Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Curse Quest Guide

The Curse is a quest assigned to you by Mother Gothel to return the Valley back to normal by putting an...

The Curse is a quest assigned to you by Mother Gothel to return the Valley back to normal by putting an end to the dark magic that has been sent to destroy its inhabitants.

In this guide, we will show you how to complete the Curse quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

The Curse walkthrough

To start the Curse quest, you must first raise your friendship levels with Merlin, Ursula, and Kristoff. Once the quest is triggered, find Merlin and talk to him about the cursed tree in the Glade of Trust.

Investigate the area and approach the large tree. As you do so, the shadows will scatter around different parts of the area, leaving a cabin open to enter.

Head inside to find Mother Gothel and talk to her as she reveals how life in the Valley can be brought back to the bright side by returning the Orb of Trust back to its pillar.

After the conversation is over, Mother Gothel takes you to the other part of the bridge to meet Merlin who is engaged in a conversation with Ursula about a transformation spell. You must talk to Merlin first and ask him to let Ursula use the spell.

Unfortunately, talking to Ursula will just increase the number of tasks on your list since she asks you to convince Kristoff to sacrifice his love for Anna and wipe out his memories of the village.

Upon convincing him to perform these actions, you will help Ursula to cast the spell. In addition to that, you need to fulfill a few requirements such as collecting 5x Dream Shards and 5x Night Shards.

To collect Dream Shards, clear the Night Thorns that will respawn each day in the village. As for the Night Shards, they can be found by digging up shining mounds around the Valley using your Shovel.

Once the requirements are met, talk to Kristoff and he will eventually agree to take the decision and help Ursula cast the spell. Visit the cave that imprisoned Ursula and hand her over the resources you collected.

She then opens a portal to the Here and There as you turn into a ghostly figure entering the Glade of Trust. Cross the bridge and collect the Orb of Trust ahead to place it on the pillar and watch as the darkness disappears from the Valley.

Lastly, your body will be given back, and you must take this opportunity to visit Mother Gothel at the cabin and talk to her to end the Curse quest.

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