V Rising Servants Guide: Types, Expertise, Perks, How to Use

It will take substantial progress, but you can ultimately have servants to do your bidding in V Rising. The following guide will show you how to best utilize servants in V Rising after you have unlocked them.

How to Unlock Servants in V Rising

You will need to first unlock the ability to recruit devoted minions by completing the Army of Darkness mainline quest. The quest will teach you how to use your Dominating Presence ability to convince a feeble human to come to your castle in V Rising.

You will require coffins for your servants, after which you can use your servants for a variety of tasks such as sending them out on missions or forcing them to gather crafting materials.

You will need 16 planks, 8 copper bars, and 1 greater blood essence to build coffins. You can only make a maximum of 9 coffins, meaning that you can only have 9 servants once you have completely upgraded your castle.

How to Create Servants

Start by finding a human and reducing their health to 30 percent or less. Then press Ctrl to open up the wheel and choose Dominating Presence. Now press R to use the ability on the human target to make them return to your castle. Interact with a servant coffin to place the newly recruit human inside.

Now just wait for the turning procedure to finish before clicking Convert. You are ready to order your servant once the conversion ends.


How to Build Servant Coffins

Servant Coffins are key components for gathering servants in V Rising. The first-ever Coffin will come as a part of the tutorial but building a Servant Coffin will require the following resources.

The rest of the components are relatively easier to obtain, but the Greater Blood Essence, which comes from the Unsullied Heart, is a little difficult to obtain.

Once you have gathered the resources, you can craft the servant Coffin

Dominating Presence: How to Use on Servants

Build a Servant Coffin and interact with it to gain the Dominating Presence ability. Just like your shapeshifting abilities, you can activate Dominating Presence by holding Ctrl and hovering your cursor over the option.

You will not be able to use any of your normal spells after activating Dominating Presence. You will, however, gain a new channeling ability called Kiss of the Vampire.

Kiss of the Vampire can only be used on humans. Start attacking a human target and switch to Dominating Presence to cast Kiss of the Vampire when their health comes below 30 percent.

When the Kiss of the Vampire is over, the human will start following you. Just head back to the castle while protecting him from other enemies.

Servant Expertise and Blood Quality

The blood type of a servant determines the perks they receive. Turning a scholar into a servant, for example, will give them perks to improve spells and spellcasting. Turning a warrior will give perks to improve melee combat.

In addition, the blood type quality will determine the expertise rating of the servant, which basically increases the chance of getting the best perks in their bloodline.

The blood type of the servant will also determine their expertise, meaning the blood types will decide what kind of work a servant is more suited for.

If you have captured a servant from a certain area, say Dunley Farmlands, they will have expertise in that area and will obtain more loot than the other servants. That is why you should send a servant to their respective areas.

Servant Perks

Servant Perks can also be called special abilities. They could be anything from extra amour to expertise in a certain area. The Servant Perks in V Rising are based on the following factors.

  • Blood Type
  • Faction
  • Blood Quality
  • Gear

It is important to note that servants have their gear and power levels. Giving them good armor or weapons, as mentioned before, is just the start. Your servants can also have different perks and buffs that add up to their overall stats.

Perks are predetermined for servants in V Rising, meaning that you can’t necessarily award them to a servant.

The perks a servant gets depend upon who they were before you influenced them to serve you. Hence, you’ll have to be watchful about who to bring back to your castle.

Servant Types

The servants in V Rising are classified based on their blood types and expertise. The types of a servant will decide what sort of tasks they can perform better than other servants.

Suppose a certain servant has Scholar Blood Types. They will be more suited for the task in a sacred area such as Dunley Monastery. The types of servants and their corresponding blood types are mentioned below

  • Settlement (Worker)
  • Military (Warrior)
  • Sacred (Scholar)
  • Tenacious (Brute)
  • Tracking (Rogue)

Servant Hunt Time Settings, Mission Selection, and Success Chance

Mission Selection is a crucial process for efficiently utilizing your servants in V Rising. Servants will go in your place and perform tasks you assign them to, such as collecting resources.

If certain resources take time and effort to farm, you can assign that to a servant while you can do your own thing instead of doing it yourself. They can be sent to any discovered location, and the gathered resources will be delivered straight to your castle regardless of its location.

Since the mission rewards are scaled linearly with the number of servants and smaller missions have been proven to be more efficient than longer ones, so the best strategy is to send out multiple servants on smaller missions.

The mission that a servant is sent on doesn’t always succeed. It can also fail. The success or failure of a mission depends upon the following factors.

  • Servant Type
  • Servant Gear

The Servant Type will greatly affect the chances of success and failure. If a certain servant has expertise in a certain area, the chances of success are improved.

The Servant Gear also affects similarly. If a servant has a lower gear level as compared to the mission difficulty, the chances of success drop significantly.

Sending multiple servants together on a mission will give you a 25% bonus on their mission success chances. Sending servants on a shorter mission will include the Risk Factor that will offset the success chances by -20%.

Servant Hunt Time settings at this point in the game can’t be changed, and it will remain 24 hours if you are playing solo. The Servant hunt time is based on game-up time and not real-time.

How to Build a Castle Throne

The option to build a Castle Throne will automatically unlock as part of the Army of Darkness quest. When you have successfully turned a few humans into servants through your coffins, you will receive the Castle Throne blueprint.

Take note that you will require x24 Stone Bricks, x16 Iron Ingots, and x4 Greater Blood Essence to build a Castle Throne. Once you have your throne, you will be able to assign tasks to your servants.

How to Use Servants in V Rising

You need coffins to have servants, but you will need a Castle Throne to order them around. The Castle Throne will allow you to give each servant a set of different tasks that could involve heading out to different regions or doing daily chores such as patrolling your castle walls or harvesting materials.

The throne will also allow you to adjust the time servants can spend on each task by using the Castle Throne slider.

Why You Should Imprison or Lock Servants

Imprisoning servants has its own set of perks. You can take a servant who is better than the others and put him in a prison in V Rising, then drain their blood and drink it using a glass vial.

Drinking blood from a glass vial will boost your stats, such as speed or critical rate, and depending upon the quality of blood of the servant, it can also bring down some cooldown timers.

Don’t just drain their blood but also remember to feed them, so they don’t die.

Servant Injuries

Sometimes during a mission, a servant can get injured, and after they return to the castle, they must remain in the castle for a total of 60 minutes for their injuries to be healed.

They will roam around the castle, and you can also check what kind of injuries they have sustained by clicking on them. Once the 60-minute timer is finished, you can immediately send them back out.

V Rising Best Servants

It should be understood now that converting humans into servants is not random. Servants are vital to V Rising, and you need to be able to recruit only the best servants possible.

Servants are split between class, faction, blood type, quality, and gear. All of these factors decide how good or useful a servant is. Their blood quality especially determines how potent the bonuses and perks are going to be.

Bandits, for example, are best at gathering resources. Archers are inherently better at hunting. It’s ideal to combine the desired class with a complimentary faction bonus to get the most of both benefits.

The sole benefit of having strong servants is that you can give all the hard work to them and solely practice on the fun part of the game. Plus, the stronger your servants are, the better they will perform and are less likely to die when on missions. This will save you a lot of time finding replacements for those who perish.

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