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Persona 5 Okumura Palace Guide – All Infiltrations, Puzzle Solutions, Boss Fight Tips

Persona 5 Okumura Palace Guide to walk you through the palace, defeat the enemies in it, find loot, and defeat the boss at the end.

You should be able to start the Persona 5 Okumura Palace on Sept. 19 & must finish it by 10th October. In order to successfully clear the Okumura Palace, you must be at least Level 40.

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Persona 5 Okumura Palace Guide

While journeying through Persona 5 Okumura Palace, you’ll also come across pretty good loot and other treasures.

In our Persona 5 Okumura Palace Guide, we’ve detailed everything you need to know about completely clearing out the Okumura Palace, defeating the enemies, and eliminating the boss at the end.

Persona 5 Okumura Palace – Initial Infiltration

Once the cutscenes are over, use the console & head down using the elevator. After arriving in the new area, head left & into the hallway to trigger another cutscene.

From the area, follow the balcony & head into the next room. Grab the item in the room, check the blue object, and proceed towards the door. At this point, simply watch the cutscene and find yourself out.

Persona 5 Okumura Palace – Second Infiltration

Continue to chase Morgana & head right when the path splits up. Simply continue the chase & trigger a lengthy cutscene.

After the cutscene is over, take the elevator down to defeat Arahabaki. Once done, head left towards the balcony area & defeat some more Shadows. Now head inside the room at the end of the balcony, grab the item & defeat the shadow.

To defeat the Fiancee Robot, make sure to use Psi-based & Wind-based attacks and watch the cutscene.

Persona 5 Okumura Palace – Finding the Treasure

After the cutscene, loot the Treasure Chest and take the elevator down. Once you’re down, search the area for some items and into the left door for another Treasure Chest. Now head to the north side to find a Safe Area.

Exit the Safe Area, proceed to the other side & head down the hall to crawl into a vent. Don’t miss the item in the area!

Continue to proceed through the vent and deal with the Shadow near the barrels. Now continue to climb up the barrels and ledges in order to find a blue console.

After getting the map, climb the barrels and ledges to find another vent. Continue to follow the vent & you should arrive at a hallway with a couple of doors. Head inside an elevator near the roundabout and continue to follow the path to eavesdrop on a conversation.

After you’re done, grab the items and exit the hallway from the left side. A little ahead, take another left and then a right to come to a Safe Area. Now head left to proceed towards a roundabout & a locked door. Since you can’t do anything about the door at the moment, deal with the Shadows on the upper roundabout.

Once you’ve defeated the Shadow, grab the nearby item & head left to find a couple of large robots. Speak to the robot & defeat it using Zio/Garu followed by grabbing the items in the area.

Now head left from the intersection & defeat a Shadow. After heading inside the Control Room, grab the items & defeat the robots using Wind-based & Nuclear-based attacks.

Grab the elevator key & head right to fight some more Shadows. Once done, loot the Treasure Chest and defeat another couple of Shadows on the right side.

Now head down the hallway & turn right to defeat some more enemies using Wind-based attacks. Search the area for loot, defeat another Robot in the next room, grab the keycard, & watch a cutscene.

At this point, head right & take another right to come across a large, green robot. While speaking to the robot, select 2nd, 1st, and then 1st choice again to start the battle. The battle is relatively easier with Wind-based and Psi-based attacks.

Persona 5 Okumura Palace – Moving On

After the battle, proceed towards the roundabout at the end of the hallway and deal with the Shadow. Once done; head right & head left twice to battle the large, green robot once again.

Now loot the Treasure Chest & head towards the door at the end of the hallway. Head right from the door to fight the large, green robot again. Grab the keycard and head towards the previous door. Open the door but don’t head inside.

You basically need to retrace your steps to the farthest east side of the area – at the intersection. You basically need to head to the room on the northeast edge of the area. Once you’re there, head down & turn right to take the elevator from the circular area.

In the next area, grab the items and activate the platform to defeat a Shadow. Do note that there’s also a Safe Area & a Treasure Chest in the area. Now head onto the right side platforms and continue to follow the path. Do take note of different ledges, Shadows, and items in the area.

