Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Designer Guide

After progressing further into Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will feel the need to change certain aspects of your island to better suit your construction needs. To design the island of your dreams, we prepared this Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Designer Guide.

Terraforming is an essential part of the game that allows you to change the look of certain parts of your island to your liking.

You can create new paths, take-down any conflicting cliffs, or remove any water bodies entirely, opening up new possibilities to make the island your own personal engineering marvel.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Designer

In order to become the architect you have dreamed of; you need to first get your hands on the ‘Island Designer App’ in Animal Crossing. You can get this from Tom Nook immediately after K.K. Slider does his first show on the island.

Unlocking the Island Designer App
To bring K.K. to perform a show on your island you will need to have completed the following pre-requisites.

Once all the above-mentioned things are done, K.K. will show up and sing the theme song of the game. After that, just go and talk to Tom Nook to get the Island Designer App to start fiddling around with the world.

Using the Island Designer App
Initially, you will have a limited amount of options to play around with for terraforming in Animal Crossing; which is essentially only grass and dirt. You can buy more features from Nook Stop located at Resident Services for 2,000 Nook Miles.

In order to be able to change cliffs and water, you will have to buy permits for permission that cost 6,000 Nook Miles.

You can perform the following features using the Island Designer App in Animal Crossing.

  • You can add bridges.
  • You can change the fundamental layout of the entire island that you chose at the start.
  • Add, remove or customize tiles.
  • Edit water bodies.
  • Create slopes.

This is where the real game starts, and its finally time to show off all your creative plans you had for your island. Terraform the entire island into a beautiful landscape using your own imagination.

After finishing the most important parts of the game, you are hit with new possibilities to better change the island around you, giving players the ability to create the utopia of their dreams.

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