Diablo 4 Blood And Sweat Walkthrough

Help a deceased father by bringing a little doll to his daughter in the Blood and Sweat side quest of Diablo 4.

In the Blood and Sweat side quest, you need to help deliver a message from a deceased father to his daughter in Diablo 4.

Tuya is worried sick about her missing father who never responded to her last letter. Unknown to Tuya, her father is dead, but you bring her a doll that he left behind for her as a last wish.

Blood and Sweat is yet another reminder of the cruel fates that await the people of Sanctuary.

How to start the quest

There are certain prerequisites that you must complete in order to start the Blood and Sweat quest in Diablo 4. It has a player character level requirement of 45 that you must achieve before starting it. You must also progress to the third story arc, Act 3: The Making of Monsters before attempting it.

Next, you must conquer the Ruins of Qara Yisu Stronghold. found in the Dry Steppes Diablo 4 so you can clear the area of enemies and reclaim it. You approach it by fast traveling to the Nevesk waypoint.

You’ll have to explore the area of the Ruins of Qara-Yisu stronghold and destroy the Infernal Spires before fighting the stronghold boss, Utulku, the Voice Below.


Doing so will conquer the stronghold and reclaim the area back to a town. You will now find the Ruins of Qara-Yisu to appear as a Waypoint on your map.

Once you revisit the area, you’ll be able to start side quests there and find vendors to purchase items from. You can now start the Blood and Sweat side quest, so open the map to find a marker for the quest.

How to complete Blood and Sweat in Diablo 4

Qara Yisu Stronghold has been unlocked as a town, you can make your way over to the quest marker location to begin the Blood and Sweat side quest. You’ll need to head to the southern part of the town where your path will take you along the demonic corpses.

You’ll then encounter a scaffolding head past it and continue forward further along the piles of rock. You will then locate a deformed corpse, approach it, and examine the area to find a Bloodstained letter next to it.

Read the Bloodstained letter and you will be offered to begin the Blood and Sweat side quest, accept it, and continue.

Search for Little Tuya

Your first objective of the Blood and Sweat side quest will be to find a Crude Doll called Little Tunya for a girl whose father had hidden it for her.

Once the quest begins open your map. You’ll find that a small area near you has been encircled to highlight the search area. You’ll need to thoroughly search the area and leave no stone unturned if you are to find it.

Since this part can be tricky and you can spend several minutes just searching for the doll, we will guide you to the exact location you must search.

You must head to the center of this blue circle where you will find a house. The doll will be found on the rooftop. Head north from the spot where you found the bloodstained letter and head through the middle road to get there.

You’ll find several stones here that you can interact with. Approach the Disturbed Stone here and do the same to reveal Little Tunya.

Bring the doll to Tuya

Now once you have retrieved Little Tunya, you must take the doll back to the little girl.

You must travel to the town of Alzuuda and depending on when you attempt the side quest it may be your first time heading there. So, if you don’t have it unlocked as a waypoint head toward the western end of Dry Steppes.

You’ll reach the town near the edge of Kehjistan and the Dry Steppes. It may take some time on foot so consider taking a Mount like the Spectral Charger Mount to get there.  

Remember that the area you will be approaching is the PvP zone of Fields of Hatred, but you should be fine just walking past it.

Head to the northern part of the town in Alzuuda and follow the marker on your map to find a little girl Tunya standing there. Interact with her and hand her the doll to complete the objective and the Blood and Sweat side quest in Diablo 4.

You’ll receive the following rewards for completing the Blood and Sweat side quest in Diablo 4.

  • XP
  • Gold
  • 20 Dry Steppes Renown

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