Baldur’s Gate 3 Finish The Masterwork Weapon Walkthrough

Baldur's Gate 3 has secret quests you can only access when you come across their journals, including Finish Masterwork Weapon.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has secret quests you can only access when you come across their journals, including Finish Masterwork Weapon. This quest gives you an idea of a hidden weapon that you have no idea where it is. Because the journal provides little to no information about its whereabouts, it will be challenging to get it.

But worry not, as our guide will take you through this quest.

Finish the Masterwork Weapon quest location in BG3

You can start the Finish the Masterwork Weapon quest in BG3 Blighted Village at the western side of the building, which has the To the Whispering Depths Transition. Head inside the building and reach the west corner of the house. There you will find the Highcliff’s Journal near a barrel.

Read the journal to start the quest.


After getting the quest, you might find it a bit tough. Not because of the problematic enemies you might face but because of the travel you must do. You will find its required items in far places. Here is how you will do it:

Find the blueprints

You will need a resource to craft the secret weapon in Finish the Masterwork Weapon quest in Baldur’s Gate 3. The resource that you need is the blueprint. The blueprint will be located underneath the room on the eastern side of the house. The floor will be blocked by calcified web, which you can clear using a fire spell or a torch nearby.


Drop down the floor, and you will find a chest along the wall. Open the chest to get the Highcliff’s Blueprint which will tell you to go to the Underdark world and get the Susssur Bark in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Locate a source of Sussur Bark

Your next step is to find the Sussur Bark in the Underdark world. But first, you have to get to the Underdark region. Although there are many ways to get to the Underdark, going from the Goblin Camp is best. For this path, you must have the Priestess’s key.

Now, in the Goblin Camp, use the To the Shattered Sanctum Transition and arrive at the Shattered Sanctum.

From your starting spot, continue and turn left when you see a skeleton on a throne in Baldur’s Gate 3. Open the doors with the priestess key and move forward until you reach the last door on the eastern side of the sanctum. The door will transition and take you to the Defililed Temple in Underdark.

After arriving at the Defililed Temple, find a way out. Continue towards the northwest side of the Underdark until you find a tree with blue, glowing branches.

Explore the tree branches to find the Sussur Tree Bark in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Forge a masterwork weapon

When you have acquired the Sussur Bark from the tree, head back to the Blighted Village and enter the house from where you got the Highcliff’s Blueprint. Head to the left of the room, and you will see a furnace.

Approach and Interact with the furnace to open the crafting menu and place the bark in the empty slot. This will turn the furnace flame blue. At last, open the crafting menu again and put either dagger, sickle, or greatsword from your inventory to forge a Masterwork weapon in BG3.


You will get one of the three weapons depending on what weapon you placed in the furnace.

  • Sussur Dagger
  • Sussur Sickle
  • Sussur Greatsword

The weapons will come with the +1 enchantments and Silence on Hit ability.

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