Where To Find Tongue Of Madness And Tinmask Spores In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Tongue of Madness and Tinmask Spores in Baldur's Gate 3 are two items Omeluum needs for a brew that helps study your mind parasite.

In the adventures of BG3, as you advance in your journey, you will find yourself doing different quests. For instance, when you are on your way to BG3 Arcane Tower doing the quest “Find the mushrooms, Omeluum requested, “you will find the Tongue of Madness and Tinmask Spores in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The tongue of Madness lets your character speak thoughts in extreme levels of decibels, or layman’s terms; the character says loudly whatever he thinks. Meanwhile, Tinmask Spores in BG3 are poisonous if you inhale them. But they have to be acquired as part of the quest.

Getting these items is easy, provided you follow our guide. So without any further ado, let’s get started.

Tongue of Madness and Tinmask Spores location in BG3

The items are located inside the Arcane Tower. To get there, you must first evade the Arcane Turrets at the front of the Tower. Before you do anything, try to equip your jump ability as well, it will be helpful in the process. You must take cover from the giant rocks and go around the Tower.

Eventually, You will take some damage from the lasering turrets, so it is okay if you get hit by those. We suggest you move as fast as possible to mitigate the damage. Proceed below the Tower, where you will find a glowy tree and obtain Sussur bloom in Baldur’s Gate 3 from it to aid you in powering the Tower.

Right around it, you will find a doorway, lockpick it and then go in to find the Generator; insert the Sussur bloom inside it to power the Tower and remove the power from the turrets.


This will disarm the turrets and make it easy for you to explore the surroundings of the Arcane Tower. Then take the stairs. They will lead you to the elevator. Take the elevator to ascend to the third floor.

After reaching the floor, navigate around and find a wooden shelf. On the shelf, you will find Tinmask Spores in BG3; equip them. Then advance towards the group of barrels and move forward. Take the path towards the right of those barrels and keep moving until you reach the end.

Ultimately, you will find Tongue of Madness in Baldur’s Gate 3 near the shrooms. Equip them as well to complete the requisites of the quest.

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