Cyberpunk 2077 Cyberpsycho Sighting Locations And Walkthroughs

These deranged cyberware junkies are the ugly side of Night City.

You will get to know about numerous Cyberpsycho Sightings during your adventures in Cyberpunk 2077. Each location will pit you against one of these “psycho” mini-bosses to deal with, which is easier said than done.

Cyberpsychos are the unfortunate people of Night City who have overloaded their brains with too many cybernetic augmentations. They have succumbed to an illness known as Cyberpsychosis which can only be cured by putting them out of their misery.

At least that is what appears on the surface. Perhaps there is another way to deal with Cyberpsychos where you can spare them? You need to find them first before deciding how to deal with them.

How to find all Cyberpsychos in Cyberpunk 2077

There are a total of 17 Cyberpsycho Sighting locations in Cyberpunk 2077. They are all part of the side job Psycho Killer that you get from Regina Jones after completing The Ripperdoc main job in the first chapter.

Each Cyberpsycho Sighting is an independent side activity with various prerequisites that are spread between the first two acts. We recommend waiting until the third act before dealing with all of the Cyberpsyhos in a single run.

You will not only save time but your life as well. Cyberpsychos can be challenging depending on which difficulty setting you are playing. Make sure to bring your best weapons and best cyberware to make short work of these cybernetic junkies.

Six Feet Under

Location: Northside, Watson District
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue main mission

The job involves Lely Hein Goon, a member of Valentinos who got grabbed by Maelstrom’s people. They stuck a few too many cybernetics on his body thinking what could go wrong, well your presence here should tell you how that ended. 

You will find the Cyberpsycho in the upper west of Northside, Watson, east of the Offshore St. fast travel point. You will find him in the warehouse next to the train tracks, in front of the parked train.

Once Lely Hein spots you, he will start running deeper into the warehouse with lots of crates to duck behind. This will make it progressively difficult to land your bullets so we recommend to start shooting him on sight. 

Using pistols is a great option since they have lower recoil and faster attack speed so you will take a chunk off his health fairly quickly. 

Alternatively, you can also opt for a stealth takedown instead but make sure he is not facing you when you make your move. 

Bloody Ritual

Location: Northside, Watson District
Unlock Requirement: Playing For Time main quest, visit between 8 p.m. – 5 a.m.

Zaria Hughes is another victim of Maelstrom’s antics who had her entire face restructured by them. It caused delusions and she started hearing things, imagining things, leading to arm herself to defend against these invisible entities. 

The Bloody Ritual Cyberpsycho Sighting can be found at the docks of Northside, Watson in Cyberpunk 2077. You need to head north of Goldsmith Street fast travel point and you will find a few bodies on the ritual sight in the empty lot. 

At the scene, you will find a dying Maelstrom cultist whose body you need to search for the Its Time shard after he passes away. Decrypt the Breach Puzzle on the shard and scan the area for clues till Zaria shows up. 

Zaria uses Mantis blades and has a three combo attack, two slashes, and one leap attack that she uses against you. Dodging her attacks gets pretty easy once you get a hang of her movements.

Thermal weapons and time slowing Cyberware as used in a Netrunner build are your best defense. Quickhacks like Contagion, Cripple Movement, and Cyberware Malfunctions are especially effective against her. 

We recommend using a close-range weapon like melee, shotgun, or revolver to make the fight easier to get through.

Where the Bodies Hit the Floor

Location: Northside, Watson District
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue main quest 

Ellis Carter was part of Maelstrom’s old crew that the current leader needed to wipe out. He is now haunting the streets of Totentanz club so you need to be careful which alley you duck under. 

This Cyberpsycho Sighting can be found east of the Pershing St. fast travel point, in the alley next to Totentanz Club. 

Ellis is pretty easy to find as he will be behind a dumpster in the alley, surrounded by bodies. He uses a melee weapon but thanks to his poor eyesight, it is pretty easy to make him lose sight of you.

