Should You Side With Stone Lord Or The Guild in Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's gate 3 is full of moral dilemmas and to choose Stone Lord or the Guild is not an easy one. We are here to guide you through this complex and difficult process.

A unique feature that Baldur’s Gate 3 provides is that you can choose your own path. The chosen path affects your journey and makes the game more interesting as you progress through it. During the “Aid the Underduke” quest, you will have to choose between two paths, either side with Stone Lord or with the Guild in BG3.

Meeting Stone Lord in Aid the Underduke

Nine Fingers Keene is the leader of Baldur’s Gate City’s Criminal Guild. The old group is being threatened by a newcomer, Stone Lord who has just put his steps in the crime world. Now the guild and Nine Fingers Keene are planning to attack The Stone Lord at the Counting House.

According to the quest’s objectives, go to City Counting to find the Stone Lord but you will not find him there, and it will lead you to the Lower City sewers. In the Lower City, you will find him and can recruit him from here, or you can kill him. To recruit him, you should have Jaheira in your party.

The next thing you need to do is to go to the Guildhall, and there you can resolve the conflict as there was a shapeshifter doing all the stuff instead of Minsc. At the guild hall, you will meet Roah, who wants to take over Nine Fingers.

You can either choose to be with her or go against her. Whichever option you choose, during the final fight, Nine Fingers will help you but going against Roah will reward you with 10,000 gold by looting after killing her.

Which Side to Pick, Stone Lord or The Guild in BG3

In our opinion, picking Stone Lord in BG3 is the best option rather than killing him in the sewers for the guild as it will reward you with a companion. You can do some side quests related to the newly acquired party member.


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