Best Poison Weapons In Elden Ring

There are not that many Poison weapons in Elden Ring. However, the available ones are pretty efficient in poisoning enemies in the game.

Using Poison weapons might not be that common in Elden Ring but they do help in weakening enemies.

Poison is one of the many status effects in the game and it directly affects your health points. When an enemy is poisoned, they will continue to take additional damage per tick.

So if you want to learn about these weapons then we have got you covered on the best poison weapons that you can get your hands on in Elden Ring.

How Poison works in Elden Ring

While we are going to list only the best Poison weapons in Elden Ring, take note that you can also poison enemies using various skills, spells, and consumables.

An enemy that has been poisoned continues to take small amounts of damage every second. That might not seem like a lot but you can stack the status effects with more Poison attacks. This way, the enemy will take more damage per tick.

Keep a good eye on your poison meter during combat. You need to fill the meter to trigger the Poison status effect. The same goes for enemies who can poison you in return. If you have high resistance to Poison, it will take longer for enemies to build up the poison meter.

Remember that if you are poisoned, you need to quickly either cure the Poison status effect or mitigate its damage. Otherwise, you will continue to lose health.

There are two types of Poison effects in Elden Ring: Regular Poison and Deadly Poison. The only major difference between them is that Deadly Poison attacks do more damage per second but for a short while. Regular Poison is the opposite. It does reduced damage in comparison but for a long while.

Best Poison weapons to use in Elden Ring

There are not that many Poison weapons that you can choose from in Elden Ring. However, the available ones are pretty efficient in poisoning enemies in the game.

4) Ant’s Skull Plate

This is a Greatshield compared to the small coil shield and serves the main purpose of providing you defense.

It increases your immunity (60) and you can make use of its shield skill which is “Shield bash” to take out opponents.

Lastly, the Ant’s Skull plate shield causes poison buildup by (90) and can be located at Nokstella based in the Eternal City.

3) Venomous Fang and Serpent Bow

There are other weapons such as the Venomous Fang and the Serpent Bow through which you can inflict poisonous attacks in Elden Ring.

Venomous Fang causes poison buildup when you use its “Quickstep” skill whereas, for the Serpent Bow, you can deploy its skill “Mighty shot” to shoot poisonous arrows at your enemy in Elden Ring.

Both of these are pretty good as well, but not as good to be called the best Poison weapons in Elden Ring.

2) Coil Shield 

The Coil Shield is also considered the best poison weapon/shield in Elden Ring. This small shield plays both the role of defense (75) and offense (60) granting you the attack ability in terms of striking your foes with poison attacks.

It gives you an extra 40 immunity and also has a shield skill known as “Viper Bite”. The perks of using this skill include that it has a very nice range in terms of attacking capabilities and with a bit of level it can even take out larger bosses with ease in Elden Ring.

Make your way inside the tunnels of the Volcano cave. Take the first right then proceed forward until you reach the ledge. From there you need to drop down and go to the right tunnel and at the end, you will find the Coil Shield in Elden Ring.

1) Serpentbone Blade

This is the best poison weapon in Elden Ring that you can get your hands on. In terms of weapon type, this particular blade is considered to be a katana. You can make use of its fast attack combos leading to a faster poison buildup resulting in massive physical damage of (120) on your opponents as well.

Using the Serpentbone Blade you can perform the skill “Double Slash”  on your enemies. This attack pattern comes in the form of two neat-looking horizontal R2 slashes and as the blade is coated with poison the effects of this attack increase tenfold as well.

However, you cannot change the ash of war for the Serpentbone blade, unlike the scarlet rot weapons where you can change the ash of war ability for the weapon types as well.

To obtain the Serpentbone Blade in Elden Ring, you need to kill Rileigh, the Idle. You will encounter him during the Volcano Manor quest line.

Where to find Poison Armament in Elden Ring

The location marked on the map above is near the edge of the “Swamp of Aeonia” so once you get there you will then have to hit the invisible scarab to get this incantation in Elden Ring. So once you take out the scarab you will receive “Poison Armament (x1)”.

The poison armament uses a single memory slot and has an FP cost of 15.  Furthermore, this is a spell/incantation that allows your right-hand weapon to do poison damage. So after successfully obtaining the armament, you can memorize the poison armament spell to use it efficiently in Elden Ring.

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