystals.

Taking out Dragons or Drakes in Dragon’s Dogma 2 will give you useful items and a special currency called Wyrmslife Crystals. These crystals are one of the most important currencies in the game, and you will need them throughout the game and even in the post-game.

You can even use them to get your hands on rare items like the Ferrystones that allow you to fast travel to Portcrystals. Besides this, if you kill a drake in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can also get Wakestone shards, which will eventually help you revive your character, main pawn, or NPC.

Moreover, you will also need Wyrmslife Crystals in high-order enhancements to make your and your main pawn’s weapons/armor the most deadly in the game. You can also use these crystals to buy rare items like Portcrystals and Unmaking Arrow from The Dragonforged in Bakbattahl. I have also marked its location on the map so you can easily reach it.

All this is only possible if you know all the locations where you can find Dragons. Don’t worry; I have marked all the locations on maps where you can find Drakes and take them out.


Dragons and Drakes usually keep flying around but there are some locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2 where you are almost always guaranteed to find a dragon and those are the places which we will be covering in this guide.

Dragon #1 – North of Harve Village

This location is not fixed, but you can encounter a Drake here. It is north of the Harve Village, close to a ruin. Dragons can spawn here on different occasions, so it is recommended that you place a Portcrystal here and visit it occasionally if you want to take out one.

Dragon #2 – East of Misty Marshes

Directly north of the location of the last Drake, you can find another Drake just east of the Misty Marshes in Dragon’s Dogma 2, as shown on the map. Look around a little after getting to the marked spot if you don’t see a dragon immediately.

Dragon #3 – South of Misty Marshes

You can find one Dragon south of the Misty Marshes on the way to the Guerco Cavern in Dragon’s Dogma 2. This one is in the middle of the path, so you can’t miss it while traveling to the cavern that eventually leads you toward The Dragonforged.

Dragon #4 – Ancient Battleground

As you travel west of the Misty Marshes and enter the Ancient Battleground, you will see a dragon fighting a fully armored Cyclops. You can watch the fight and once the dragon is done defeating the cyclops, attack it before it can fly away.

Dragon #5 – Nameless Village

A little northwest of the Nameless Village, you can encounter a Drake in the ruins hidden in the trees. You can encounter this while completing quests that require crossing the Nameless Village.

Dragon #6 – Reverent Shrine (Forgotten Ruins)

This dragon is near a stream close to the Reverent Shrine, where you unlock the Trickster Vocation. If you travel a little southwest from the shrine towards the Forgotten Ruins, you can spot the Dragon along the stream. Here, you can also find a Golden Trove Beetle that can boost your weight-carrying capacity.

Dragon #7 – Dragonsbreath Tower

To find this one, travel through the Wyrmsblood Forest and reach its top. After crossing the Riftstone of Patterned, you will reach the Dragonsbreath Tower. A dragon is waiting for you at the top of the tower.

This dragon is more difficult to beat than some of the others in Dragon’s Doma 2, so ensure you have a strong build and target the weak spot of this Lesser Dragon, its chest.

Dragon #8 – Shores of Agamen Volcanic Island

If you progress in the main story, you will unlock a pathway that will take you to the shore area of Agamen Volcanic Island. As you reach the area marked on the map, you will encounter a Drake. This one is on the beach, so there is no need to look at the cliffs.

Dragon #9 – West of Excavation Site

This Drake in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is directly west of the Excavation Site settlement in the full lava area. The dragon is in the bottom area, so you can stay uphill, land some critical hits from there, and take out this dragon.

Dragon #10 – Enoa Battahl Forest

A bit northwest of the Enoa Battahl Forest, you can find a Dragon close to the stream. There is also a Riftstone here, so if you reach that, look around, and you can spot a dragon. This location is not fixed, so you may have to visit it multiple times to find a dragon there.

How to respawn Dragons in Dragon’s Dogma 2

If you manage to place a Portcrystal at all the locations mentioned above, you can create a dragon farming network. You must use Ferrystones to travel to all the Drake locations and take them out on the same day.

Once you’ve completed the task, head to a town and rest for 7 to 15 days. You can also skip time on the bench. After skipping time, you can again use the ferrystones to travel to all the Drake locations in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

The drakes will continue to respawn, especially at the fixed location, and you can farm them as many times as you want. However, this method will cost you many Ferrystones, so ensure you have enough.

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