Baldur’s Gate 3 Search The Cellar Quest Guide

Search the cellar side quest is full of puzzles, traps, and riddles in Baldur's Gate 3. Here is a guide to help you complete this quest.

Search the Cellar quest seems very plain and simple at the start, but once you start it, you will notice that it is not the case. The quest is full of puzzles, traps, and riddles and you will be lost without proper guidance. Here is a guide to help you with the Search the Cellar sidequest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to start Search the Cellar side quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

Search the Cellar side quest is available in BG3 Blighted Village which is sandwiched between Goblin Camp and Emerald Grove. You will end up here in some way or another during Act 1. The quest is located in the basement of a house in Blighted Village. We have shown the location on the map above.

Finding the Dark Journal

Once you enter the basement, you have to find the Dark Journal to start the quest. It is hidden behind the bookcase. There is a hidden path behind the bookcase, you have to move the bookcase by pulling the lever (X: -702, Y: -355) behind the wooden boxes (by removing them first).

Once you pull the lever, the bookcase will move and the path behind it will become accessible. Moving into the basement deeper, you will find some caskets. In one of these caskets, there is the Dark Journal (X: -666, Y: -316).

Read the Journal as it progresses the quest Search the Cellar in BG3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Search the Cellar walkthrough

Reading the apprentice’s journal basically gives you clues about what you can expect in the cellar. Continue further down to explore more of the cellar until you reach a mirror. It is behind this mirror that the real secret hides.


Players need to solve the Ornate mirror puzzle to access the secret cellar in BG3.

Ornate mirror puzzle

Move further inside the basement to find the Ornate Mirror. The mirror hides some secrets, and it obeys its master or his friends. To reveal these secrets, you have to prove that you are an ally of his master. He will ask you some questions. These questions can vary from race to race and class to class.

The choices can also vary according to your class/race. The list of Ornate Mirror’s questions and their answers during the Search the Cellar quest in BG3 are:

Spea-k your Name“your character name”
If you are his ally, step forward and declare itYes. I am an ally of your Master
What do you think of the zulkir known as Szass Tam?Szass Tam is a foul and a wretched creature
Why might one use balsam ointment?To clean wounds
If you could see anything in me, what would you it beI definitely would look for a spell that will rid me of this worm in my head

This will force the ornate mirror to disappear, opening the path forward for the players.

Collecting the Necromancy of Thay

After moving into the laboratory, search everywhere. You will notice a rusted key lying on the table in the western part of the laboratory. Use this key to open the locked door in the laboratory and move forward.

When you move near the door, your character will do a perception check. There is a trap in front of the door.  You will need Class 10 Sleight of Hand skill to disarm the trap. When you enter the room, The Necromancy of Thay will be sitting there on the table (X: -649, Y: -361). Two more traps require 10 Sleight of Hand skill. Once you disarm these traps, you can take the Necromancy of Thay.

Search the cellar necromancy book uses in BG3

After collecting the book, you will notice that it is locked and the game will give you two options.

Destroy The Ancient Tome: One of the options you can choose is to destroy the book. To destroy the tome, you have to use Radiant damage as it is invulnerable to any other damage. A Cleric can prove to be useful here if you have recruited Shadowheart as a companion.

Opening the Necromancy of Thay: The Tome is locked and is missing a Dark Amethyst. To open the tome, you have to track down one. There is a Dark Amethyst present below the Blighted village area. Look for a well nearby within the village area. On investigating it, you will uncover an entrance to the Underdark.

There will be phase spiders and Phase Spider Matriarch. It is wise not to find the latter one as it is way too powerful. Hide from it and keep searching for a purple glow thing. It is the Dark Amethyst.

Keep hiding and return to a safe place. Open the book by using the dark amethyst that you have collected in the previous step. However, if you fail, it will curse you. If you succeed, then you will get the ability to speak to the dead. This also marks the end of Search the Cellar quest in BG3.

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