Animal Crossing New Horizons Second Week Walkthrough

You can now terraform your Island and design it how you want in ACNH.

The second week in Animal Crossing New Horizons is about taking advantage of the newly constructed Resident Services building and growing. The second week is not as busy as the first few days of ACNH, but a lot will still happen.

You can set up a Campsite; K.K. Slider will perform if you get a good rating. You can build the Able Sisters shop and buy clothing items from there by spending bells. The ability to use the Island Designer app and start terraforming also starts during ACNH week 2.

We will start from day 8, and this walkthrough will help you progress smoothly if you don’t want to time travel.

What you can do on Day 8

The Resident Services building under construction on Day 7 will now be completed with significant upgrades. You can now visit it to increase your Inventory space.

Visiting the ABD and purchasing the Ultimate Pocket Stuffing recipe will allow you to upgrade your pocket storage. This will cost 8,000 Bells, but more items in inventory allow you to craft more items and speed up your ACNH progression.


You can make a lot of Bells by completing Nook Mileage Program tasks and Selling items.

Build Campsite

Building your campsite is the most important thing you can do on day 8 in the second week of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Gather 15 pieces of each, Hardwood, Softwood, Iron Nuggets, and Wood, and talk to Tom Nook to start the Campsite construction.

You should place it on a spot you can visit daily to check who is there. If no one is coming, you must wait; this process is entirely random in ACNH. You can summon a specific villager by using an Amiibo card.

Start Able Sisters Shop construction

As you noticed in the first week, Mabel is visiting your Island and selling clothes. Continue to purchase clothes from her, and she will eventually talk to you about opening the store. If that happens, you will get the store by the end of the second week.

What you can do on Day 9

This is the day you can have your first Camper as the campsite should be built by now. You need to talk to someone staying at the campsite. You will need more villagers to complete the ultimate goal of the second week in Animal Crossing New Horizons, which is K.K Slider’s performance.

Ask any villager you meet at the campsite or while on the island tours to come to your Island and stay. If some camper is ready to stay, immediately head to Nook’s Cranny and talk to Tom Nook.

He will give you a housing plot you can place anywhere. The Camper will move in after 24 hours, so you must wait.

Buy and Place Housing Plots

Once the Camper moves into the plot you placed, head to the Tom Nook again, and now you can buy plots from him. He will charge you 10,000 bells per plot. Make this investment and place the max 10 plots.

The more plots you have, the more chances you have for campers to stay on your Island. Plots should be placed after much thought so you don’t have to spend 50,000 bells to move them.

What you can do on Day 10

The 10th day in Animal Crossing New Horizons will be the same as the previous day, and you can place a plot and wait for someone to move in. You can do a lot of Flower Breeding to get Hybrid Flowers and craft other decorative items. By this time, you can have enough crafting items and recipes that you can use to design your courtyards.

As fences, tables, and chairs are available, you can get or craft them and design a beautiful Seating Area in ACNH. These will all add to the beauty of your Island and eventually help improve the Island’s rating.

What you can do on Day 11 to 14 in ACNH

By this time, the Able Sisters Shop should be open, so visit it daily and talk to Sable. This way, you can unlock patterns and use them to customize your furniture. However, this will not happen immediately, and you must talk to Sable for a few weeks.

During these days, your main focus is gathering villagers and getting a 3-star rating, so K.K. Slider performs on your Island, and you get the ability to terraform. If you have issues getting residents, you can visit other islands with Nook Tickets and talk to people there.

As villagers come, you can head to Isabelle and ask her about the rating. She will tell you how you can improve your rating. Listen to her suggestions and improve the things you are lacking. After getting the 3-Star rating, K.K. Slider will perform on your Island, and you will unlock the ability to terraform.

Start Terraforming

As your Resident Services building is upgraded, you can start landscaping and building inclines and bridges. Incline looks good, and you can replace permanent ladders with them as you make more bells. Now, you can play and customize things as you want in the second week of Animal Crossing New Horizons.

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