Baldur’s Gate 3 Aid the Underduke Quest Walkthrough

Baldur's Gate 3 Aid the Underduke is a quest which involves fighting different enemies in places like Guildhall, Counting Hall and Sewers.

Aid the Underduke is one of those lengthy Baldur’s Gate 3 side quests that will involve you fighting a lot of battles at different locations. This quest will begin once you inquire about the whereabouts of the Guild leader, Nine Fingers Keene.

To acquire Baldur’s Gate 3 Aid the Underduke, you must recruit Jaheira to your party. You can do that during the second Act when you meet her at the Last Light Inn. She will be a valuable connection when you meet this guild leader later on during the quest Aid the Underduke in BG3.

After meeting Nine Fingers, you will learn she has set a trap to capture the Stone Lord Minse. You must go to the Counting House and unlock the vault there. Following the events of this particular quest, you will also need to venture to the Lower City Sewers next to face the Stone Lord there. You can also attack with a non-lethal blow and add him later to your party. 

This quest will take its toll on you, so worry not, as we will be going through all the objectives for the quest, Aid the Underduke, in this BG3 guide.

How to complete Aid the Underduke quest in Baldur’s Gate 3

To start the Baldur’s Gate 3 Aid the Underduke, you can go to the South Span of Wyrm’s Crossing area. You can also start this quest by interacting with Farlin in Rivingston, near the docked ship on a beach near Moonrise Towers. Whether you start the quest from the beach or Sharess’ Caress, the next big step is going to be the same for completing the Underduk quest. For this walkthrough, however, we will use the Sharess’ Caress pathway as I started this quest from there. Once inside the Sharess’ Caress, head toward the hooded figure named Earspoon. He will be sitting next to the table.

As you approach him, you will hear the narrator saying that these men will be bickering. During their conversation, you will listen to the name Nine Fingers. You know him as Head of the Guild in Baldur’s Gate 3. This guild will act as a criminal organization inside Baldur’s Gate.

Eavesdrop on Earspoon’s conversation

Here, you will have some conversation options to choose the Perception one to listen in on their conversation. Pass the Perception check to get a number greater or equal to 15 by rolling the dice. After passing it successfully, you will hear Borgus Elamin taking Nine Fingers’ downfall and about a new kingpin. Then, Earspoon will notice you and will inquire about eavesdropping on their conversation.

Read Earspoon Mind

As usual, you can select the option to Detect his thoughts by reading his mind. However, you will have to pass the Intelligence check and roll a number greater or equal to 10 to pass it. Then, you can read his thoughts and choose to talk to Nine Fingers about Zenovia in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Earspoon will give you a location for Lower City, Basilisk Gate, and Guildhall in BG3. Now you can check your Quest Journal, which will be updated with a new quest named Aid the Underduke.

You must go to the Heapside Strand area next tin Baldur’s Gate 3. From there, make your way north until you encounter another NPC named Tusgront.

After meeting this orc, he will threaten you, so select the fourth option to detect his thoughts and read his mind. Pass the Intelligence check by rolling a number greater or equal to 10 to pass the check. This way, you will learn that Darkhold Zhents were positioned to guard the secret entrance.

Go through the hidden entrance

Now, you can proceed with the first option: tell him you have come here to join the Zhentarim inside BG3. Then he will show you the way inside and tell you Nine Finger will give you orders. Follow him and then go through the hidden entrance that will be revealed to you next.

However, there is one crucial detail to note here: You can only complete this objective of Aid the Underduke quest in BG3 if you have Jaheira in your party.

Meet with Nine Fingers Keene

With that in mind, you can take the staircase on your right in BG3. Then go straight and at the end take the stairs right again until you reach the Guildhall Bar. This way, you will get to meet Nine Finger Keene there. To interact with her, she will tell Jaheira that she owes her a gold piece and that she heard you died in the wilderness.

You can then choose the option to let Jaheira do the talking for you. This way, Jaheira will tell Nine Fingers that you saved her life. You can then converse with Nine Fingers on the fight subject, and she will warn you to go off. She won’t trust you to aid her in this fight. This way, the conversation will end, and you can then leave Nine Finger’s Office at the Guildhall.

Speak with Tut Thistlebog

Go towards the Guildhall Bar and then meet the NPC character Tut Thistlebog. Another NPC will accompany him to hear their conversation about Nine Finger’s fight strategy against the Stone Lord. This NPC will complain about the ambush on the Stone Lord in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You can then select the option about wanting to hear about the Stone Lord and let him finish. Jaheira, as a companion, will help sway the conversation in your favor, and you can choose to listen to his tale about the Stone Lord. He will then ask Tut to tell you all he knows about the Stone Lord while keeping their names out of this matter.

Now, you will learn from the other one that the Stone Lord is going after the Counting House, but he is unaware of the Guild operation in BG3. Nine Fingers will be waiting to catch him there, so now you need to get there.

Find the Stone Lord at the Counting House

For the next Aid the Underduke objective, you must find the Stone lord in the Counting House in Baldur’s Gate 3. The Counting House is next to the Old Garlow’s Place in BG3. After getting there, go inside that place and meet with the Head Clerk Meadhoney.

He will welcome you to the party, but Jaheira will inquire about him being nervous and will ask him about the Stone Lord. He will inform you that the Head Banker has taken him into the vaults.

Once you ask him to let you in to meet him, he will ask you who this Stone Lord is to use. Here, you can pass the Intimidation check by rolling out a number greater or equal to 10. This way, you will gain the Bank Pass item in your inventory.

Passing through the Counting House

Now, you must interact with the Cashguard, Captain Faril, at the gate in Baldur’s Gate 3. She will ask you for the Vault Pass so you can select the first option to show her your Bank Pass. This way, she will let you inside, so go down the stairs and turn left towards the door. After going through there, you will see other guards positioned there.