We recommend using this to your advantage and putting some distance between the two of you and then using a long-range weapon like a rifle, sniper, or SMG to quickly take him down. 

One thing to know is that he is a glass canon, low health but great damage, so you can use a strong close-ranged weapon as well if it has knockback and stun to also wrap it up quickly.  

Lt. Mower

Location: Kabuki, Watson District
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue main quest

Lieutenant Mower was part of the Militech crew before too many military implants caused her to succumb to Cyberpsychosis. The arena she is in is an Easter egg from the Ghost in the Shell movie and her appearance itself resembles that of Lt. Makoto from the anime. 

The Lt. Mower Cyberpsycho can be found across the street surrounded by Militech cars from the Creek Loop fast travel point in Kabuki, Watson. You will find a path through the shops with a dead body in front, leading to a big open arena where Lt. Mower will be. 

Lt. Mower uses a thermal-infused melee, and a submachine gun, and can also use electric attack on the water in which you are standing to deal extra damage. Once her health is low, she will use optical camo to go undercover so you will need to be prepared for that as well. 

We recommend retreating to the entrance corridor to avoid the electric attacks but be careful not to venture too far back that she resets. 

Using a long-ranged weapon is advised since she is able to deal significant damage up close and her fast-paced attacks can be difficult to dodge. 

For the stealth camo, using EMP grenades can help remove it which will also stop her from regenerating her health. This is where you need to make your shots count so you can bring her down quickly. 

Demons of War

Location: Kabuki, Watson District
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue main mission

Matt Liaw is a now retired NCPD officer who had his cybernetic implants installed a little too deep. Since removing them was not possible, it just led to his psychosis.

For Demons of War, go to East Kabuki, Watson. Just head north from the Charter St fast travel point and you will find the Cyberpsycho fighting some officers at the unfinished highway. 

Matt uses a Sniper Rifle as his primary weapon and also uses grenades if you get too close. The best way to deal with him is to use a sniper of your own and show him who the better shot is.

Alternatively, the only way he can defend himself up close is through grenades which makes it easier not to take much damage in close range. So shotguns, pistols, or smart weapons with the ability to stun are excellent picks for this fight.

Ticket to the Major Leagues

Location: Little China, Watson District
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue main quest

Alec Johnson got addicted to glitter and when he could no longer afford any, the withdrawal led to him losing all control over his body. He chose to self-treat himself with Sedatives instead of surrendering himself to cops or looking for professional treatment and in pursuit got to the riverside warehouse.

This Cyberpsycho Sighting location can be found in the warehouse at the Waterside in Cyberpunk 2077. This is northwest of the Clarendon St fast travel point in Little China, Watson. 

Alec uses a machine gun as his primary damage but shifts to Gorilla Arms when his HP drops below 50%. 

We recommend SMGs or fast attack speed weapons for this to comfortably deal with both of his phases. 

If you are rocking a stealth assassin build, then sneak into the warehouse and use a sniper for a headshot. Since he is a bit squishy, it will take a sizable chunk off his HP and you can use your secondary to finish him off. 

On Deaf Ears

Location: Downtown, City Center
Unlock Requirement: Playing For Time main quest

Cedric Muller is an ex-member of the Red Orchard Nomad Clan who did their dirty work. The karma finally caught up to him when he and his team got poisoned, some died, some ran away and he ended up losing his mind instead. 

You will find the On Deaf Ears Cyberpsycho in the parking lot just northwest of the Downtown Central fast travel point in Downtown, City Center. There will be officers already fighting him so listen for the gunshots and they will take you to him.

Cedric uses a Shotgun as his main source of damage so getting too close to him will put him in a tough spot. His slow attack speed is countered by his fast movement so be on your feet or you won’t know what hit you.

We recommend using a long-range weapon and aiming for headshots to bring him down quickly. He is on the tankier side but a few shots in quick succession will do the job, just use anything with knockback with it.

