How To Get Gloves Of Soul Catching In Baldur’s Gate 3

Gloves Of Soul Catching is an item in Baldur's Gate 3 that can be acquired from Hope but you have to complete several steps beforehand.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, you will come across many items, but the ones you should consider most should be the legendary ones, such as Gloves Of Soul Catching. This will boost your attack power significantly. BG3 Gloves Of Soul Catching will also allow your unarmed attacks to deal additional Fire damage on the enemy, ranging from (1 to 10).

However, to acquire this Gloves Of Soul Catching, you must overcome several hurdles. This will require you to enter the Devil’s house in BG3. Once you enter the House of Hope, you must complete specific objectives.

These objectives will require you to save a particular NPC character named Hope. After that, you can enter the Devil’s Vault and gain the password from his notes. Then, you can find the contract that binds you to Rapheal and make your way towards the exit.

This will all go as planned, but Raphael will make his entry at the end, and you will have to fight the Devil and kill him in BG3. After you have dealt with him and freed Hope permanently from the Devil’s grasp, you will finally get your hands on the Gloves of Soul Catching in BG3.

Steps to get the Gloves of Soul Catching in BG3

To acquire the Baldur’s Gate 3 Gloves Of Soul Catching, you will have to go through some events in the House of Hope. You will need to free Hope by breaking the chains, unlock Rapheal’s safe to gain the password, and then proceed to get the contract you made with the devil.

Finally when you have done this and are about to leave you will be facing the Devil himself so make sure to come prepared for this fight as well.


1. Travel to the House of Hope

You need to make your way to the House of Hope first and bring along the Orphic Hammer that you have stolen from Raphael as well. After entering the shop, you can go straight to Helsik and interact with her at the counter.

Helsik will welcome you back as a perceptive customer. She will then reveal her identity as Mammon’s Picklock and the Latchkeeper of the Nine Halls. Helsik will then disclose her business about transporting people to hell. If you choose to go there, she will ask you a price (20,000) for this task in BG3.

Instead of paying her that much, you can use the Persuasion check to waive the fee. You can bribe her by returning one of the Devil’s artifacts for her instead. Roll the dice to get a number greater or equal to 20 to pass the check.

Once you do that, she will agree to your offer if you bring her back the artifact she requested in BG3. Helsik will give you a Key to the upstairs ritual room, a grimoire, and the necessary components to use on the pentagram drawn there.

This way, you can perform the ritual by going to the room above. There, you will find a sizeable blood-drawn pentagram on the floor.

You can activate the gateway to Hell in Baldur’s Gate 3. Finally, you will be able to enter the House of Hope. Now you can check your Quest journal to find the quest to Acquire the Gauntlets for Helsik in BG 3.

2. Save Hope

To acquire Baldur’s Gate 3 Gloves Of Soul Catching next, make your way to the House of Hope. At the House of Hope, you can head towards the large door and interact with Hope, who is imprisoned here by Raphael. After the door opens, you must face the Minion Guards present and kill them all.

Then, you will use the ladder to go to the lower section to reach Hope’s Prison area next. You must use the Orphic Hammer to break her chains and free her from the Devil’s Grasp in BG3. Once you release her, she can also be enlisted into your party.

3. Unlock the Raphael safe

Acquiring Baldur’s Gate 3 Gloves Of Soul Catching requires you to unlock the Raphael Safe. For that, make your way to Raphael’s room, where he transported you earlier during Act 1 when the devil offered you a deal to remove the parasite.

For that, you can jump towards the broken path on the right side and interact with the Cragged Rock there, which will reveal a passage, take it, and then jump off the ledge towards the other side.

Using this way, you will eventually reach the Devil’s Room through his balcony in BG3. Once inside, you can locate Rapheal’s safe behind his Giant Painting beside the stairs. Interact with the painting, and it will reveal the hidden safety for you.

However, the safe will be locked, so you can lockpick it using the Thieves Tool. You will have to pass the Dexterity check by rolling the Dice and getting a number greater or equal to 25 to unlock it.

Similarly, if unsuccessful, you can save yourself that hassle by finding the Key to the safe with the Dexterity check in BG3. It will be in the Guard Haarlep room, where you killed earlier while rescuing Hope.

Use that key to unlock the safe and collect Rapheal’s Notes and Soul Coin from inside it. You can learn the password needed to get Baldur’s Gate 3 Gloves Of Soul Catching by reading his notes.

4. Locate the Contract present in the West Wing

Now that you have the password for Baldur’s Gate 3 Gloves Of Soul Catching, you must head directly towards the West Wing in the House of Hope. You will find a large Impervious Sphere, which you can interact with next in BG3. You will find your contract with Rapheal there, and an energy sphere will protect it.

Select the phrase related to the password you just learned earlier, and by speaking it out, the energy sphere will dissolve, and you will be able to take the Contract. You can take the contract for yourself to avoid Raphael’s grasp.

5. Go to the Exit and face Raphael

With the BG3 Gloves Of Soul Catching contract in your hand, you can reach the exit you used earlier in step 1 to get to this place. However, the Fiery Pentagram will disappear, and Raphael will enter the House of Hope. He will be angry at you for breaking the rule and defying his contract. Now, you will have to fight Raphael.

It would be best if you came prepared to fight against Raphael, as he has a Massive Health Pool. You can also enlist Yurgir, the Orthon, in this fight against Raphael if you didn’t kill him earlier at the Devil’s request.

He will prove to be a valuable aid for you as he can inflict a nice amount of damage on the devil and use his cloaking abilities. The fight will not be easy, and it will take its time; eventually, you will be able to defeat Rapheal in Baldur’s Gate 3 and free Hope from his clutches.  

6. Speak with Hope

After the fight, you can go through a series of dialogues with Hope, who will be happy at finally being free. You can offer her to accompany you, but she will insist on staying at the House of Hope instead. She will stay there, and you will receive the BG3 Gloves of Soul Catching as a reward for completing the quest’s events.

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