How to Get Stone Bricks in V Rising

Stone Bricks serve as a crucial resource while playing V Rising as they help make bases strong and expand your castle. Having a solid fortress protecting you is essential to avoiding enemy vampire sieges and other monsters.

However, Stone Bricks are a crafting resource, which requires you to process raw stone. Below we’ve discussed where and how you can farm lots of raw stone and then how you can convert it into Stone Bricks.

V Rising Stone Farm Locations

To make Stone Bricks, players need to have enough raw stone. To get raw stones, players can opt for various missions around the world of V Rising and explore different locations to acquire as many stones as possible. There’s no specific location other than the wilderness and different civilizations where players can go and acquire the resource.

Craft weapons such as high-quality Axe and Mace to maximize your chances of farming hefty stones. Hit every rock and big object around the open world with your upgraded weapons.

How to Make Stone Bricks

Once you’ve got enough stones, let’s look into how you can make Stone Bricks. Players need to build a Grinder to make Stone Brick in V Rising. By doing so, not only can you make Stone Bricks, but you also get Stone Dust, which is a win-win situation for you.

To craft a Grinder, you simply need to head towards the build menu and select the Refinement section. The material required for this process is 4 Whetstones, 4 Copper Ingots, and 8 Planks.


Once you’ve got yourself a Grinder, you need a substantial amount of Blood Essence to have it powered up and functioning. Blood essence can be acquired by killing creatures around the map, so it shouldn’t be too hard to gather plenty.

The Grinder consists of various recipes where you throw in the required materials, and it smashes them into the resource of your choice. To get a single Stone Brick and a pile of Stone Dust, you’ll have to place 12 rocks at once. And voila! You’ve got your materials.

Stone Brick is highly beneficial for building things around the castle, such as walls, floors, and ceilings, while Stone Dust helps you make Whetstones.

How to Make Stone Dust

Almost every crafting process in V Rising has byproducts that might seemingly appear as waste you can simply throw away. However, the Grinder produces highly useful byproducts and one of those is Stone Dust when making Stone Brick.

If you are in need of Stone Dust, you simply need some raw stone. Go to your Grinder and press E to open up the Grinder menu. In that menu, place the raw Stone you have within the Input tab. Once the grinder starts working, alongside these highly useful Stone Bricks, you will also get Stone Dust as loot.

Stone Bricks and Stone Dust are produced in a 1:1 ratio so that means 12 Raw Stone will provide you with 1 Stone Brick and 1 Stone Dust. Thankfully, raw stone is in overwhelming abundance so you should have an ample supply of Stone Dust should you need it.

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