How to Create Crypt in V Rising

Each Room in V Rising is linked with specific equipment and provides certain bonuses. This guide will show you how to create a Crypt Flooring in V Rising, its requirements, and the bonuses you can get from it.

Requirements to Create Crypt in V Rising

Following are the items needed to create a Crypt Flooring in V Rising:

  • A Study
  • Crypt Flooring Recipe

Once all the item requirements are completed, you can move to the next steps, where we discuss how you can unlock the Crypt Flooring in V Rising.

How to Unlock Crypt Flooring

Like any other flooring in V Rising, you need to complete a few additional objectives, such as collecting resources for the required items to craft a Crypt Flooring.

The first item that needs to be crafted is a Study. To unlock a Study, you must first collect 40 Paper, 40 Planks, 8 Copper Ingots, and 8 Grave Dust.

Another option is to track down Nicholaus the Fallen using the Blood Altar. Once tracked, head into the location and defeat him to acquire the Study as a dropped item.

Secondly, you must find the Crypt Flooring Recipe, for which you must defeat enemies and bosses, explore villages, and loot chests.

Alternatively, you can use 50 Scroll to get the Crypt Flooring Recipe. You can follow this process by raiding enemy bandit camps and collecting dropped items by defeating enemies.

However, as you level up in V Rising, you’ll have access to the Paper Press, which lets you craft each Scroll at the cost of 12 Gem Dust and 4 Paper.

To find Paper, simply visit Bandit camps and loot chests, collect enemy drops and smash barrels to collect the required number of Paper for a Scroll crafted via the Paper Press.

For the Gem Dust, you can place 12 Mourning Lilies into the Tomb to kill Ghouls that have spawned in the area or place 75 Bones in the Grinder as an alternate option.

Upon collecting all 50 Scroll, head to the Discover Tab atop the Research Desk to create random recipes and wait till you find your desired recipe.

If you haven’t crafted the Research Desk yet, collect 8 Planks, 120 Animal Hide, and 80 Stone.

Crypt Bonuses

Upon crafting a Crypt Flooring in V Rising, you’ll get rewarded with decreasing the time taken to transform humans into servants.

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