How to Improve Island Rating in Animal Crossing New Horizons

This guide contains all the information needed to improve your island rating in Animal Crossing New Horizons and make it a true paradise

Island evals check your island’s environment and its state. You will find the option while you’re talking to Isabelle in Resident Services. Read through this guide to know how to improve your island rating in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Talking to Isabelle allows you to know the villagers’ satisfaction, and generally information about how your island looks and feels to those who reside here.

How to Improve Island Rating in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Once you’ve talked to Isabelle about island evals, you will be given a star rating. You are required to raise the star rating in order to attract more tourists and visitors to your island.

If you have a 3-star rating, you will be allowed to have KK Slider on your island to play KK music!

Placing Outdoor Items
You will be allowed to place furniture and other kinds of decorative items outside your house, which means that you can beautify the island to increase your overall rating.

New items can be crafted by DIY workbenches, recipes from bottles that end up on the beach, or the present that are tied to balloons, or from gifts from other islanders.

You can also buy recipes from the Nook Stop in the Redeem Nook Miles section, which will allow you to have bigger impacts on your island.

You can also buy things that you’ve previously bought by Nook Shopping. However, items always arrive the next day through post and you can only have 5 deliveries and a time.

Focus on using as many different items as you can whilst you’re building the exterior look of your island. This will help you improve your island rating by a lot!

After you’ve unlocked fencing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you should make use of it on your island. You can add detail to the villager homes and flower gardens and much more things by fencing. It’s not necessary that you complete the fencing, but it is required that you include fencing to your island in order to get an improved island rating.

Once you’ve acquired the designer app, you should go ahead and paint the roads, unlock different types of terrain through the Nook Stop and then you can upgrade to cliff creating.

You can also look into terrain manipulation and water scaping as well. Here’s where you will need to bring your inner engineer outside and really get going with detailing the island and its infrastructure.

You will obviously need to plant trees and flowers on your island as well. Go ahead and buy sees and saplings from Nook’s Cranny and water the flowers.

If you decide to put distinct colors alongside each other, you will be able to crossbreed the plants and get new colors. The flowers that you’ve already watered will sparkle, your villagers will help you water flowers as well.

However, your island will only have a set variety, thus you will need to utilize the Nook Miles Tickets that can be bought for 2,000 Miles from the Nook Stop at Resident Services, in this way you will be able to search for the availability of a wider range of flowers on other islands. Or just trade with your Animal Crossing partners.

Clean Weeds
Picking up the weeds that you run into on your island and cleaning it up will help you increase the island environment rating. You can also sell the weed in order to make more money in the early game.

Have visitors over at your island so that you can get a better feedback of your island. This will get you more publicity. Try to have as many critters pass through your campsite as you can, you can also use amiibo or amiibo cards to invite specific series’ regulars. Or you will need to wait for new people to visit your place.

If someone intends on visiting your crib, you will be notified by Isabelle in the briefing.

Upgrade Shops and Facilities
If you upgrade your shops and facilities, they’ll become bigger and better. This will give off a feeling of how your island is more developed. You can also upgrade and expand your house, facilities, and shops in order to level up the island environment.

Get More Business
You will need to have new businesses over at your island, and to do this, you are required to interact with any traveling salespersons that end up on your island.

Go ahead and be friends with the people, interact and even buy from them. In this way, you will develop a liaison and it will help people think better of your island, and maybe they’ll eventually set up new businesses here!

Ask Isabelle for Tips
You can also ask Isabelle for tips and she will tell you how to improve the island environment. Isabelle will guide you about what she expects or wants to see on your island so that it may look better.

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