Meet with Cashguard Bashe there and show her your Bank Pass to gain passage to reach the vault. You will quickly get the Vault Room in Baldur’s Gate 3. Interact with it; next, you will enter the Counting House Vaults area. It would be best if you approached the giant door at the end. Open it and head straight towards the Plaque in BG3.

Unlocking the high-security vaults

Then, you can select Jaheira from your party members and go toward the second pillar on the left side. You will find the Cleaning Staff Note, which you can read next. Through that note, you will earn that by dropping water on the floor and using lightning; you can open the Vault door in Baldur’s Gate 3.

This way, you will find Nine tiles with different markings before the vault door. To open the door, you must enter the correct code. Otherwise, the door won’t open.

You must click these in the order we assigned in the image above. Start with the first tile on the left side and move right to click the second tile. After you have clicked the third tile in the center, you click the fourth one on the right. This way, you will unlock the Vault door in Baldur’s Gate 3. In case you want to attempt it on your own, the vault code is 1-3-5-6.

Entering high-security vaults

After entering the security vault, a cutscene will play with some NPC characters discussing the Nine Fingers plan. Minsc, the Stone Lord, will appear from the chest next to them and then kill them.

Moreover, Jaheira will reveal to be a follower of the absolute and help the Stone Lord steal the gold and then disappear from that place. A fight will ensue, and you must go inside the vault after the battle in BG3.

Taking to Rakath

After the fight, speak with the head banker, Rakath, who will ask you to return the stolen coins for a reward. You can then choose to keep the money, but it will place a target on your back, so instead, he will allow you to look around that place to figure out clues to reach the Stone Lord in BG3.

Investigate the crime scene

Now, you will need to investigate the crime scene, and there you will find some footprints that started in the sewers. Now, you will have a lead to search the sewers for the stolen gold in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Go to the Lower City Sewers

During this objective of Baldur’s Gate 3, Aid the Underduke, travel to the south side of Bloom Ridge Park, which can be found north of the Counting House. Once you reach that place, you will find a Manhole leading you directly into Lower City Sewers in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Go straight and then take a right turn midway to reach a large gate at the end. Open it and proceed onwards, and you will find another door there. Open it, and you will now get the Abandoned Cistern area. Avoid contacting the contaminated water there and jump up the large pipe. This way, you will face Cilarea, who will engage you in a fight there.

Sluice gate puzzle

Defeat her and then continue to find the Sluice Gate puzzle in BG3. To solve this puzzle, you need to open the Sluice Gate. It can only be done when the water level and the temperature are perfect.

You must interact with the two Water Level Valves present there. To do that, go to the valve present on the left side and operate it. When the water level becomes perfect, you must interact with the water Valve again in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Then, you can interact with the Temperature Valve on the right side. This way, when the water is hot, the Sluice Gate will open automatically for you. Use the ramp to go down and then enter the tunnel.

Minsc location in the sewer

On the other side of the tunnel, you will find the culprits present there. A cutscene will play where you will find both the Stone Lord and Jaheira meeting with Roah Moonglow. After they are done talking, you can approach them in BG3.

However, you will be confronted by many enemies in that place, so you will have to kill them all to win this battle.

During the fight, you will have the option to engage Minsc and kill him as well. If you do, and he dies in the fight, Jaheira will leave the group in BG3.

If you go the other way around and knock him down, make sure that the final blow is non-lethal. You can toggle the Non-Lethal attack from the “Passive” tab. This way, you can Recruit Minsc into your party in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Then, you can read the note on Jaheira Doppelganger’s corpse. This way, you will complete the objective of Aid the Underduke quest in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Return to Guildhall

Your Quest Journal will be updated, so you must return to the Guildhall. After reaching that place, you must resolve the guildhall conflict by siding with Nine Fingers or Zhentarim in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Moreover, another fight will occur here against Roah Moonglow and her allies. You can simply kill her and all the enemies in that area. However, you need to know there is no way to avoid the fight in BG3.

Looting missing gold

Another important thing you may have skipped here is searching for Roah Moonglow’s corpse in BG3. This way, you can salvage many items from her body, including the missing gold reward for Aid the Underduke quest in BG3. These include Temple Trader’s Key, Intricate Key, Stolen Gold Bag, etc.

Talk to Nine Fingers

Now, you can meet with Nine Fingers Keene at the Guildhall Bar. She will agree to side with you when the Absolute comes, so you can choose to leave. This will end your conversation with her, and in a way, you will have completed the quest to Aid the Underduke in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Aid the Underduke Quest Bugged, How to Fix?

During the quest, you may encounter a bug that will prevent you from pressing forward in the quest. The bug occurs towards the end of the quest when you have to go to Nine Fingers one last time. Although she appears in the area where she’s supposed to, engaging with her does not cause the dialogue to start, preventing you from finishing the quest.

You will become stuck with no way to end the quest. This happens when you knock him out instead of killing the Zhentarim Gnome. There is a slight chance that you’ll find him if you go back and kill him to resolve the issue, but if you take a rest, he will disappear and will not spawn again.

The latest patch has not addressed this issue, but you can try to fix it using two methods.

Make your way to the area where you initially met Minsc and the cultists, and you’ll find the goblin here. She will be knocked out, so go ahead and kill her. Return to Nine Fingers, and the quest should conclude as designed. DO NOT take a long rest; otherwise, the goblin will disappear until an official patch is dropped.

If, for some reason, the first method does not work if you’ve accidentally taken a long nap, the only fix at this moment is to reload a previous save file. You will lose some progress in the process. You may even need to start the whole quest from scratch, but you will know what to do in order to prevent the bug from manifesting

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