Best Dragon’s Dogma 2 Thief Build: Skills, Gear, And Pawns

The Thief is a fast striking and dual wielding vocation in Dragon's Dogma 2 with whom you'll do acrobatic stuff. Here's how to build one.

Thief is a fast-striking vocation that uses dual blades and dances around large enemies in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Thieves blend the thrill of stealing with the satisfaction of well-placed dagger strikes. By maintaining stamina and strength, this vocation avoids damage by standing on its toes to jump on top of the enemy to knock it to the ground. Unlike other vocations, Thief thrives on precise attacks and agility.

The blend of light and heavy attacks with the high survivability rate of a Thief makes it a perfect vocation to play with in Dragon’s Dogma 2. Let’s build this vocation highlighting the best core skills, equipment, and party composition, making it a perfect asset.

Dragon’s Dogma 2 Thief Build Overview

Thief is a fast-attacking, pure DPS melee class that focuses on boosting survivability by climbing on top of the enemies to give them damage as quickly as possible. This makes them a perfect choice if you’re looking for mobility while dealing damage.

Thieves can melt down bosses and maneuver enemies quickly due to quick attacks and high damage output. But they have trouble taking down flying enemies if you don’t have a certain weapon skill.

Our suggested build will allow you to make your Thief with exceptionally high mobility and crazy damage. Note that you can easily swap weapons skills at any campsite if you’re having trouble in certain situations.

ProsHigh Mobility
Burst Damage
Single Target Damage
ConsLimited ranged abilities
Lower Defensives
Stamina Dependent
Weapon SkillsCutting Wind
Helm Splitter
Formless Feint
Blades of Pyre
Core SkillsControlled Fall
EquipmentWeapon – Dragon’s Vein
Helmet – Shrouded Helm
Body Armor – Dvarapala
Leg Armor – Cliff Leapers
Cloak – Any
Rings – Ring of Quickening, Ring of Vehemence
Best Party CompositionMain Pawn – Fighter

Character Creation Recommendations

While creating your Arisen, you must pay attention to the weight of your Thief; the lighter the weight, the quicker it’ll unleash attacks with higher mobility. Try equipping your Arisen with light to medium-type armor and equipment.

You can create your Thief as a small character, lightweight, with small stature. Go for medium to short height with small size. This will help you maintain your buffs, maintain mobility, and consume less stamina. Let your pawns do your tanking and heavy lifting. Use them as your pack mules while you remain nice and light.

Best Weapon For Thief

Thieves play with dual daggers, and the top-tier dagger that can be used is the Dragon’s Vein. This dagger set has the highest strength stat in the entire game. It is available for purchase from Dragonforged at the endgame.

Best Skill Selection For Thief In Dragon’s Dogma 2

After you’ve chosen your weapon, the next thing you need to focus on is the Weapon Skills; the best weapon skills for Thief Vocation are as follows:

  1. Biting Wind | Cutting Wind: This gap-close skill allows you to dash to an enemy and perform a quick attack. It’s a great way to start a combat as it helps move and close the distance to an enemy. One main perk of this skill is that it helps you to transfer to another enemy without consuming excessive stamina.
  2. Helm Splitter | Skull Splitter: This skill launches you in the air and performs a spinning dive attack on an enemy, dealing massive damage. It’s great for bosses, but you must avoid getting hit with a large enemy, as it’ll affect the spin.
  3. Formless Feint: It is the Thief’s Meister skill, which temporarily makes you invincible. You can avoid all attacks, but it constantly drains your stamina, so use it wisely.
  4. Blades of the Pyre: This skill imbues your weapon with fire and deals massive damage. However, it also causes you to take damage and catch on fire. Use it in combination with Formless Faint to avoid taking damage.

Core Skills are the basic attacks that your Thief uses in Dragon’s Dogma 2. These skills help you improve your gameplay. If you’re targeting flying enemies and all kinds of bosses, your core skills should be Controlled Fall and Footpad. The Controlled Fall skill gets you back up quickly when you’re knocked down, while the Footpad skill allows you to kick off a wall to change directions quickly.

If you’re playing against crowd-controlling or vulnerable targets, you can use Carve as a light attack and Twin Fangs as a heavy attack. Both of these skills launch flurry deadly dagger strikes consuming less stamina.

Best Augmentations

Argumentation enhances your Thief’s strength and development; you can equip up to six. For this build, we have focused on leveling your Arisen with Archer, and a mix of these augmentations will grant you power, strength, and efficiency:

  1. Subtlety: Decreases the likelihood of being targeted by enemies.
  2. Verve: Increases your strength, resulting in more damage.
  3. Exaltation: Increases your stamina recovery speed.
  4. Lethality: Increases your damage when striking a target’s vital.
  5. Avidity: Increases your enemy scaling, making it easier to reach their vital points.
  6. Zeal: Reduces the stamina consumed when performing a weapon skill.

Equipment Selection

The equipment section is divided into the best helmet, body armor, cloak, and rings your Arisen can equip. For a Thief, you may consider the following: increase its strength and attack stats while reducing stamina.

  • Helmet—Shrouded Helm: This helmet is a head armor reinforced by a sash that softens the force of incoming attacks. It grants 80 standard and magick defense, with a slash and strike resistance of 2 each and a knockdown resistance of 18.
  • Body ArmorDvarapala: Moving to the bodywear, Dvarapala enhances the strength of Thieves with a 192 standard defense and 135 magick defense. The knockdown resistance of the armor is 38, while slash and strike resistance are 5.
  • Leg Armor—Cliff Leapers: These fashioned lightweight legwear have defense stats of 115 and magick defense of 81. The knockdown resistance of this armor is 21, and slash and strike resistance is 2 each.
  • Cloak – Any: Cloaks don’t impact your Vocation’s gameplay so you can choose any of your liking.
  • Ring 1 – Ring of Quickening: Thieves have low stamina and equipping the Ring of Quickening will increase the stamina recovery rate by 10%.
  • Ring 2 – Ring of Vehemence: By equipping the Ring of Vehemence, you can improve your Arisen’s knockdown and stagger power

Best Party Composition for Thief

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you must have a main pawn and two support characters to build a party. Since Thief is a short-ranged DPS character, your team should be built on crowd control, support, and ranged attacks.

  • Fighter (Main Pawn): The fighter is best for taunting enemies away from your Thief. This helps you launch attacks from behind.
  • Mage: With the healing spells, the mage will speed up recovery, and the ice spells will reduce the harmful effects of damage
  • Archer: Archer is perfect for ranged attacks and prove helpful for taking down large enemies.
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