V Rising Unsullied Heart Farm Locations: How To Get Greater Blood Essence

Greater Blood Essence is an important resource that is required very early in the game. They are also hard to get. The following guide will help you in that regard by pointing out the locations of Unsullied Hearts you need to make Greater Blood Essence in V Rising.

V Rising Unsullied Heart Farm Locations

Unsullied Hearts are the resources required to lay hands on the Greater Blood Essence in V Rising. You need 4 Unsullied Hearts to craft a Greater Blood Essence.

Unsullied Hearts can’t be crafted and are dropped by stronger creatures in the game, i.e., Wolves, Humans, Bosses, etc. These creatures are mostly at a level around 30. Farm the resources to kill the wolves and high-tier humans to get the Unsullied Hearts in V Rising.

There’s no specific place to find the creatures which drop the Unsullied Hearts. Just keep exploring the map to come across such creatures. Once again, they are rare ingredients. Hence, collect and save any Unsullied Hearts you get by taking down strong creatures for Greater Blood Essence.

Unsullied Hearts are also used for blood and healing in V Rising, but it would be a waste to use such a precious item for blood.

How To Get Greater Blood Essence

To get the Greater Blood Essence in V Rising, you have to take out stronger enemies and use their Unsullied Hearts. The enemies with level 20 or more have more chance of dropping the Greater Blood Essence.

You will need to take out as many dangerous bosses as possible to get the Greater Blood Essence in V Rising. Unfortunately, the drop rate of Unsullied Hearts is so low that this isn’t really a feasible method of farming Greater Blood Essence which is why it’s best to craft your own.

After getting the Greater Blood Essence, you would be able to set up the servant coffin. Setting up the servant coffin is one of the important objectives of V Rising.

One other basic use of Greater Blood Essence is to craft better magic sources. Greater Blood Essence can also be used at later stages of the game to make high-tier items.

How to Craft Greater Blood Essence

To begin, you’ll need either 4x Unsullied Hearts or 200x Blood Essence. Next, you’ll have to obtain the Greater Blood Essence Crafting Recipe.

Greater Blood Essence Crafting Recipe

In order to get the Greater Blood Essence crafting recipe and use the blood press, you will have to first defeat Tristan the Vampire Hunter in Farbane Woods.

Once you’ve obtained the recipe, you’ll need to set up the Blood Press and place the crafting recipe inside to obtain the Greater Blood Essence. It’s as simple as that.

How to Build Blood Press

Blood Press is one of the most important objects that you can get early in V Rising. Blood Press can be used to upgrade your castle and equipment.

To build Blood Press in V Rising, all you need is unsullied hearts or blood essences. Early on in the game, you need four unsullied hearts and if you’re in mid-game you’ll need 200 blood essences.

It’s important to note that you can build the blood press after just a few short quests when you get your base operations going and it requires just 12 planks and 120 stones.

Once you build the Blood Press, you’re all set up to craft the Greater Blood Essence. All now left is to interact with the Blood Press and use four Unsullied Hearts or 200 Blood Essence to craft the Greater Blood Essence.

Crafting Other Blood Essences through the Blood Press

The Blood press has the advantage of not only crafting Greater Blood Essence but also other types of blood essence as well. Here is a list of all the blood essence types available from the Blood Press, including the items required to obtain them.

  • 4x Usullied Hearts = 1x Greater Blood Essence
  • 200x Blood Essence = 1x Greater Blood Essence
  • 4x Rats = x10 Blood Essence
  • 4x Unsullied Hearts = 60x Blood Essence
  • 4x Exquisite Heart = 1x Primal Blood Essence
  • 12x Greater Blood Essence = 1x Primal Blood Essence

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