Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Walkthrough

This walkthrough takes you through the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring. We will be telling you about the different enemy...

This walkthrough takes you through the Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring. We will be telling you about the different enemy types you’ll be facing here and the loot you can find inside this cave.

How to get to The Abandoned Cave in Elden Ring

The abandoned cave can be found in Dragonbarrow, Caelid, northwest of Sellia Evergaol and east of Smoldering Wall Site of Grace.

The creatures and enemies you’ll face in the Abandoned Cave are:

  • Rat
  • Servant of Rot
  • Miranda Flower (scarlet)
  • Giant Miranda Flower (scarlet)

With all the adversaries in your way, it’s pretty obvious that you’ll get plenty of dropped items and loot. The most noticeable loot found in the Abandoned Cave is Serpent Bow, Venomous Fang, and Gold Scarab.

To reach the location, simply head east from the point of grace till you reach a ravine. You’ll find a tree at the southern side that helps you climb across the ravine and into the cave.

Useful Items in the Abandoned Cave

  • Aeonian Butterfly
  • Fire Grease
  • Dragonwound Grease
  • Golden Scarab
  • Venomous Fang
  • Serpent Bow

Elden Ring Abandoned Cave Walkthrough

Remember that the Abandoned Cave is unlike any other cave you’ve entered. It’s filled with surprises. Therefore, it’s best to be prepared if something pops out of nowhere.

In such cases, it’s best to equip Preserving Boluses and at least 9 flasks to keep your health at the maximum.

Once you’re inside the cave, you’ll drop into the pool of scarlet rot, which slows your speed down and builds rot which will kill you once the meter fills up.

Head left to find a fork attached to a deactivated Pendulum Statue. You’ll find an Aeonian Butterfly flying near a corpse on the right.

Head right from the geyser to find a dead-end leading to a Dragonwound Grease. Follow the left side to find more deactivated Pendulum statues scattered around the area with a corpse atop of which is a Serpent Bow.

If you go down the area and into the slop, you’ll come across a room behind a Fungal Spellcaster to the right. The room consists of a Rat accompanied by a Fungal Spellcaster.

Head into the tunnel to find a Fire Grease wielded by a corpse that two Rats guard. Keep a watch for the Rats, as they’ll take away most of your health if you get attacked.

Continue the search into the tunnel to find a Giant Miranda Flower (scarlet) inside a room with scarlet rot next to it. As you approach the center of the room, you’ll trigger a Miranda Flower to pop out of nowhere.

To the left side, you’ll find some broken Pendulum Statues that’ll help you reach the ledge with a Venomous Fang held by a corpse.

Now, head to the next room to find two Rats and finally reach the tunnel behind them that leads to the first boss fight in the Abandoned cave with Cleanrot Knights.

How to Defeat Cleanrot Knights in Abandoned Cave

The Cleanrot Knights wield a Sword and a Spear and deal a lot of damage. Therefore, it is best to equip your high-level gear. Using the Marionette Soldiers Ashes can help block incoming attacks and provide opportunities to attack them.

The Knights use their sword and spear in multiple ways. For example, they can lunge the spear, swipe their sword, and use them both at once to guard themselves against your attacks.

Cleanrot Knight #1

The Spear Knight masters all spear abilities, such as a charged lung attack with the spear. However, once you get used to his attack pattern, you’ll successfully dodge it.

He can also perform an AoE energy attack. Since the AoE is of a small portion, you can roll out of its circle to avoid the damage.

Finally, the last attack he uses is the spear swipe. The Knight will swipe his spear at you while moving towards you. This is probably the most critical attack in his arsenal.

Cleanrot Knight #2

Moving on to the Cleanrot Knight with the sword. He performs simple sword swipes but occasionally adds magic into the mix to perform attacks with his sword locked on you. Therefore, dodging them at the right moment is a must.

If you get too close to the Knight, he then performs a 360-degree spin attack with his sword dealing a good amount of damage.

Lastly, he shoots out scarlet rot out of his sword, which is easy to avoid. Also, the attack won’t damage you if you’re on a different part of the floor.

Once you’ve defeated both Cleanrot Knights, you’ll get rewarded with the Gold Scarab Talisman.

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