Using a good melee build will work here as well and pairing it with the right Cyberware will speed up the whole process.

Phantom of Night City

Location: Corpo Plaza, City Center
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue main story quest

Norio Akuhara is not supposed to exist according to the records but ghosts always find a way back to get their vengeance. 

Head to the alleyway next to the Night City Center for Behavioral Health. This is northeast of the Halsey & MLK fast travel point in Corpo Plaza, City Center. 

There are Tyger Claw bikes parked outside which also means the Cyberpsycho is not alone.

Fighting Norio is a little unique because you first bring his health down, he will blind you and make a run for it. While you track him down, Tyger Claw members will come after you as well so you will need to deal with them as well. After finally confronting him, Norio will use his Katana to deal with fast-paced melee attacks.

Bringing a close-range weapon or a melee one is the best choice here because it is a pretty crowded fight. We recommend not spending too much time on the Tyger Claw goons and sprinting towards the Cyberpsycho after taking a few off your back.

Additionally, use the environment to your advantage and take cover behind the cars and barriers to regenerate your health. Optical Camo, one of the best cyberwares in the game, is exceptionally good here pair it with a Monowire build, and you will be able to breeze through the fight.

Letter of the Law

Location: Wellsprings, Heywood
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue mission

Gaston Phillips was caught in a property scheme of Zetatech that caused him to lose his life savings and property because he overlooked the fine print. In his fight to get his life back, he scummed to Cyberpsychosis. 

This Cyberpsycho Sighting will take you west of the Parque Del Mar fast travel point in Cyberpunk 2077. The area will be secured by metal fences in Wellsprings, Heywood.

Gaston littered his entire territory with trip mines while he hid back near his building with his gun.

The first thing you need to do is to disarm the trip mines so they won’t interfere with your boss fight. You can do this easily with the Friendly Mode Quickhack and make sure to take out as many as you can so are not caught in the explosion.

Though close-ranged combat is fine as well, using a long-ranged weapon from afar is a more safer option. You can also detonate the explosions yourself by shooting at them when the Cyberpsycho gets close to stun him. 

Having Quickhacks and a few extra health items will prove beneficial here, no matter what build you are running. 

Seaside Cafe

Location: Wellsprings, Heywood
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue story mission

Dao Huynh was induced to psychosis by her sister while filming Saigon Sisters where a faulty implant was embedded in her. When she learned the truth, it led to her losing herself in her hatred and drive for revenge.

Head southwest from Parque Del Mar fast travel point in Wellsprings, Heywood to find the Seaside Cafe Cyberpsycho Sighting location in Cyberpunk 2077. She will be on the terrace of the restaurant along the coastline. 

Dao Huynh is one of the easier Cyberpsychos if you can make your first shots count. When you find her on the terrace, she is standing still so using your strongest sniper to headshot her can pretty much neutralize her.

You can also take her out in style by using a melee finisher after jumping from the sky but if you miss your mark, you will have your work cut out for you.

We also recommend keeping a close-range weapon like a double-barrel shotgun, or a revolver as your secondary to hunt her down if she does escape your hands.

Smoke on the Water

Location: Coastview, Pacifica
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue quest

Diego Ramirez lost himself while fighting Tyger Claws for turning his daughter into a doll. In his revenge, he took out many but scummed to the overpowering psychosis before he could complete his mission. 

Diego Ramirez became a Cyberpsycho while taking revenge for his daughter.

This Cyberpsycho location is west of the Pacifica Pier fast travel point, at the end of the pier in Coastview, Pacifica. 

Before you engage Diego, you can find his daughter, Sofia Ramirez, dead in his van. Carry the body out and place it on the side of a pillar, which will get you extra rewards at the end of your mission.

Diego is carrying a shotgun and he attacks quickly so you will need to deal as much damage as you can before you start the fight.

