Best Claws In Elden Ring 

In Elden Ring, Claws are fast attacking weapons that deal massive Bleed damage to your enemies. Some are better than others.

If you want to slice right through your enemies in Elden Ring, then Claws are exactly the weapons you are looking for. Claws are hand-worn weapons in the game that are lightweight and fast attacking weapons that can make quick work of the enemies. They are limited to close range meaning they work best in up close and personal combat. 

Claws are the foremost choice of weapon for Dexterity build that primarily deals Bleed or Haemorrhage Damage. Unlike Swords, Bows, and other weapons in Elden Ring, they are rare and only 4 of them are found throughout the game.  

It is important to know which out of these 4 Elden Ring Claws is better and which is not. These claws are ranked from 4 to 1 considering their tiers, damage potential, and damage scaling.  

Best Claws to use in Elden Ring  

4) Raptor Talons  

The last in the list of claws in Elden Ring is the Raptor Talons, which consist of two thin and sharp blades. They are allocated this spot because they work effectively only for jumping attacks and finding them is a taxing process too. 

Raptor Talons are infused with the Quickstep skill that allows you to strike first and then reposition yourself. You will deal physical damage, and Blood Loss due to a Slash and Pierce attack.  

They can be infused with Ashes of War, upgraded with Smithing Stones, and buffed with magic.  

3) Hookclaws 

The third on the list of claws are the Hookclaws which are also the best early-game claws you can get in Elden Ring. They are easy to find and are located in the Stormveil Castle which can be accessed early in the game. 

Working best with Strength and Dexterity builds that focus on Bleed Damage, the Hookclaws are also infused with the Quickstep skill just like the Raptor Talons.  

With low stat requirements, the Hookclaws do not have any specific attack that they favor. This means how you use them is up to you.  

2) Venomous Fang 

Venomous Fang is the only unilateral weapon on the list of claws which means it is not worn on both hands. Something unique about Venomous Fang is that, unlike other Claw weapons, it causes Poison to build up instead of Bloodloss build up.  

In terms of its skill and upgradability, the Venomous Fang is similar to the two above-mentioned claws in the list.  

It has high stats for Physical and Critical Damage which makes it a good option.  

1) Bloodhound Claws 

The absolute best claws on the list are the Bloodhound Claws, two curved claws, infused with the Bloodhound’s Step Skill.  

The Bloodhound Claws inflict Blood loss and can tear through the enemy’s defense rendering their shields useless. These claws work great in terms of adaptability and upgradability, thus making them the best option for a close-ranged claw weapon.  

Being at the top of the list, this claw does not come easy. Players have to defeat the Lesser Bloodhound Knight, to get their hands on this claw. However, it is well worth the fuss.  

The Bloodhound Claws rank well in accordance with both the Physical Attack Power stat and the Stat Scaling. They can be carried throughout the game and can be used against a versatile range of enemies.  

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