Baldur’s Gate 3: Best Races For Wizard 

We have a selection of some of the finest races for your Wizard builds in Baldur's Gate 3.

Wizards are considered masters of spells, allowing you to deal insane amounts of elemental damage. In addition, they have access to a vast spell pool, which gives them a lot of flexibility in any combat encounter to deal with different types of (elemental) damage. Selecting a suitable race for Wizards in Baldur’s Gate 3 not only enhances these features but also overcomes their shortcomings. 

The only downside to the Wizard is that it doesn’t have any armor or melee weapon proficiency. This results in them having a low health pool in the game. 

Here, we have prepared a list of all the best races you can use for Wizard Class in Baldur’s Gate 3. These include: 

  • Githyanki 
  • High-Elf 
  • Human 
  • Forest Gnome 


Githyanki is the best race selection for any Wizard build, in our opinion. The main reason is their ability to wield weapons, have access to armor, and even get bonus actions. When this is combined with extra speed, there is no stopping our little wizard. 

With the Githyanki race, you get the following racial benefits. 

  • Movement speed increases to 9m per turn. 
  • Astral Knowledge: You become proficient in all skills of an ability. You can change the skills per long rest by selecting a different ability. 
  • Martial Prodigy: You can wear light and medium armor. Being a Githyanki warrior, you can now use Shortswords, Longswords, and Greatswords. 
  • Githyanki Psionics: You gain access to Mage Hand, Jump, and Misty Step. Mage Hand is our favorite cantrip, while Misty Step is one of the greatest utility spells to escape danger. 

With these bonuses, you can overcome any shortcomings of your School of Necromancy Wizard build. 

High Elf

High Elf sub-race is a perfect match for any Wizard build, including School of Illusion. High-Elf gets all the bonuses of its parent race, Elf, with some exclusive bonuses. You get Darkvision and increased movement speed, essential for surviving the Underdark region, and kill Phase Spider Matriarch effectively. 

  • Darkvision: Can see up to 12m in darkness. 
  • Keen Senses: You become proficient in perception checks. 
  • Fey Ancestry: You can’t be put to sleep, and you gain an advantage on saving throws against being charmed. 
  • Elven Weapon Training: You gain proficiency with Longswords, Shortswords, Longbows, and Shortbows. 
  • Your movement speed increases up to 9m per turn. 
  • You can select one additional cantrip. We recommend choosing from Mage Hand, Minor Illusion, and Blade Ward. 

Having a Wizard that can both use spells and ranged weapons is a blessing during intense combat sequences in Baldur’s Gate 3. 


Wizards lack proficiency with any armor or weapons. They are also unable to wield shields without suffering severe penalties. So, any race that allows them access to all three is a must-have for a balanced build. For our School of Evocation build, we will be going with the Human race because of the following benefits. 

  • Movement Speed increases up to 9m per turn. 
  • Civil Militia: You gain proficiency with Light Armor, Shields, Spears, Pikes, Halberds, and Glaives. 
  • Human Versatility: You can be proficient in one additional skill. Carrying capacity increases by 25%. 

Forest Gnome 

The only reason for going with the Forest Gnome sub-race for our School of Conjuration Wizard is to get the Speak with the Animals spell for free. While the Forest Gnome has its unique bonuses, it also inherits all the features of its parent race. 

  • Gnome Cunning: You get an advantage on Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws. 
  • Your movement speed increases up to 9m per turn. 
  • Darkvision: You can see up to 12m in the darkness. 
  • Speak with Animals spell. 
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