Baldur’s Gate 3: Finish The Masterwork Weapon Quest Guide

Let us help you craft Sussur Weapons to silence your enemies in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 has secret quests you can only access when you come across their journals, including Finish Masterwork Weapon. This quest allows you to craft Sussur weapons that can silence spellcasters. Because the journal provides only hints and no location, it is tough to proceed with this quest.

But worry not. We will guide you through the whole process and suggest which weapon is the best choice to craft.

How to start Finish the Masterwork Weapon quest

Finish the Masterwork Weapon quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be obtained and started in the Blighted Village. From the entrance, go North and enter the house on the right with a shabby door. Highcliff’s Journal (X: 27, Y: 426) is in its Northeast corner. Reading the Journal will add the quest to your journal.

Use any weapon or fire to burn the calcified web in the adjacent room. Jump down the hole to enter the forge room of the Blacksmith’s House.


You can also enter this area by locking the first door to the right of Blighted Village’s entrance.

In this room, locate and disarm a treasure chest near wooden stairs. This will give you access to Highcliff’s Blueprints. Read the Blueprints to get your next clue about activating the forge.

Find Sussur Tree Bark

The next step involves finding Sussur Tree Bark from the Underdark. Go to Goblin’s Camp and solve the Defiled Temple Moon puzzle to reach the Myconid Colony in the Underdark. Sussur Tree bark is present on the Sussur Tree southwest of the Myconid colony.

This tree is marked by its bright blue hue, with the green Bibberbang Forest on its right. This area has four hook horror enemies and a mage named Filro, the Forgotten. This fight is impossible below level 4. Once you defeat all the enemies, press and hold the Alt button to locate Sussur Tree Bark (X: -17, Y: -143). Please pick it up and return it to the Blighted Village.

Activate the Forge and Craft the Weapon

Once again, go to the forge room of the Blacksmith’s House in the Blighted Village. Interact with the forge (X: -446, Y: -377) to activate it. Once more, a new window will open, asking you to combine something with the fire. Select Sussur Tree Bark from your inventory.

The color of the fire will turn blue. You can craft Sussur weapons by placing them in the fire. But there is a limitation. You can only use either a plain Greatsword, Sickle, or Dagger for the purpose. You can also craft only one Sussur Weapon.


You are using the wrong weapon if you get an “Invalid Combination” error. To be rewarded with Sussur weapons, select only plain weapons.

Our recommendation is to create a Sussur Greatsword. This Sussur weapon is the best choice for Karlach and Lae’zel. You can destroy enemy spellcasters, as Sussur Weapons put a silence condition on their victims. This will mark the Finish the Masterwork Weapon quest as complete, and you will earn some XP for it in addition to the Sussur weapon of your choice.

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