Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Level 6 Spells For Each Class

Acquiring level 6 spells in Baldur's gate 3 is not an easy feat and you can only do so after hours of gameplay progression.

Magic is the essence of Baldur’s Gate 3, which makes the gameplay interesting for the players. Spells are actions that translate the theoretical knowledge of magic into reality. These spells range from the lowest level (Cantrips) to the most potent ones, called level 6 Spells in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Although all classes in Baldur’s Gate 3 can use spells according to their capacities and class description, many of these are just more naturally into spellcasting. And as such, they can do better magic than others. Each spell in BG3 needs a spell slot and an action before you can cast it (except Cantrips). Level 6 spells are the strongest enchantments one can get in each class, so you need the highest-level spell slots to be able to cast them.

Acquiring level 6 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 is not easy, and you can only do so after hours of gameplay progression. As such, you’ll probably be the master of your class at this point or most likely have hit the level cap of your character.

Best level 6 spells for Bard

Bards make use of their vocals and musical instruments to cast spells in BG3. They have mixed roles in party play, from providing good support to taking up the front lines in desperate times. Through their Charisma stat proficiency, Bards improve their spellcasting and deceive or persuade characters as per the situation’s demand.


This level-six spell is originally from the Necromancy School of Magic. After casting this spell, your gaze can inflict dread, sickness or even putting targets to sleep.

Find the Path

This level 6 spell belongs to the Divination School of Magic. After casting this spell, you will be able to know the shortest possible path to reach any destination. This helps you complete quests early or reach dungeons, cities, and lakes easily.


Guards and Wards

The Guards and Wards spell primarily allows you to defend your strongholds of 50 ft square through a Ward. You can even set a password to make individuals immune.

Mass Suggestion

Mass Suggestion is the upgraded version of its inferior level two spell, called the Suggestion. It belongs to the Enchantment School of Magic and compels 12 targets to succeed on a Wisdom save or follow your suggestion.

Best level 6 spells for Cleric

Clerics draw their magical powers from various deities, utilizing either worshipping or praying. Their spells usually correspond to the properties of the divine source from which these are obtained. Clerics are not very good physical damage dealers, but it makes sense, given their support role.

Blade Barrier

This level 6 spell belongs to the Evocation School of Magic. After using this spell, you will be surrounded by a whirl of blade-like walls. If any enemy tries to trespass this spell’s boundary, they will be inflicted 6d10 slashing damage.


The Forbiddance spell belongs to the Abjuration School of Magic and allows you to create a ward against magic teleportation. It also allows you to damage certain types of enemies you choose upon casting, such as celestials, fey, and the undead.


A powerful healing spell that originates from the Evocation School. This one helps a creature to regain 70 hp and get cured of blindness, diseases, deafness, etc.

Heroes’ Feast

Heroes’ Feast is yet another level-six Clerics spell originating from the Conjuration School of magic. It is a healing spell that allows you to invite 12 individuals on a feast that cures diseases, provides immunity to poison, and increases their HP by 2d10 for the next 23 hours.

Best level 6 spells for Druid

Druids are the living personification of nature’s resilience. They draw the power of their spells and enchantments from natural forces or even utilize animals for their bidding. The Druid class is a fundamental spell caster, mostly healing or supportive. Their spells usually use the Wisdom stat, their primary ability.

Conjure Fey

This spell corresponds to the Conjuration School of Magic. Its caster summons a fey creature of challenge rating 6 or lower. This creature obeys the caster’s verbal commands and behaves friendly with the party.

Move Earth

This level 6 spell is a Transmutation spell that enables you to create shapes from dirt, sand, or even clay for your benefit. However, you cannot do this with natural stone or stone constructions.

Transport Via Plants

This Conjuration spell is another addition to the level 6 spell lots from the Druid class’s arsenal. Using this, you can transport yourself from one plant to another in a radius of 5 ft.

Wall of Thorns

This spell also belongs to the Conjuration School of Magic. It allows the caster to create a ten ft. high, 60 ft. long, and five ft. thick bush wall around you. It slows down the enemy’s movement and inflicts piercing damage to the trespassers.

Best level 6 spells for Sorcerer

Sorcerers are adept at using long-range spells, making them one of the best support classes in Baldur’s Gate 3. They also keep great offensive spells in their arsenal. A Sorcerer is a blessed caster who has innate spell-casting techniques and doesn’t need years of pure meditation and gaining knowledge to utilize magical abilities.

Circle of Death

The Circle of Death spell originates from the Necromancy School of Magic. You can create a spherical sculpture made from entropic energy surrounding a creature by casting this. This will devastate the target as well as other creatures in its surroundings.


A very powerful level 6 spell belonging to the School of Transmutation. This spell shoots a thin green ray from your finger, turning the target into dust. It can also destroy some or all the items carried by that poor creature.

Arcane Gate

This level 6 spell originates from the School of Conjuration and is an upgraded version of the level 2 spell, Arcane Lock. This spell creates two teleportation portals that work for ten turns.

Globe of Invulnerability

This is another potent Sorcerer spell originating from the Abjuration School. This one allows you to create a barrier around you. This will make you and all the other creatures surrounded by this barrier immune to all kinds of damage.

Best level 6 spells for Warlock

The Warlock class is a huge damage-dealer regarding offensive spell casting. Warlocks draw their power from their patrons and prove devastating in close and ranged combat. Although their Cantrips take the crown of the most useful among other classes, their level 6 spells are also irreplaceable in utility and support. Below are our favorite level 6 spells in Baldur’s Gate 3 for Warlocks.

True Seeing

True Seeing is a useful utility spell from the Divination School of Magic. Upon casting, your target obtains the ability to see secret magic doors and Ethereal Plane.

Create Undead

Create Undead is a 6-level spell from the Necromancy School of Magic. This spell, when cast, allows you to raise a single corpse in the form of a monstrous mummy that slays and aids you in combat.


This Necromancy School’s spell is yet another addition to the Warlock class’s arsenal of level 6 spells. Your gaze can make enemies sick, dread, or put them to sleep. This spell doesn’t need you to expend a spell slot while Concentrating.

Conjure Fey

This level 6 spell corresponds to the School of Conjuration. After casting this powerful spell, your character summons a fey creature of challenge rating 6 or lower, which obeys your verbal commands and behaves friendly with you and the party.

Best level 6 spells for Wizard

Wizards primarily use their Arcane abilities and magic prowess in doing incredible tasks. Most of their lifetime is spent learning these magical abilities; thus, they are the main spell casters of their party. A spell from their mouths can turn living creatures to dust and turn the fight tables in your favor.

Flesh to Stone

This one is a powerful spell that originates from the Transmutation School of Magic. After casting this spell, your target’s flesh gets hardened, slowing their movement for three rounds and making them susceptible to your attacks.

Wall of Ice

Belonging to the School of Evocation, this level 6 spell creates an ice wall that deals cold damage to everything in its way. Even after depleting, this wall leaves behind a trail of frigid air that also does cold damage to your enemies per turn.

Otto’s Irresistible Dance

This sixth-level spell belongs to the Enchantment School and causes the target to start dancing abruptly. This can make the dancer unable to take action or even move in a fight. Additionally, it provides the caster Advantage on his attack rolls and gives a Disadvantage to the target in its Dexterity Saving Throws.

Magic Jar

The Magic Jar is a Necromancy School’s spell that allows you to project your soul into an urn. Then, he can return to his flesh or another humanoid creature.


This level 6 spell belongs to the Evocation School of Magic. After casting this one, all creatures in its path are Blinded by bright radiation. If its effect remains, this spell can be recast without expending a spell slot.

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