A sniper here will take half the heat of the battle and will finish him off quicker. Using Quickhacks like System Reset can also make a huge difference since it can disable his movements.  

Lex Talionis

Location: Coastview, Pacifica
Unlock Requirement: Transmission main quest

Ben DeBaillon was part of the Voodoo Boys Netrunners and wanted to climb up the ranks quickly. In his haste, he took a dangerous job in Grand Imperial Mall and his poor planning led him to be discovered by NetWatch. Becoming a liability, his operating system was severely damaged by his own people leading him to psychosis soon after. 

Head southwest from the Batty’s Hotel fast travel point in Coastview, Pacifica, and you will find the Cyberpsycho Sighting: Lex Talionis in Cyberpunk 2077 at a garage north of the Grand Imperial Mall. 

Ben uses his abilities as a Netrunner to the fullest against you. He will try to apply Quickhacks on you and will deploy his combat drones that smart-target you while he attacks as well. 

We recommend bringing in a good short-range weapon that packs a punch against mechanical enemies. Once you enter the garage, take out the cameras in the corners first and then target the combat drones with Ben being your last priority. 

EMP grenades and weapons with EMP charges in their passive can shut down all mechanical enemies which shuts 90 percent of Ben’s defense.

Ben is fairly easy to deal with once you have his gimmicks out of the way. He will try to shoot you but you can easily dodge them and take him down in a few shots only. 

Under the Bridge

Location: Arroyo, Santo Domingo
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue main job.

Tamara Cosby is looking for her lover Lely Hein who was taken by the Valentinos. In her search, she starts losing her mind and the Cyberpsychosis finally takes over.

Lely Hein was another Cyberpsycho that you encountered during the Six Feet Under Sighting, and the data shards found on their bodies hint at their connection. 

Tamara Cosby has a sad story which made her into a Cyberpsycho. You can find her in Santo Domingo.

Head east of the Hargreaves St fast travel point in Arroyo, Santo Domingo. She will be at the camp of homeless people at the underpass of the highway.

Once you approach the area, two automated Turrets will spawn and start targeting you. Take them out first and then go for the Cyberpsycho.

Using a short-range weapon, especially a shotgun, works here best. Tamara only uses a pistol with no special mechanics, so hitting her with front-loaded damage is the easiest way to take her down.

We do recommend bringing an EMP grenade for the turrets if you are having trouble but we did find them pretty easy to take out as well. 

Discount Doc

Location: Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo
Unlock Requirement: The Rescue mission

Chase Coley chewed more than he could handle and got military-grade implants in his untrained body despite warnings from his doctor. The result is that he made it to the Cyberpsycho wanted list. 

The Discount Doc Cyberpsycho can be found in a Ripper doc clinic, northeast of the Almunecar & Jerez fast travel point in Rancho Coronado, Santo Domingo. 

Chase is one of the hardest Cyberpsychos to deal with in Cyberpunk 2077 thanks to the damage-absorbing mech exoskeleton he has on. You will need a mid to high-ranged weapon that can dish out large front-loaded damage quickly, so SMGs, Assault Rifles, and some melees are your best bets.

He has a weak point on his back, the small electric box that you can hit to stun him for a few seconds. During this, deal as much damage as you can because once he gets back, he not only will have a shield up but also deal high-damage attacks that can one-shot you. 

Keep your distance and dodge his attacks while shooting his legs as they are not protected by his armor. To deal with his ranged attacks, duck into the building near him or hide behind the barriers to avoid getting hit. 

The Wasteland

Location: East Badlands
Unlock Requirement: Life During Wartime main mission

Euralio Alma was captured by the Raffen Shiv Wraiths that also took Saul in Riders On The Storm and was tortured by them. The injuries to his head made him lose his sanity, and turn into a Cyberpsycho.

The Wasteland Cyberpsycho Sighting in Cyberpunk 2077 can be found southeast of the Trailer Park fast travel point in the East area of the Badlands.

