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K.K. Slider, the iconic singer/musician of the Animal Crossing franchise, makes his return in New Horizons. However, unlike the previous iteration of Animal Crossing, you will need to work on improving the popularity level of your Island in order to have KK visit your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons and perform one of his concerts for your villagers.

Before we get into how you can have K.K Slider perform his concert on your island in ACNH, let us take a look at all the songs he can perform. With the release of Update 2.0, K.K Slider’s song request list has increased by 12 new songs in ACNH, so now you have over 100 different songs you can request KK to perform.

All songs you can request from K.K Slider in ACNH

There are a total of 107 K.K. Slider Songs that you will hear the NPC K.K. Slider performing at the Islands in Animals Crossing New Horizons. Besides the new 12 songs that were added as a part of the 2.0 update, there are also three secret songs (Drivin’, Animal City, and Farewell) that K.K. Slider can perform during his concerts in ACNH.

You will need to request these secret songs one at a time from K.K., and he will sing them out for you each week.

You can check the complete song request list below and decide which ones you want K.K Slider to perform during his concert on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Fans of the franchise will notice some old classics in there as well.

  1. K.K. Chorale
  2. K.K. March
  3. K.K. Waltz
  4. K.K. Swing
  5. K.K. Jazz
  6. K.K. Fusion
  7. K.K. Étude
  8. K.K. Lullaby
  9. K.K. Aria
  10. K.K. Samba
  11. K.K. Bossa
  12. K.K. Calypso
  13. K.K. Salsa
  14. K.K. Mambo
  15. K.K. Reggae
  16. K.K. Ska
  17. K.K. Tango
  18. K.K. Faire
  19. Aloha K.K.
  20. Lucky K.K.
  21. K.K. Condor
  22. K.K. Steppe
  23. Imperial K.K.
  24. K.K. Casbah
  25. K.K. Safari
  26. K.K. Folk
  27. K.K. Rock
  28. Rockin’ K.K.
  29. K.K. Ragtime
  30. K.K. Gumbo
  31. The K. Funk
  32. K.K. Blues
  33. Soulful K.K.
  34. K.K. Soul
  35. K.K. Cruisin’
  36. K.K. Love Song
  37. K.K. D&B
  38. K.K. Technopop
  39. DJ K.K.
  40. Only Me
  41. K.K. Country
  42. Surfin’ K.K.
  43. K.K. Ballad
  44. Comrade K.K.
  45. K.K. Lament
  46. Go K.K. Rider
  47. K.K. Dirge
  48. K.K. Western
  49. Mr. K.K.
  50. Café K.K.
  51. K.K. Parade
  52. K.K. Mariachi
  53. K.K. Song
  54. I Love You
  55. Two Days Ago
  56. My Place
  57. Forest Life
  58. To the Edge
  59. Pondering
  60. K.K. Dixie
  61. K.K. Marathon
  62. King K.K.
  63. Mountain Song
  64. Marine Song 2001
  65. Neapolitan
  66. Steep Hill
  67. K.K. Rockabilly
  68. Agent K.K.
  69. K.K. Rally
  70. K.K. Metal
  71. Stale Cupcakes
  72. Spring Blossoms
  73. Wandering
  74. K.K. House
  75. K.K. Sonata
  76. Hypno K.K.
  77. K.K. Stroll
  78. K.K. Island
  79. Space K.K.
  80. K.K. Adventure
  81. K.K. Oasis
  82. K.K. Bazaar
  83. K.K. Milonga
  84. K.K. Groove
  85. K.K. Jongara
  86. K.K. Flamenco
  87. K.K. Moody
  88. Bubblegum K.K.
  89. K.K. Synth
  90. K.K. Disco
  91. K.K. Birthday
  92. Animal City
  93. Farewell
  94. Drivin’
  95. Welcome Horizons
  96. K.K. Fugue [Update 2.0]
  97. K.K. Polka [Update 2.0]
  98. K.K. Slack-Key [Update 2.0]
  99. K.K. Chorinho [Update 2.0]
  100. Chillwave [Update 2.0]
  101. K.K. Dub [Update 2.0]
  102. K.K. Lovers [Update 2.0]
  103. K.K. Bashment [Update 2.0]
  104. K.K. Hop [Update 2.0]
  105. K.K. Break [Update 2.0]
  106. K.K. Khoomei [Update 2.0]
  107. K.K. Robot Synth [Update 2.0]

How to get K.K. Slider to perform a concert in Animals Crossing New Horizons

To get KK Slider to perform a concert on your island in ACNH and unlock the ability to request songs from him, you will need to improve your island’s rating. You need an island rating of at least three stars before K.K. Slider visits you.

You can increase the island rating by completing a set of tasks from other characters, such as Tom Nook missions (requests), etc. You can also spend some time decorating your island by purchasing items from Nook’s Cranny and unlocking other characters like Blathers, etc. after you set out on building projects on your island.

Once you fulfill this particular requirement, you will observe K.K. Slider making an appearance at your town’s plaza. He can be found there signing his famous K.K. Slider Songs, such as Animal City, Farewell, etc., every Saturday. However, sometimes, he also makes an appearance on Sundays.


If K.K. performs on your birthday, he will play the K.K. Birthday song and give you a copy of it as well.

Once K.K. Slider comes to your island, you can find him singing random songs from his song list. However, you can’t make any specific song requests at this time. After 6 PM and before Midnight, you can request K.K. for a specific song and then take a seat as he performs your song. Once K.K. Slider finishes the tune, he will also give you a copy to keep for yourself in ACNH.

You can also purchase a random K.K. Slider song from Nook Stop, which will be delivered to you after 24 hours. However, not all songs are available, and you will need to request K.K. Slider to sing it out only if you spell it correctly.

The copy of the song K.K. Slider gives you can be listened to later on whenever you want, even when he isn’t performing on the island. However, to do that, you need to have some music-playing devices in your home in ACNH. Apart from that, you can also hang these music records on your walls as well.


Unlocking K.K Slider’s concert is also a milestone for a lot of other features for your island in ACNH, like Kapp’n and his boat, along with the ability to travel to Harvey’s Island Plaza.

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