How To Get Yellow Bromeliad In Disney Dreamlight Valley

Yellow Bromeliad is one of many ingredients that you need to find for Odorous Magnificus in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Yellow Bromeliad is a yellow-colored flower that will allow you to remove the enchantment on Donald Duck’s time capsule to complete the Forgotten Project quest.

That is important to know because there are also Red and Pink Bromeliads. The following guide will tell you how to find the yellow ones in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find Yellow Bromeliad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Yellow Bromeliads are exclusive to a single biome. You will only find them in Sunlit Plateau, a Lion King-inspired area that you can unlock in the game by spending 7000 Star Coins in the Dream Castle.

In addition to the Yellow Bromeliad, Sunlit Plateau is also home to another rare flower called Houseleek. To help you differentiate between the two when searching in the area, Yellow Bromeliads are literally yellow while Houseleeks are of a different color.

Take note that these flowers do grow randomly in Sunlit Plateau but only grow in certain, fixed spots. If you need to find more Yellow Bromeliads, for example, harvest all of the Houseleeks for a chance to have Yellow Bromeliad grow in their spots instead.

If you want to go on a harvesting spree by farming as many Yellow Bromeliads as possible, you will have to wait a bit for them to grow back.

Yellow Bromeliad uses

The Yellow Bromeliad has its fair share of uses in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It provides you with 73 Star Coins when sold and can be presented to other characters as a gift as well.

This will increase the chances of you acquiring additional Friendship Points each day if the characters have this flower listed as their special gifts.

You can do that by heading over to any of the Goofy’s stalls and trading the flower for a reasonable amount.

There are, however, no recipes that require Yellow Bromeliads.

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