Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Courtyard Ideas

Amazing courtyard design ideas in ACNH.

After finishing designing your home from the inside, you may wonder how to design your courtyard or garden in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Designing your yard works similar to how you design the seating areas.

You have to use different items you have or craft some if you are missing to make your home even more beautiful from the outside. This also improves your island rating, so you must focus on designing beautiful courtyards in ACNH.

If you are unsure and need some inspiration before you can start designing, don’t worry; we will share some ideas you can copy or modify to build a beautiful courtyard.

10. Vibrant Yard

This courtyard design is for someone who loves vibrant colors and wants a more full yard. This design has many Trees, a table, a sofa, a wedding arch, vibrant flowers, decorative items, etc.

Many colorful items are placed together to design a vibrant and appealing garden in front of your home where you can do anything. This design gets even better if you make a water body in front and put some ducks and Flamingos.

9. Kids Zone

The Kids Zone Courtyard area idea in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is especially for someone looking to design a yard for kids or something like that. This design has everything that kids will like to play with.

It has a bunny, flowers, chairs, tables, a bicycle, small fences at the edges, and many decorative items. Even the pathway to the door is designed like a train track that kids will love. You can take inspiration from this idea and play around with the position of different items to make it even more attractive.

To implement this design in your courtyard, keep your house smaller, so you have more space to play around. You can even design a backyard if you have more space in ACNH.

8. Dark Colors Yard

If you are not a fan of vibrant colors and like things in darker colors, then this simple and dark courtyard design is for you. You can implement this or a similar design if you have a house at the beach.

As it is on a beach, a rock pathway is used. We placed a wooden log fence with rocks and flowers at the edge. You can decorate it with Halloween items in Animal Crossing New Horizons like we did to make it even darker.

Wooden round tables and chairs that are the same color as the beach blend beautifully. We even use some flower shelves. If you have similar items, you can arrange them similar to the design above and modify things as you like.

7. Orchard Yard

This courtyard design is a bit different from the typical yards that have just decorative items. This design mainly has fruit trees in lanes separated by water paths. Each lane has the same type of fruit trees, so they look symmetrical.

Iron benches can also be placed in between so you can sit and enjoy your fruit orchard right in front of your home. You can play around with lane designs and try to make them more attractive. Placing similar color flowers next to the fruit tree also adds to the design.

6. Flowers Courtyard

This is a beautiful yet easy courtyard design in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This comes with a central fountain that has flowers all around. Items like Wind Turbines and a beautiful bell are used in this design.

You can play around with flower colors, pathway designs, and other items to make it fit your style more.

5. Forest Yard

The forest yard design is for someone who likes natural things and forests more. To make this design look even more beautiful, ensure trees surround your house. If you like to experiment, you can place different types of trees, but the same type works well in this design.

This courtyard will have a lot of things made out of wood. It has a wooden log table, chairs, and even a fireplace surrounded by rocks. You can even design a little seating area in this with an open kitchen. With a smaller home, you can make this design idea look even more beautiful.

4. Royal Yard

You will love this design if you like royal and old-school things. This design has a beautiful fountain surrounded by pillars, plants, and decorative items in the center. The white wooden fences at the edges make this design even more beautiful.

A beautiful incline leads to that yard, and you will find more small trees and rockways on the sides. You can play around with pathways and the color of trees or flowers to give it a vibrant, royal feel. Creating small seating following the color theme is also an excellent idea for this castle-type courtyard in ACNH.

3. Floating Yard

You can implement this excellent courtyard idea in Animal Crossing New Horizons by surrounding your house with water and waterfalls. You can use pillar-type pathways with rocks on top to jump into the yard.

The yard will be small with a few trees, plants, and flowers, but how you surround it will make it look beautiful. You can use pipes for travel if you don’t want to cross the path by jumping and still want to try this idea.

2. Skull Yard  

A human skull inspires the Skull Yard design. To make this style, you must use landscaping and waterscape tools to make eyes, nose, and teeth. You can place different types of flowers on them, and in the surroundings, you can put a fence.

The seating area next to the fence will be a great addition if you want. This is just an idea; you can take inspiration from other things, like animals, birds, etc, to make a beautiful yard.

1. Rocks, Flower, & Statues Combo

Creating this beautiful combo requires similar statues, rocks, and flowers. The rest of the work will be done by landscaping and waterscaping. For this design, you will need an area surrounded by water right in front of your home.

You can surround three statues facing right, left, and straight with rocks. The flower’s placement between the rocks will make this courtyard design even more beautiful. You can play around with statue designs and landscaping to make it attractive.

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