After getting to the bridge, cross it & enter the room. Grab the items in the area and find another Safe Area nearby. Now head up the ramp & towards the belt to trigger a cutscene.

Next thing that you need to do is to enter the room in order to defeat some Shadows and grab items. Once you get to the street & see the blocks in your path, head from the hallway and interact with the panel to build a bridge.

Go past the bridge while defeating Shadows on your way & head into the Control Area. Make sure to grab all the items in the area.

Once inside, grab the items & interact with the panel followed by proceeding towards the main area using the bridge you made earlier. Once there, loot the Treasure Chest & interact with another panel to proceed towards the end of the hall.

Persona 5 Okumura Palace – Production Area

Once in the new area, grab the items & clear the Shadows before activating the panel. Make sure to stop the Blue Smashers & head inside the next room to stop the Pink Smashers. Cross the way & defeat the Shadow to loot the Treasure Chest. Now hit the blue panel, cross the area to hit the purple panel & head inside the next room.

In the next area, you should be able to find another Safe Area on the left side. Interact with the panel to make way & head left to find another panel. After interacting with it, head towards the Blue Smasher.

After crossing, defeat a couple of Shadows & get to the platform near the Golden Smashers. Once again, interact with the panel followed by finding a golden panel on the right-hand side. There’s also a Treasure Chest & a couple of Shadows in the area.

Once you’ve disabled the Golden Smasher, cross it & prepare for a battle. To deal with the robots, make sure to use the Psi-based attacks & you should be good to go.

Now all that you need to do is to head inside the room & take the elevator into the next area.

Persona 5 Okumura Palace – Factory Area

On the left side, you should be able to find some items and another Safe Area. Interact with the window with the sign to get teleported to the other side.

Once you’re on the other side, grab the items and head into the elevator. The next portion is fairly straightforward! You simply need to follow the path while grabbing the items on the way!

Deal with a couple of Shadows on the way & interact with the lever to change the colors of the signs. Now head to the Alpha Tunnel & activate the lever at the end.

Next thing that you need to do is to head to the first lever & put it on Omega followed by finding another lever at the end of the tunnel. From the Omega Tunnel, head into the orange Alpha Tunnel and take the elevator up.

From the Safe Area, head inside the Air Tunnel & take the right-most tunnel to defeat a few Shadows. Once done, take the Green Alpha Tunnel & simply continue to follow the path.

Once you’re in the next room, take the left tunnel to get into another room in which you need to take the right tunnel. In the new area, use the Omega Lever & head inside the Omega Tunnel. Retrace your steps to the lengthy hallway & take the Omega Tunnel followed by taking the middle Omega Tunnel. Now take the tunnel on the right side and then the one on the north side.

In the next area, take the Orange Tunnel to defeat the Shadow & take the Green Alpha Tunnel. Once again, defeat the Shadow & take the Blue Omega Tunnel to loot the Treasure Chest. All this time, don’t interact with the levers!

Now return to the 2nd lever to take the newly activated tunnels & head inside the room with the Treasure Chest. Now take the Orange Tunnel & continue to follow the path to take the elevator.

Persona 5 Okumura Palace – Weapons Area

After looting the Treasure Chest, head left & find another Safe Area on the right-hand side. From the Safe Area, take the ramp on the right side & take another right towards the Big Bang Burger to find the Okumura Palace Treasure.

Persona 5 Okumura Palace – Third Infiltration

Continue up until you reach the door. Take out the Shadows inside followed by activating the elevator. Grab the treasure & activate the platform to trigger another cutscene.

Persona 5 Okumura Palace – Shadow Kunikazu Okumura Boss Fight

For the first wave, make sure to use Fire-based attacks. For the second & third waves, use Wind-based and Psi-based/Agi-based attacks respectively! The blue lackeys can be dealt with, using Fire-based attacks.

The Golden ones are weak against Psi-based attacks, the tall ones against Nuclear-based, the red ones against Nuclear-based, & the green ones against Psi-based. Once you’re done with these, simply hit the boss to complete the palace.

This is all we’ve on our Persona 5 Okumura Palace Guide. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!