How to Create Forge Room in V Rising

There are several rooms in V Rising, with each room exclusive for a particular type of equipment and bonus. This guide will show you how to create the Forge Flooring and Forge Room in V Rising.

Requirements for Forge Room in V Rising

To create the Forge Room in V Rising, you must complete a few requirements such as:

Once you’ve completed these prerequisites, you can move onwards to the next step and learn how to unlock Forge flooring.

How to Unlock Forge Flooring

Before you unlock the Forge Flooring in V Rising, you need to craft a Research Desk, which requires you to collect 8 Planks, 120 Animal Hide, and 80 Stone.

Additionally, you need a Forge Flooring Recipe. To find the Forge Flooring Recipe, you need to defeat enemies and bosses, explore villages, and loot chests.

Alternatively, you can collect 50 Paper to get the Forging Floor Recipe. This can be done by collecting enemy drops, looting Bandit camp chests, and smashing barrels till you reach the required 50 Paper limit.

Once collected, open the discover tab atop the Research Desk and generate random recipes till you find the one you’re looking for.

To find paper easily, you can use the Paper press, which requires 4 Plant Fibre and 12 Sawdust to craft one piece of paper.

However, using the Paper Press requires you to be at a 35 Gear Level and unlock the Study.

To unlock the Study, you need to track down Nicholaus the Fallen using the Blood Altar and defeat him to acquire the Study.

Once the Study is unlocked, you have to collect 12 Wooden Planks and 12 Copper Ingots to build it and search for the recipe, which requires 75 Scrolls.

Upon unlocking all the required items, including the Forge Flooring Recipe, you can now create a Forge Room in V Rising.

Forge Bonuses

Creating a Forge Room in V Rising gives you bonuses for each Forge equipment found below the Build Menu.

Also, it increases the production speed while decreasing the required amount of resources by 25%. This will give you plenty of time to construct your base instead of finding items and resources.

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