V Rising Grinder: How to Make Stone Bricks and Stone Dust

In V Rising, you step into the shoes of a vampire to build your own castle. Some of the early tasks, such as creating a roof for your new castle, may need you to figure out how to obtain Stone Bricks. The following guide will help you with that by explaining how the grinder works in V Rising.

V Rising Grinder

In V Rising, you’ll need two key components to manufacture Stone Bricks: a Grinder and 12 stones.

The grinder is a buildable object that can be found in your building menu’s Production tab, and it takes 8 Planks, 4 Copper Ingots, and 4 Whetstones to construct. For the planks, you’ll need a Sawmill, which will cost 180 wood in total to turn into 8 planks.

After that, you must smelt the 80 Copper in a furnace to obtain the 4 Ingots and 4 Whetstones. Whetstone can be difficult to come by.

After you’ve finished your Grinder, you may go on to making Stone Bricks.

How to Make Stone Bricks and Stone Dust

Stone Brick and Stone Dust are important items required to proceed in V Rising. Stone Bricks are required to enhance your castle and Stone Dust is required to manufacture Whetstones, a crucial commodity for improving your early-game items.

You may either craft these items or gather them from the environment via chests and other destructible items.

Stone Bricks

One of the most important items for advancing from your medieval vampire wooden fort is Stone Brick. It’s one of the most used and essential materials in your castle’s foundation.

For each brick, you’ll need 12 stones. If you have the recipe, you can also acquire one Stone Dust, which you can use to manufacture Whetstone in a furnace later.

Once you have Stone Bricks, you can start crafting the construction materials to aid you in your goal to construct your first castle region.

Stone Dust

Stone Dust in V Rising is a by-product of grinding stone. It is created naturally when you grind Stone in a grinder. This is a useful feature since it allows you to produce your own whetstones in a furnace using Stone Dust and Copper Ingots. The grinder will naturally produce a lot of Stone Dust.

If you need additional Stone Dust, it will drop naturally while you are in the world. Stone Dust can be dropped by destroying certain items in specific regions.

This is most commonly found in the Bandit Armory on the forest biome’s northwest side, immediately to the side of the ravine that runs through the heart of the forest.

Aside from that, there isn’t really any other way to collect Stone Dust consistently. In V Rising, the easiest way to get a lot of Stone Dust is to mine a lot of stone and construct a lot of Grinders.

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