Diablo 4: Best Character Transmogs And Customizations

Kratos, Conan, He-Man, and a lot more of your favorite game characters are entering Sanctuary.

The new transmog features of Diablo 4 are incredibly high quality and a step in the right direction when it comes to creating custom characters.

In a game like Diablo 4, you understandably want to have the best class and character in not only stats but also appearance. Your character needs to be visually appealing so as to differentiate yourself from the rest.

The new character customization and transmog features work together to give you enough freedom to create your favorite characters from other games and pop culture.

Below are some of the best examples of amazing custom character creations using transmogs in Diablo 4. The given character preset settings and transmog looks will help you create your own.

Best characters and transmogs to make in Diablo 4


You can run Conan, the Barbarian, in Diablo 4 to show the Gathering Legions of Hell why he is also known as Conan, the Destroyer. Hailed as a fierce warrior, it is up to Conan to safeguard his homeland Cimmeria by protecting Sanctuary.

Do note that there are several versions of Conan out there. We are going with the original version by Robert Howard and a bit of the movie versions played (and made popular) by Arnold Schwarzenegger.


You can combine our recommended Conan transmog settings to come up with your own Conan, the Barbarian character in Diablo 4.

The transmogs you need to make Conan in Diablo 4.

Character Customization

  • Class: Barbarian
  • Face Variations: 4/4
  • Skin Tone: 5th tone in the second row
  • Eye Color: Medium Blue
  • Hair Style: 8/11
  • Facial Hair: 11/11
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Makeup: 14/14
  • Jewelry: 1/33
  • Markings: None
  • Markings Color: None


  • Head: Unequipped Look or Weathered Cover
  • Chest: Unequipped Look
  • Arms: Artisan’s Bracers (Season 1) or Gauntlets or Strider’s Handwraps
  • Pants: Strider’s Leggings or Chausses
  • Boots: Treads
  • Pigment: Orange or Yellow
  • Two-Handed Sword: Flamberge
  • Two-Handed Axe: Lumber Axe or Battleworn Crescent
  • Title: The Barbarian


Diablo 4 gives you just enough freedom to call out to the power of Grayskull as He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe. The alter ego of Prince Adam is fairly easy to create with his famed blonde hair and nearly no armor.

Our version of He-Man uses transmog options based on the original cartoons from the 80s with just a dash of the recent animated series, Masters of the Universe: Revelation.

The transmogs you need to make He-Man in Diablo 4.

Character Customization

  • Class: Barbarian
  • Face Variations: 4/4
  • Skin Tone: 2nd tone in the second row
  • Eye Color: Medium Brown
  • Hair Style: 6/11
  • Facial Hair: 1/11
  • Hair Color: Honey Blonde
  • Makeup: 1/14
  • Jewelry: 1/33
  • Markings: None
  • Markings Color: None


  • Head: Unequipped Look
  • Chest: Leathered Doublet
  • Arms: Coven’s Gloves
  • Pants: Unequipped Look
  • Boots: Treads
  • Pigment: Blue Chest, Yellow Gloves and Pants, Red Boots
  • Two-Handed Sword: Flamberge

Jax (League of Legends)

Jax, the League of Legends champion, has finally found his real weapon in Diablo 4. The famed weapons master—no offense to the Barbarian class—has also found a new challenge: to clean out all of the demonic filth from Sanctuary.

The Druid class is a bit underwhelming when it comes to transmogs, but playing as Jax should bridge that gap by a bit.

The transmogs you need to make Jax in Diablo 4.

Character Customization

  • Class: Druid


  • Head: Archon Helm
  • Chest: Sand-Worn Vestment
  • Arms: Coven’s Gloves
  • Pants: Coven’s Trunks
  • Boots: Sturdy Boots
  • Pigment: Purple
  • Two-Handed Mace: Dread Mace
  • Title: The Champion / Legendary Champion

Kratos (God of War)

Kratos is one of the most popular custom characters you can make in Diablo 4. The God of War will now be dealing with Lilith, personally.

We are going with a mixed appearance that combines how Kratos looked in the original God of War trilogy and how he aged in the recent Norse-based two-part conclusion. Most of that comes down to his beard.

The Kratos transmog settings come pretty close to the original character in Diablo 4. Unfortunately, there are no good transmogs for either his Leviathan Axe or his Blades of Chaos. We are hoping that to change with a new battle pass cosmetic in the future.

The transmogs you need to make Kratos in Diablo 4.

Character Customization

  • Class: Barbarian
  • Face Variations: 4/4
  • Skin Tone: Any ash-grey tone
  • Eye Color: Black
  • Hair Style: 1/11
  • Facial Hair: 6/11 for Greek Kratos, 2/11 for Norse Kratos
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Makeup: 7/14
  • Jewelry: 1/33
  • Markings: 3/7
  • Markings Color: Henna


  • Head: Unequipped Look
  • Chest: Etched Jacket
  • Arms: Coven’s Gloves or Strider’s Handwraps
  • Pants: Etched Pants
  • Boots: Treads
  • Pigment: Red
  • Two-Handed Axe: Axe
  • Title: Ashen Warrior

Shredder (TMNT) / Predator

The Shredder has found himself in Sanctuary and is looking to dine tonight on turtle soup. The leader of the Foot Clan is going to soon realize that there are more things out there to watch out for than just the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

The Shredder is probably the easiest custom character to create in Diablo 4. All you need is to get the complete Warlord armor set, but do note that salvaging items to unlock new looks destroys the item in the process.

Incidentally, the same Wardlord Set, especially the helmet, bears a lot of similarities with the Predator. For an alien species that likes to hunt across the galaxies for sport and honor, it should feel right at home on the bloodied Fields of Hatred and against the monstrosities inside the Diablo 4 dungeons.

Character Customization

  • Class: Rogue


  • Head: Warlord Greathelm
  • Chest: Warlord Plate
  • Arms: Warlord Gauntlets
  • Pants: Warlord Leg Plates
  • Boots: Warlord Boots
  • Pigment: Purple
  • Title: The Predator

How to create a custom character in Diablo 4

It starts with choosing a class and then customizing your character in the character creation screen of Diablo 4.

Something important to note here is that you cannot change your face, skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, facial hair, or hair color afterward. However, you can change your makeup, jewelry, and markings later on in the game.

The final step in your character customization is finding the Wardrobe in Diablo 4. There is one in every major town, including Kyovoshad.

The Wardrobe allows you to transmog your armor and weapons to look like your favorite game character, but as long as you have unlocked the right transmogs by Salvaging gear at the Blacksmith.

Remember that you can always unequip an armor piece to show the default class appearance or to hide your helmet, for example. Also, do not forget to unlock a title for your character as part of your social profile.

When all is done and ready, take a character screenshot and share it with your Diablo 4 friends.

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