Should You Buy Oskar Fevras In Baldur’s Gate 3

Oskar Fevras is an artist in Baldur’s Gate 3 and you have to free him as he is the part of the Free the Artist quest.

Oskar Fevras is an artist in Baldur’s Gate 3. He is part of the quest Free the Artist that you can start during Act 1. In this quest, you have to free this artist. There is a chance that you can free him for no money spent on his freedom. But this is highly unlikely.

You can either persuade Brem to go a bit low and spend 600 or fail the persuasion and pay 1000. This price is a lot for beginners of Act 1. So, is it worth spending 600 to 1200 coins on Oskar Fevras in BG3?

Consequences of Buying Oskar in Baldur’s Gate 3

Oskar Fevras is an essential character in the quest Free the Artist. He was in an affair with two women, and after telling one of them about his affairs, he was in hot waters. For that, he went to the countryside, where he was captured and turned into a slave by the Zhentarims.

When you meet him in the Zhentarims hideout, he will ask you to pay his price and set him free. In turn, he will reward you well. Oskar doesn’t guarantee this and only tells you you will get it from him in Baldur’s Gate.

He also doesn’t mention the reward and tells you it will be worth more than what you paid. Now the question arises should you spend this much money on him or just let him be?

When you buy him and set him free, you can unlock the second phase of this quest in Act 3. If he is not saved in Act 1, he will not come up later in any act, and the second phase of the quest will not come up. Finally, there are many ways in which you can complete the Free the Artist quest in BG3. But only one method will reward you with the best reward from him.


Also, Oskar in Baldur’s Gate 3 is a liar and untrustworthy. Because he only tells you about his background after you have freed him. Finally, when you free him from the Zhentarims, he will ask you for 200 coins for the road.

If you give it to him, Shadowheart, Lae’Zel, and Astarion will not approve your action, while Karlach, Wyll, and Gale will. If you have the money with you during the quest and you want more experience, you can set him free. A few things will come in handy in the mansion when you set Oskar free in BG3 and get access to it.

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