How To Get Venomous Fang in Elden Ring

After getting Venomous Fang from the Abandoned Cave, you can make some fun poison builds with this weapon.

Venomous Fang, as the name also implies, can be used for close-quarter combats and inflicts physical damage upon the enemies in addition to poison. It belongs to the category of Claw Weapons. Being created as a weapon for duels, Venomous Fang was soon banned from the colosseums in The Lands Between due to its misuse by the participants, by application of deadly poison to its protruding fang. This poisonous weapon can be looted from a dead body hidden inside a specific cave, making this fist weapon a rare one in Elden Ring.

Venomous Fang doesn’t require massive stats to be wielded properly. In fact, due to its low stats requirements, it can be found and equipped early in the game making it one of the best early weapons in Elden Ring. If you want to equip Venomous Fang, you will need at least 9 Strength and Dexterity. This weapon can be equipped on both hands and players can use them simultaneously to punch their opponents to oblivion.

This weapon doesn’t weigh a lot (2.5) making it extremely likable for the players not keen on investing in equipment load. Venomous Fang scales with two stats only, Strength and Dexterity (D scaling for both) and it uses a very basic weapon skill called Quickstep. Being a simple weapon, Venomous Fang can be upgraded with Smithing Stones up to +25.

Venomous Fang Location

Venomous Fang can be found as a treasure in the Abandoned Cave, which is present in Caelid. This cave is in the middle of Caelid’s map, Northwest to Redmane Castle. Entering the Abandoned Cave is a very difficult task. It is hidden and can only be accessed by traversing a broken tree branch.

From the position marked on the map, go north and jump on an ashen white tree branch. Make sure to use your trusty steed Torrent to make the jumps. This will require a bit of practice and some haphazard gymnastics to reach the entrance of the Abandoned Cave. Once there, unlock its site of grace.

From the site of grace, drop down and turn left. There is a massive Rot Lake that players need to traverse to proceed forward. We recommend carrying a lot of Preserving Boluses to avoid instant death in this area. Keep going forward until you reach a Stake of Marika. From there, turn right and keep going forward while hugging the right wall. Drop down from the ledge and enter a small tunnel.

The tunnel ends with a diverging path. Kill the rats and turn right. Follow the butterflies and use the pile of Abductor Virgins’ dead bodies to climb to the next ledge. There are a lot of enemies in this area so be prepared if you must decide to venture into this area early. There is a dead body at the end of the platform. Interact with it to obtain Venomous Fang.

How Good is Venomous Fang in Elden Ring?

Being a poisonous weapon, Venomous Fang causes poison build-up (72) on enemies with each successive attack. It also deals a lot of physical damage (97 base damage) to the foes. The best thing about this weapon is its ability to induce Deadly Poison that triples the amount of poison damage to enemies with one caveat, a one-third reduction in poison damage time.

Venomous Fang doesn’t have a unique weapon skill, but it can be imbued with various Ashes of War making it extremely desirable for a lot of PVP builds. Its original skill, Quickstep, allows players to dash around their foes in a circular motion, providing a frame of invulnerability. We strongly recommend Venomous Fang to create poison builds with a major emphasis on upgrading this claw weapon normally.

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