How to Build Castle in V Rising

Learn how to build your castle in V Rising. What's required to build a castle in V Rising and how...

Learn how to build your castle in V Rising. What’s required to build a castle in V Rising and how you should approach building a castle in the game. Where it should be located and what are the key decisions you should make when it comes to building the castle.

How to Build Castle in V Rising

Building a Castle in V Rising requires a few additional objectives to complete. First, you must find a location to build your Base in V Rising.

The location must be in an expandable area. This means it should possess resources such as trees and rocks, which you can use to build structures within your Base, making the area expandable.

Once your Base is built, your next objective is to place the Castle Heart inside it. Castle Heart is the item you need to craft to even start building your castle. Castle Hearts symbolize your possession of the area as your own, allowing you to then build on it and move on from there.

Being such an important item, Castle Heart is required by all players to start, and it is fortunately very cheap to build.

To build a Castle Heart, you need 240 Stones and 20 Blood Essence. The stone can be easily gathered from stone nodes spread throughout the land. All you need is a mace to start collecting stone in V Rising.

To get the Blood Essence, you need to go on a murder spree to kill as many humans or animals (in the game) as you can and get Blood Essence from them.

Once you’ve crafted the Castle Heart, head over to the Fundamentals tab by pressing B, place the Heart in your Base, and then place the Blood Essense inside the Heart by pressing F.

Next up is placing the Foundation square around the Castle Heart. To do this, you must press B and lay the surrounding foundation to complete the making of your Castle in V Rising.

You can also add chests and coffins inside the Base if you die and want to respawn.

Castle Layout Tips

Build Stations

The first simple tip is to construct as many stations as possible such as tanneries, sawmills, grinders, and furnaces. You must gather raw materials from throughout the world and place them in furnaces, just as you would put copper ore in a furnace to produce copper bars to construct other items.

Construct Multiple Furnaces

You must build many furnaces and place them all next to one another. It’s better to have two furnaces, but you’ll need three if your clan has four members. As a result, refined materials can be obtained from raw materials.

Construct Storage Chests

Next to your storage production, you must build storage chests. It’s critical to identify your storage chests so you know what you may store in them. Simply click the small pencil icon in the upper right corner of the chest interface to rename it.

Build Floor and Rooms

You may create multiple floors and rooms by hitting the B key. When you place your station in a confined castle room, the crafting and refinement rate rises by 25%. If you create a room with a matching floor, the alchemy table will use 25% fewer resources.

Adding Gates

When playing on a PvE or PvP server, adding gates will prevent enemies and other players from getting entrance to your Castle. While you can allow other players to visit your Castle, they can also use explosives to destroy your gates. To build a gate, you must first design a passageway or entry.

Castle’s location

Building your castle near mines or at high altitudes will provide you access to a variety of mines where you can farm minerals. This allows you to improve your gear and weaponry quite early in the game, assuring your survival till the end.

How to Expand Castle

The most recommended location to build your castle is near resources such as rocks and trees.

To expand your castle into a fully functioning base, you need 20 stones and 2 Blood Essence. Stones are resources only found in rocky areas, while Blood Essence can be acquired by killing enemies and animals.

Therefore, it’s best to locate a resourceful area if you’re looking forward to expanding your castle.

Once all the required material is collected, head over to the “Build Menu” by pressing B and selecting “Borders” below the Fundamentals Tab to create borders around your castle to successfully expand it.

Castle Heart Limit

The Castle Heart is the foundation of your entire Base. Apart from being the core item to building your castle, it also has a few additional abilities. The first one is being able to increase the limit of Borders and Servants in your Castle.

The other ability is protecting your base from enemies roaming outside the castle.

You can start by placing a single Castle Heart in your castle; that’ll be enough to grant you all the protection and increased limits needed to survive in V Rising.

How to Move Castle in V Rising

Press B to open your Castle’s Build Mode. Once opened, select the Castle Heart and relocate your castle to your desired location. Just make sure the location you’re locating to is cleared from any sort of structures and floors and instead must only have dirt on it.

In case if the area you desire is not fully cleared, you can hit the spacebar key (dismantle button) to destroy anything on the land you wish to relocate to.

Castle Heart Blocked by Border, Requires Ground

When relocating one’s Castle in V Rising, many players have faced a bug that pops up a warning (“Blocked by Border”) whenever you try to Move your Castle.

This bug can easily be fixed by diminishing the border block on the tile in your desired area where you wish to move your castle.

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