How to Get Sussur Bloom in Baldur’s Gate 3

Sussur Blooms are unique blue flowers in Baldur's Gate 3 that can render any magical devices useless around them. We know where you can find some.

Sussur Blooms in Baldur’s Gate 3 are shining blue flowers that you can find in some regions of the Underdark. This unique flower has a unique property to disable all magic (arcane) around it and can only be obtained during Act 1.

There is one major drawback of these flowers. You can only use them in the Underdark. As soon as you leave it, all Sussur Blooms will wither and die. You can send them back to camp when you are still inside the Underdark, but traveling outside will result in the same.

Where to find Sussur Bloom in Baldur’s Gate 3

Sussur Bloom usually grows in dark and damp areas. You can get Sussur Blooms with a guarantee in two known places in Baldur’s Gate 3. We have covered both areas in detail below.

Arcane Tower Garden

Arcane Tower is in the Southwest region of the Underdark and is protected by Arcane turrets. Once you deactivate the first two turrets by attacking them with Thunder spells, jump down from the ledge near the second turret.

There are massive mushrooms that serve as ledges. Use them to go down until you reach the basement of the Arcane Tower. Here, you will notice a massive Sussur Tree surrounded by Sussur Blooms. This area also has a door leading to the Arcane Tower’s basement without the threat of Arcane Turrets.

Sussur Tree

The second major area where another Sussur Tree (X: -15, Y: -140) is present is called the Dread Hollow. It is to the North of Arcane Tower and West of Myconid Colony.

You will visit this area to collect the Sussur Tree Bark to Forge a Masterwork Weapon or on your way to Find the Mushroom Picker. However, be extra careful in this area. A mad spellcaster, Filro the forgotten, will ambush you. He will bring forth the Hook Horrors to help him kill you.

You can cast the Invisibility spell or kill Filro to collect the Sussur Bloom flowers. He will also drop Icy crystal, which you can use to craft the Mourning Frost weapon.

How to use Sussur Bloom in BG3

Sussur Bloom has anti-magic properties in BG3. Any magical object in its surroundings won’t work, and all the spellcasters turn useless. If you carry one, you and your companions can’t cast spells. Similarly, you can go near the spellcaster enemies or throw the Sussur Bloom near them to render them useless.

The best application of this flower is inside the Arcane Tower. You can use it as fuel for the generator to power up the Arcane Tower. You can enter the tower from the door near the Sussur Tree. Once activated, all Arcane Turrets die down, and you can use the elevator inside to explore it fully.

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