Baldur’s Gate 3 Return Rakath’s Gold Quest Guide

Rakath the banker from Counting House in Baldur's Gate 3 has had his gold stolen and it is up to you to return it, or keep it if you wish.

In Act 3 of BG3, players will be exploring the city of Baldur’s Gate 3 and eventually come up on a place known as the Counting House. Here, you witness Stone Lord’s robbery and this leads to the quest “Return Rakath’s Gold” in BG3. We have prepared this handy quest guide to help you complete the quest and return Rakath’s gold in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to start Return Rakath’s Gold in BG3

After you visit the Counting House, head to the vault in the basement of the Counting House and it will be a scene of a recent crime. Here, players can talk to the accountant Rakath. Rakath informs you that it was Stone Lord’s goons who stole the gold from the Counting House.

Although the Counting House reduced the security themselves to lure in Stone Lord to catch him, the plan failed, and now they need help to retrieve the gold. You are allowed to investigate the scene of the crime to check for clues.

Enter the open vault and the only clue you get is the muddied footsteps in the vault which are probably from the sewers. From there, players need to enter the sewers to look for the culprit who stole Rakath’s gold in BG3.

How to solve the Sluice Gate Puzzle

Baldur's Gate 3 Return Rakath's Gold

Players need to solve the Sluice Puzzle to progress with the quest inside the sewers. The Puzzle is found at the Sluice Gate, and to unlock the Sluice Gate, players need to get the water and heat levels to perfect simultaneously.

At the Sluice Gate, there are two valves at the gate, and you need to interact with both of them together. Send one of your party members to one valve and get to the second valve. Here, interact with both the valves simultaneously three times to get the water and heat levels to perfect.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Return Rakath’s Gold walkthrough

Once the puzzle is completed, players can then simply descend the wooden platform and go through the sewer pipe to progress.

Before we head on, we need to address that you will find Minsc here who is being deceived into helping the Stone Lord, and you can save him if you have Jaheira in your party. If you have Jaheira or decide to bring her in at the last moment to help rescue Minsc while you are here, you should also activate non-lethal attacks to ensure Minsc survives fighting you.

Finding Rakath’s Gold

At the end of the tunnel, you will start a cutscene where Roah Moonglow is talking to Minsc and Jaheira. This Jaheira is an impostor of course and since Jaheira and Minsc were friends, Minsc is deceived into following her.

After the cutscene, a battle ensues with Roah Moonglow, fake Jaheira and Minsc. You need to defeat all three of them to progress.

After defeating all three of them, more like knocking them out with non-lethal attacks, you can loot Roah Moonglow. In the only pouch Roah has, you can find 10,000 gold, all that was stolen from the Counting House.

Rescuing Minsc (Optional)

Here, the optional action players can undertake is rescuing Minsc, and as said before, you need to knock him down and have Jaheira in your party. After doing so, kill the imposter Jaheira, and dialogue will start where Minsc blames you for killing Jaheira.

Here, Jaheira pleads that you help Minsc and save him from the influence of the Absolute. Here, players can choose to extend their help to Minsc and save him from the influence. Doing so will free him, and then you can recruit Minsc to your party.

If you kill Minsc, Jaheira will be heartbroken and permanently leave your party. You won’t be able to get her back if you kill Minsc.

Returning the Gold to Rakath

After you have looted the gold pouch from Roah Moonglow’s body either by killing him or knocking him unconscious, players can return to the vault room in Counting House and talk to Rakath.

Here, players have the option to scam Rakath. You can either return the entire sum of the money by returning 10,000 gold to Rakath or you can tell him that the gold was lost. Doing so will allow you to pass a skill check either for Intimidation, Persuasion or History.

You have to persuade Rakath that you returned empty-handed. However, Rakath will still demand that even if he covers some of the losses, he needs something to make things even. From here, players can just give 5,000 gold to Rakath and get their reward.

Rewards for completing Return Rakath’s Gold in BG3

Either you return the entire gold or just 5,000, you will get the complete reward for the quest, which is 2,607 Gold, and the Counting House Vault 9 Key. With the key, head into the vault and in the wall at the back of the vault, players can find Vault 9 in Counting House. Open the vault to get the very rare light armor Elegant Studded Leather.

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