When you get there, scan the dead body which will give you waypoints to follow. Just keep on the blood trails and it will lead you to the Cyberpsycho. 

Alma has mech armor with a weak point on his back and uses powerful close-range attacks to keep you from reaching it. We advise against using melee here because his shield can and will knock you back after which he will quickly unleash his quick attack combo that can take you out in a matter of seconds. 

Like in the case of the Discount Doc, use a ranged weapon to damage his weakspot and try to deal as much damage as you can while he is stunned. If you don’t one-cycle him, keep hitting his feet that are not armor-protected till he is down, and remember to keep your distance. 

His charged shots are one of his most dangerous attacks so use barriers and covers to tank the shot in your place.

House on a Hill

Location: East Badlands
Unlock Requirement: Life During Wartime main story mission.

Russell Greene was a Netrunner who got involved in a business that was bigger than he could have ever imagined. He lost his wife and family to an attack from the other side which took a great toll on him as he blamed himself for what happened, turning him into a Cyberpsycho.

Russell Greene is another Cyberpsycho running rampant in the Badlands.

Head northeast from the Trailer Park fast travel point in The Badlands, and you will find the Cyberpsycho on the outskirts on your left.

Russel will be in the garage of the building but you will find Griffin Drones patrolling the area with turrets perched up on rooftops. You can take them down using Quickhacks like Friendly Mode or just shoot them from the air.

Russel uses a shotgun with thermal-infused bullets which can deal a lot of upfront damage and the burn will hurt over time. The best builds we recommend here are stealth sniper or melee-focused ones, so you are not taken out with a few pumps of his shotgun.

Second Chances

Location: East Badlands
Unlock Requirement: Life During War Time main mission

Zion Wylde can be found out in the deserts of Badlands.

Zion Wylde is a religious fanatic who became a cyberpsycho after being baited into a job by the Voodoo Boys. You will receive a call from Regina to track him down after completing the second-act story mission Life During Wartime.

Your mission marker will lead you to a car and a corpse out in the Badlands. Scan and follow the trail of dead bodies left behind by the cyberpsycho until you reach his sighting location in Cyberpunk 2077. 

Take note that Zion will spawn with a sniper rifle in a tower east of your location. We recommend taking him out with your best sniper rifle instead of rushing in. This is because even if you manage to get close to him, the tower is rigged with land mines.

Hide behind nearby cover until Zion starts reloading. Then come out to land some good headshots before going back into cover. 

Should you kill Cyberpsychos or not?

You can kill Cyberpsychos or just down them using non-lethal combat techniques. For non-lethal take downs use a blunt melee weapon, pistols, your fists, or add Pax mods on your weapons.

Saving Cyberpsychos in Cyberpunk 2077 seems to have little effect on their outcome as they end up succumbing to Cyberpsychosis anyway. If you are farming for XP then take them down and then kill them after the mission completes for more points, otherwise kill them to put them out of their misery.

In the end, you will get a good Job from Regina, and other than that everything, from rewards to collectibles remains the same. 

Completing all the Cyberpsycho Sighting locations will reward you the “I Am The Law” trophy in Cyberpunk 2077 which is not related to your takedown methods. Killing or sparing them does not affect your rewards, so deal with them however you see fit.

What happens when you get all the Cyberpsychos?

After you get all the Cyberpsychos in Cyberpunk 2077, you get a call from Regina wanting to meet you in person to end your arrangement. She will be in her office on the 13th floor in Watson and after a quick thanks, you will be directed towards the rewards.

Visit Regina for your rewards after you have taken care of all Cyberpsycho Sightings in Cyberpunk 2077.

If you have killed all the Cyberpsychos, the rewards won’t be mentioned in the dialogue but you can still loot the crate beside her.

It will contain pieces of Legendary Clothing, Trauma Team armor-weave tactical vest, and Decadencia Verde tactical armor-weave pants, completing the Psycho Killer main mission in Cyberpunk 2077.

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