How To Salvage Gear And Items In Diablo 4

In Diablo 4, you can Salvage Gears and Items to get raw materials and upgrade your weapons and armor. Diablo 4 rewards you for picking up ...

The crafting system in Diablo 4 works a bit differently than most RPGs. You can’t outright craft new weapons and gear items but you can however upgrade them. For those upgrades, you need crafting materials that are only found by salvaging other gear items. To help you maximize your class builds, we will go over how you can salvage your gear and other items in Diablo 4 to upgrade the ones you are currently using.

Salvaging in Diablo IV will turn the weapon or other gear item into raw materials to upgrade other products. Once you salvage an item, it will be destroyed. If it had any gems or a legendary aspect, those will be destroyed as well. However, you will unlock the item’s appearance in your Wardrobe to be used when applying transmog to equipment.

Where to salvage materials in Diablo 4?

Salvaging in Diablo 4 is done at any Blacksmith in the game. Blacksmiths are usually found in cities and settlements so it is easier for you to fast travel and salvage gear. The earliest blacksmith you will encounter is Zivek in Kyovashad. You will automatically go here and once the prologue is complete, you should see a Priority quest on the map.

This priority quest will take you to the blacksmith and explain the basics of salvaging equipment. Apart from Zivek, you can find Blacksmith in a lot of places. Simply go up to one to open the shop menu. Press the “hammer” icon and then click on any piece of gear you want to salvage.

Manually selecting takes longer; a way is to mark all items you don’t need as junk and then select the “All Junk” option to salvage all junk materials simultaneously. It will save a lot of your time.

How do different rarities affect the salvage loot

The rarity of gear and items significantly affects the materials earned by salvaging in D4. Some of them are listed below

Weapon salvage

Weapon Quality/RarityEarned Material
Common1-2 Iron Chunks
Magic1-2 Iron Chunks and 1 Silver Ore
Rare1-2 Iron Chunks and 1 Veiled Crystal
Legendary1 Veiled Crystal, 1 Baleful Fragment, and 1-2 Iron Chunks

Armor salvage

Armor Quality/RarityEarned Material
Common1-2 Rawhide
Magic 1-2 Rawhide and 1 Superior Leather
Rare 1-2 Rawhide and 1 Veiled Crystal
Legendary1 Veiled Crystal, 1 Coiling Ward, and 1-2 Rawhide

Jewelry salvage

Jewelry Quality/RarityEarned Material
Common 1-2 Iron Chunks
Magic 1-2 Iron Chunks and 1 Silver Ore
Rare 1-2 Iron Chunks and 1 Veiled Crystal
Legendary 1-2 Iron, 1 Abstruse Sigil, and 1 Veiled Crystal

Keep in mind that you aren’t always guaranteed to receive these products and in these quantities. There is a certain randomness involved with this process but for the most part you will get these materials upon salvaging gear in D4.

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