Baldur’s Gate 3: Noblestalk Location And What To Do With It

Being ultra rare, Noblestalk can help restore the lost memories of anyone. How will you use it?

Of the many useful items that you can get in Baldur’s Gate 3, Noblestalk is the rarest one. It is a mushroom that is part of a side quest, Find the Mushroom Picker, that you get from a merchant known as Derryth Bonecloak.  

When you accept this quest, you are tasked with finding her husband, Baelen. He has gone missing in the search for this mushroom, and you need to locate him. But locating him is not easy as this mission is tricky and dangerous. It will take you through the depths of the Underdark.

Noblestalk location in Baldur’s Gate 3

Head northwest from the Myconid colony in the Underdark, where you will find Greenish glowing mushrooms known as Bibberbang. These mushrooms emit toxic gas as soon as you step near them and explode, so be careful. Keep heading down that path, and you will reach an area with a swarm of those toxic mushrooms.


There are a lot of torches in the area that can explode poisonous spores, destroying both Baelen and the Noblestalk.

There, you’ll find Baelen stuck and very anxious. As you interact with him from a distance, he will warn you about the toxin there. If you have a Misty Step scroll, you can give it to him, and he will teleport to your location safely. He will then reward you.

Now comes the tricky part. There would be a ledge to your left. Jump on it and make your way forward. After jumping from ledge to ledge out of the way of those toxins, you will see a blueish glowing mushroom in the corner of the area. Head to the nearest ledge to it by using Jump or Grant Flight.

From there, there are two ways you can obtain Noblestalk. First, use a Mage Hand and get it to you safely. The other requires you to jump near the mushroom, get it, and use Misty Step to get out. Both are equally effective. But the former is a lot safer.


You can use Ray of Frost cantrip to extinguish the torch near Noblestalk. Ungroup and use Elixir of Poison Resistance. Make a run to Noblestalk Mushroom by using turn-based mode. Once you collect it, return it the same way.

Baldur’s Gate 3: Noblestalk Uses

There are multiple uses of the Noblestalk in Baldur’s Gate 3. One of which is related to Shadowheart‘s quest and restores her memories. This is crucial if you want to romance her.

1. Restore Shadowheart’s Memories  

As you know, Shadowheart has a sort of amnesia. Her memories are locked away due to her oath to the night goddess, Shar. But if you give this mushroom to her, and she consumes it, it will return some of her memories.


To make Shadowheart eat Noblestalk, you must pass either an Intimidation or Persuasion check.

This will unlock additional dialogue choices in-game with Shadowheart. And you will unlock multiple interactions with her. This will also progress the Daughter Of Darkness quest.

2. Complete the Find the Mushroom Picker quest

Alternatively, you could give the mushroom back to the Derryth Bonecloak. By doing this, she will give you Gloves of Uninhabited Kushigo. You can equip these gloves to increase your throw damage by 1d4.

3. Sale to a Merchant

If you hold on to it, you can sell it to a merchant when you reach Baldur’s Gate. This will fetch you a high price.

4. Use it on a Dark Urge character

You can use this mushroom on yourself if you are playing as a Dark Urge character in Baldur’s Gate 3. I used this Noblestalk after reaching the Lower City in Act 3. This mushroom shows you a memory of you doing Vivisection on a live subject with the help of your butler.

How to get more Noblestalk Mushrooms in Baldur’s Gate 3

Due to its limited availability and chances of being destroyed easily during the quest, there are two ways to obtain huge amounts of Noblestalk mushrooms. Both these methods are unofficial, and if you are like me, who avoids all cheats and mods, you can skip this section. 

  • By using the following UUID code in the cheat engine. 09561b3f-f556-4a01-b289-9b362bc0d43a. 
  • By downloading and using a “More Noblestalk” mod from the NexusMods. However, always follow the install instructions and back up your save before using any mods. This goes without saying: mod your game at your own risk.
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