How To Get Spectral Charger Mount In Diablo 4

If you want a cooler-looking mount in Diablo 4, go for the Spectral Charger mount which looks and sounds way better than your base mount.

If you want a cooler-looking mount in Diablo 4, you should go for the Spectral Charger mount. This mount is the same as your base mount regarding speed but looks and sounds way better. It has unique visual effects and a unique trail as you ride. This guide will tell you how to get this fantastic mount in Diablo 4.

How to get Spectral Charger mount Through Ghastly Reins in Diablo 4

This Mount is free for you if a little bit of luck happens to be on your side. The exciting thing is that this mount is a drop, which means you can get it from many places on the map instead of just one place.

You will need the Ghastly Reins in D4 to unlock this mount. The easiest and the most efficient method of farming this excellent mount is participating in the Gathering Legion Event.

Kor Dragan region is in the Fractured Peak zone of the Diablo 4 map, where you must go to the Gathering Legion event. This region is toward the northern side of Sarkova Pass, east of Westering Lowlands.

Remember that you must face countless adversaries at Kor Dragan before participating in the Gathering Legion event and getting the Spectral Charger mount in Diablo 4. A lot of them can even be creepy bloodsuckers. No enemy is less than level 25, so make sure you have at least that much strength (level 25) before deciding to visit this place. It is better to play alongside some friends if you are below the required level.

After clearing the Kor Dragan region of all foes, including the vampires, the game will enable you to join the Gathering Legions event. It is important to note that this event is not included in the Stronghold tasks you just did before.


Unfortunately, the time when the event start is quite variable. You must wait for it to appear at random parts of the day. Rest assured that you will be notified once Gathering Legions is made available, no matter which region of the map you are currently present. So make sure to keep checking your map regularly to spot these events throughout the map.

How to ride Spectral Charger mount

Once you get Ghastly Reins in Diablo 4, click on its box. You will see a notification on your screen showing you have successfully acquired a Mount. Afterward, you must visit a stable master to ride the Spectral Charger mount in D4.

A lot of players are also reporting Ghastly Reins to be dropped from other activities as well. So, you may also try these if it suits you.

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