V Rising Journal Quests Guide

Completing the Journal Quests in V Rising is crucial for achieving in-game success and progressing through the game. Moreover, these quests grant players hefty rewards in the form of beneficial resources. This guide will let you know about all of the Journal Quests in V Rising, their requirements and their rewards.

V Rising Journal Quests Guide

Journal Quests are available at the top corner of the player’s screen while they are exploring the lands of V Rising. They appear to be optional; however, they play a crucial role in helping you play and complete the majority of the game.

Moreover, these quests unlock various mechanisms for the players that upgrade their playstyle and elevate the V Rising experience for them. With each quest, there comes a requirement and rewards. Below, we’ve listed every detail you need to know chronologically while opting for these quests.

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Journal Quest 1: Collecting the Remains

Quest Description: ‘The bones of the dead will come to serve a new purpose’.

For this quest, players will have to go out and explore for a total of 30 bones. Upon collecting them, they will be rewarded with the Bone Sword recipe.


Journal Quest 2: Wielding the Sword

Quest Description: ‘The sword. A swift and deadly weapon that slashes through flesh, bone, and thickets with ease. It was the first step towards restoring my former glory’.

Once players have completed the Collecting the Remains quest, they will move forward with Wielding the Sword quest. For this quest, players will have to make a sword and also kill three enemies with a Bone Sword.

You’ll be rewarded with the Bone Ring recipe upon completing this quest.

Journal Quest 3: Mastering Magic

Quest Description: ‘A ring infused with the rotten blood of the dead. A simple trinket to some, a powerful relic for myself’.

After the second journal quest, players can play the Mastering Magic quest. This quest requires crafting a Bone Ring alongside hitting the enemies with a Shadowbolt.

Upon completing this quest, you’ll be rewarded with Boneguard Vestment and Vermin Salve recipe.

Journal Quest 4: Armour of Bones

Quest Description: The bones of the dead proved helpful in protecting my body’.

Once you’ve completed the third journal quest, you can opt for Armour of Bones. Unlike previous quests, it has a lengthy procedure. For this quest, you’ll have to craft Boneguard Chestguard, Boneguard Gloves, Boneguard Gloves, and Craft Boneguard Boots

Once you’re done crafting all of this equipment, you’ll receive a recipe for Bone Axes as a reward.

Journal Quest 5: Into the Woods Quest

Quest Description: ‘Axes. As practical for chopping down trees as chopping off heads’.

You’ll have to craft Bone Axes alongside cutting down three trees for this quest. You’ll receive the Bone Mace recipe as a reward.

Journal Quest 6: Stone Breaker

Quest Description: ‘The Mace. A weapon too heavy for mere mortals to wield. A tool for myself to break rocks and skulls effortlessly’.

For this quest, you’ll have to craft a Mace and take three rocks to smash them into pieces. Once done, you’ll receive Castle Heart and Borders blueprints.

Journal Quest 7: Lord of Shadows

Quest Description: ‘I summoned the heart of my domain. From this location I shall rebuild my castle and rise to my former glory’.

For this quest, you’ll have to build a castle heart and interact with it once done alongside expanding your territory by putting three borders. You’ll receive a blueprint of Walls & Structures as a reward.

Journal Quest 8: Fortify

Quest Description: ‘To protect myself and my belongings I raised walls around my territory, and I prepared a place to rest’.

You’ll have to look after your territory for this quest by putting three Palisades. Moreover, you need to place a wooden coffin and stash as required. For this quest, you’ll be rewarded with Basic Crafting and Refinement blueprint.

Journal Quest 9: Getting Ready for the Hunt

Quest Description: ‘I scavenged the area around me, gathering what I needed to prepare myself for my next hunt.’

For this lengthy quest, you’ll have to construct and interact with a Sawmill and a Simple Workbench. Also, you’ll have to make stronger equipment to boost up your Gear Level. You’ll receive a Blood Altar blueprint as a reward.

Journal Quest 10: Blood Hunt

Quest Description: ‘I tracked down a V Blood carrier and claimed its knowledge as my own.’

For this quest, you’ll have to build and interact with a Blood Altar alongside drinking the blood of someone with V Blood to explore and unleash new knowledge and new powers. Once done, you’ll receive a blueprint for Research Desk.

Journal Quest 11: The First Book in the Library

Quest Description: ‘With the research desk, I can unfold mysteries of old and unveil forgotten knowledge.’

Players will have to build a Research Desk for this quest and interact with it. Upon doing so, they’ll receive a blueprint of Walls and Structures.

Journal Quest 12: Expanding my Domain

Quest Description: ‘I upgraded my Castle Heart allowing me to further expand my realm’.

Upgrade your Castle Heart and interact with it. Doing so will reward you with a blueprint of Mirrors.

Journal Quest 13: Building a Castle

Quest Description: ‘A more fitting place to rest, to recover, to rule’.

You’ll have to get done with the Castle room by building floors and walls to build a roof for this quest. You’ll receive the Stone Coffin blueprint once done.

Journal Quest 14: Lord of the Manor

Quest Description: ‘A worthy place to rest.’

Bind the Stone Coffin to receive the blueprint of a Servant Coffin.

Journal Quest 15: Servants

Quest Description: ‘A place to rest for my servants.’

Build the Stone Coffin and interact with it to receive the Vampire Power known as Dominating Presence.

Journal Quest 16: Army of Darkness

Quest Description: ‘The first one in my army of darkness.’

By the use of Dominating Presence power, covert a human to servant and interact with it. Doing so will reward you with a blueprint of Castle Throne.

Journal Quest 17: Throne of Command

Quest Description: ‘I’m ready to rule this land’.

Sit on your throne and command the servants to do tasks around. You’ll be rewarded with a blueprint of The Eye of the Twilight.

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