How to Create Workshop in V Rising

In V Rising, the Workshop is one of the different rooms present in the game. The different rooms in V Rising allow you to craft different types of equipment, giving certain types of benefits. This guide will explain how to create a Workshop in V Rising.

Requirements to Create Workshop in V Rising

In order to create a Workshop in V Rising, you will need to first unlock the Workshop Flooring. The Workshop Flooring is unlocked by taking down Grayson the Armorer.

How to Unlock Workshop Flooring

Grayson the Armorer is a Level 27 V Blood Carrier boss located in Farbane Woods. For your ease, we have a map image showing the location of Grayson in V Rising.

Head to the map location to fight against Grayson and defeat him to obtain the Workshop Flooring crafting recipe. Then to create a Workshop, head to your castle and choose some area there to place the Workshop Flooring.

This will create the Workshop and unlock the bonuses of specific equipment types.

Workshop Bonuses

The Workshop in V Rising provides the following bonuses:

  • Crafting production speed gets increased
  • 25% decrease in materials required to craft items.

The following equipment also gives bonuses to the following equipment.

  • Woodworking Bench: This equipment allows you to craft items such as crossbows, bows, etc.
  • Sawmill: The Sawmill in V Rising allows you to craft Planks and Reinforced Planks along with other items.
  • Grinder: The Grinder can be used to create Grave Dust, Stone Bricks, and other items.

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