Baldur’s Gate 3 Shovel Locations

This guide will tell you about all the locations of shovel in Act-1 of Baldur's Gate 3, and how this misc. item can be used effectively.

The shovel belongs to the miscellaneous items category in Baldur’s Gate 3 and is very helpful for the players to dig any dirt mounds. As you will come across many dirt piles in the game at different locations, we have marked the locations of shovels in our guide for your ease to get it easily.

These dirt piles can be removed with Shovel and beneath the dirt piles, there are hidden chests containing different items like Gloves or rare special boots and you can get gold.

There is no other way that you can remove the dirt piles except using shovels, so it is quite an important and valuable item to look for various hidden chests. The items acquired through a chest can be sold at a good price. This article will also teach how you can obtain and use a shovel in BG3.

Where to find a shovel in Baldur’s Gate 3

Shovels are present abundantly in BG3 and they can either be found or purchased from the merchants. These locations are described below for your ease in finding them. If you recruit Shadowheart as a companion, she is using a shovel as her main weapon at the start.

Ravaged Beach

You can get the first shovel in BG3 by moving north from the Injured Mind Flayer at the Ravaged Beach. You can also locate this area when you go west from the place where you spotted Laezel captured. Once you reach this area, you will find a dirt mound on the surface. When you go close to it, you will find the shovel.

Overgrown Ruins

You can find one more shovel close to Ravaged Beach in the Overgrown Ruins in Baldur’s Gate 3. As you move there, you will meet several of the treasure Hunters. They will be violent towards you. So, you can either persuade them or slay them.


You must choose either to kill or to persuade. Once you do any one of these activities, you can easily make your way inside the ruins, as you move a little bit forward, you will see a door, and just beside that, the shovel is on the surface.

In the Druid Grove

You must make your way to Druid Grove, once you reach the location, go towards the Tiefling Hideout. Find Arron just close to it. He is a Halfling merchant and sells shovels. You can purchase a shovel from him for 9 gold.

West of Druid Grove

To find another one, you need to reach Druid Grove and make your way to the west and continue your path until you find a bridge. As you get on the bridge, you will observe an overturned cart in which multiple crates can be found. You need to look at each of the crates to find a shovel.

How to use the shovel in Baldur’s Gate 3

The shovel is quite useful to dig up dirt mounds in Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you start to explore the locations, you will find many dirt piles. The shovel does not do any significant damage and can be thrown on the battlefield but the purpose of acquiring this item is to dig dirt piles.

Beneath the dirt piles, there are chances that you may get loot which consists of treasures and gold. The shovel is extremely important to take out hidden loot.

Once you come close to any dirt pile, you must pass a perception check and a picture will be shown to you of the dirt pile. You need to have an interaction with the dirt pile if you are carrying a Shovel in your inventory.

No need to equip the shovel, as long as it is in your or a companion’s inventory, the dirt mound can be dug up. As you interact, your character will start digging the dirt pile with the shovel in BG3.

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