How to Create Jewelers Chamber Room in V Rising

Many different crafting rooms are available in V Rising, like Forge Room, Workshop, etc. These rooms provide some kinds of bonuses in crafting. One such room is the Jewelers Chamber Room. This guide will explain how to create a Jewelers Chamber Room in V Rising.

Requirements to Create Jewelers Chamber Room in V Rising

To create a Jewelers Chamber Room in V Rising, you will need to first unlock Athenaeum and then build it. The Athenaeum is unlocked by taking down Raziel the Shepherd.

How to Unlock Jeweler Chamber Room Flooring

Raziel the Shepherd is a Level 60 V Blood Boss located in Dunley Farmlands. For your ease, we have a map image showing the location of Raziel in V Rising.

Raziel is a high-level Blood Boss in V Rising, and you should be prepared for a tough fight against him. Having high-level (50+) gear will be crucial in this fight. You can also mark Raziel’s location through the Blood Altar in your castle.

Once you defeat Raziel the Shepherd, you will obtain the recipe to build Athenaeum. To build the Athenaeum, you will require the following items:

Once you have these materials, head to your castle and choose some area where to place the Athenaeum. This will create the Jewelers Chamber Room and unlock the bonuses of specific equipment.

Jeweler Chamber Room Bonuses

The Jeweler Chamber Room in V Rising provides the following bonuses:

  • Time taken to craft accessories is decreased.
  • Materials required to craft accessories are decreased.

The Jewelers Chamber Room also gives bonuses to the following equipment.

  • Gem Cutting Table: This equipment allows you to cut gemstones to create regular gems.
  • Jewelcrafting Table: This table allows you to craft high-tier jewelry.

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