Cyberpunk 2077 Best Weapons And Their Locations

Arm yourself for devastation.

Choosing the best weapon in Cyberpunk 2077 can be difficult since the game features a plethora of weapons to try out, ranging from katanas to pistols to sniper rifles to shotguns.

All this variety can get overwhelming; especially after the new Phantom Update DLC which adds even more firepower to the base game.

Before diving into the discussion, it is important to describe the three different types of guns that you will encounter.

  • Power
  • Tech
  • Smart Weapons

Each of these types has a unique treat. Power weapons’ bullets deflect off surfaces allowing new combat strategies. This ricochet can even be controlled if you have the Ballistics Coprocessor cyberware installed.

Tech weapons can be charged to deliver devastating charged shots; these shots can even pierce through armored enemies.

Smart weapons fire homing rounds that lock onto enemies; however, you need to have the Smart Link cyberware installed to take advantage of this trait.

The best weapons shops in Cyberpunk 2077 are mostly the Blackmarket vendors where you can approach Herold or another arms vendor to purchase your weapons. The other way to get weapons is by completing main and side quests.

In this article, we will be listing and ranking the best weapons in Night City while also listing their locations and suggestions about which of them can be acquired early in the game.

10. Sasquatch’s Hammer

This blunt weapon deals insane damage. It has a 200% base damage multiplier. Unfortunately, the Sasquatch’s Hammer has major mobility issues which is why it’s the last entry on the list.

It is categorized as a very heavy weapon which means that the player cannot sprint, or dodge when it is equipped. You are an easy target with this weapon equipped.

How to get it: This can be found after defeating the huge enemy Sasquatch in the animal gang during the I Walk the Line main quest.

If you miss it, you can still purchase the weapon from the black market stadium vendor in Dogtown.

9. Yinlong Smart SMG

This smart gun is an OG; it has been in the game since Day 1. This SMG is a craftable smart SMG with auto targeting which deals with electric damage. A disadvantage is that it has only one mod slot.

How to get it: The Yinlong crafting spec can be obtained from completing the suspected organized crime activity ” Living the big life in Haywood”. It will drop from the animal boss named Denzel Cryer.

The location of this suspected organized crime activity is Heywood.

8. Malorian Arms

Johnny Silverhand’s signature handgun. It falls in the power and tech category and has a unique reloading animation, looks badass, and has John Wick associated with it so it’s an iconic piece.

However, there is a reason it’s down below in the list; it does not inflict much damage and it struggles to penetrate through armored enemies. In the recent update, it also has no mod slots.

How to get it: We can pick this from Grayson at the end of the Chippin’ In quest. The location of this quest is the Afterlife; head there and talk to Johnny Silverhand.

7. Ogou Smart Pistol

This smart pistol has auto-targeting homing rounds provided you have cyberware installed that supports smart weapons.

It fires a burst of 2 explosive shots; each hit has a chance of dismemberment. In case an enemy is dismembered; the follow-up shots become critical shots.

How to get it: This pistol can be obtained in the Phantom Liberty DLC by completing a side gig called Treading Symptoms. The location of this gig is Pacifica, Dogtown.

6. Hawk Assault Rifle

When you set down sights on enemies using this gun, headshots weaken and enemies are marked. In this state, enemies move slower, cannot use abilities, lose their balance more often, and inflict less damage.

Pair it with the sharpshooter perk and you really get to enjoy this assault rifle fully.

A disadvantage this gun possesses is that it weakens headshot damage. Magazine size is also reduced by 20%.

How to get it: This can be obtained by completing the 4th mission in the Phantom Liberty DLC, Lucretia my Reflection. The location of this mission is the abandoned apartment in Kress City.

5. Order (Brick’s customized shotgun )

This double-barrel tech shotgun deals enormous damage. Charging this weapon above 66% vaporizes every enemy in your path, although a major obstacle is that it is very expensive to purchase. Its cost is in 6 figures.

Despite the cost, the Order is easily one of the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. Get it as soon as possible.

How to get it: You can buy the Order shotgun from the Black Market weapon vendor Herold in the Dogtown stadium.

4. Widow Maker Rifle

This is an iconic variant of the Militech M-179e Achilles. The Widow Maker shoots 2 bullets at a time that deals chemical damage with a chance to apply poison to your enemies.

You can also shoot through walls with it; so feel free to fry foes hiding behind structures.

A disadvantage this weapon possesses is that it requires frequent reloads; its chamber only holds 8 rounds and it fires 2 rounds per shot.

How to get it:  You get this weapon during the main quest if you help Pan Am take out Nash at the end of Ghost Town. The location of this quest is the Afterlife; meet Rogue Amendiares there to start the quest.

3. Errata Thermal Katana

This is a melee weapon added recently in the 2.0 update which means you will have to be up close to enemies to make use of it.

The Errata Katana sets enemies ablaze when you strike them. It also allows you to leap towards them quickly to close the gap. Once an enemy is on fire, all your follow-up hits become critical hits.

A disadvantage is that since it is a melee weapon, you will have to be up close to your enemy to deal damage; this might not be possible all the time.

How to get it: Can be obtained early in Act 2 in the mission Disasterpiece; the weapon is located in the basement of the warehouse inside the room with the giant furnace.

The location for the Disasterpiece quest is the Electric Corporation building in Santo Domingo; with the closest fast travel terminal being the Republic East.

2. Comrade’s Hammer

This tech weapon is a craftable gun and pumps out ridiculous amounts of damage. It has a single explosive round in its chamber which causes utter destruction.

Another good thing about this gun is that you don’t have to be very accurate in your aim; its damage tears through the heaviest of armored enemies.

This gun was tweaked in the Cyberpunk 2077 2.0 update. Your gun reloads instantly if you quick melee someone. However, players can no longer shoot through walls.

Another disadvantage it has is that it has to be reloaded after every shot. This can be a headache in a fast gunfight with numerous enemies.

How to get it: This gun can be crafted after completing the suspected organized crime activity in Arroyo. The crafting spec drops from a crime boss named Darius Miles.

The location to access this suspected organized crime activity is Hargreaves Street.

1. Adam Smasher’s Shotgun (Ba Xing Chong)

This smart shotgun received a massive buff in the Phantom Liberty 2.0 update. It was already good but is now a devastating rocket launcher that fires homing rockets to target up to six enemies at once.

Add your grenade perks into the mix and you are looking at a ton of explosive damage. This is easily one of the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 and is the perfect end-game weapon to equip in Night City.

A major disadvantage of this weapon is that you only unlock it once the main story is completed so it takes a lot of time to unlock.

How to get it: After defeating Adam Smasher, you can loot an excess token that will remain in your inventory.

After the credits roll, use this to unlock Adam Smasher’s personal armory. Loot the crafting spec for the Bo Xing Chong shotgun.

The access token is acquired by the player, no matter what ending is chosen.

Best weapons to get early in the game

You will not have a shortage of weapons when starting out in Night City. However, there are some weapons that you can get early in Cyberpunk 2077 for devastating damage. Some of these even scale well into the late game provided that you upgrade your weapons.

Dying night
This Power pistol can be found in the 2nd Amendment gun store in V’s apartment building.

This Tech pistol can be found during the mission “Automatic Love” in Lizzie’s Bar.

This Blade katana can be obtained from Yorinobu Arasaka’s penthouse’s roof during the mission “The Heist”.

This Power pistol can be obtained from the same mission “The Heist” from a table at the foot of the bed in the ground floor room of Arasaka’s penthouse.

This Tech pistol is a choice-driven weapon, in “The Pickup” mission you have to kill Royce during negotiations or the boss fight.

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