How to Get Iron in V Rising, Iron Ingots Crafting

If you’ve just begun your V Rising journey and have started exploring its open-world environment, you’ll soon realize how important it is to search for precious resources and have them in your inventory to craft useful weapons for survival. In this guide, we’ll be looking into where you can find Iron Ore and the useful items you can create with it in V Rising. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

V Rising Iron Farm Locations

Ore mines can be found occasionally in the Farmlands and later in certain areas on the east side of the Cursed Forest. However, if you want an abundance of Iron Ore, the Haunted Iron Mine is your best bet.

Apart from finding Iron and Iron Ore in Haunted Iron Mine, players can also find it while defeating enemies and opening golden chests around the world. However, we don’t recommend this method as it’s unreliable and you can only acquire an insufficient amount of Iron.

The Haunted Iron Mine Location

The Haunted Iron Mine is located at the very center of the map towards the second region and south of the Dunley Farmlands.

While we recommend you go there as soon as possible to get your hands on the good stuff, it is also important to remember that there will be deadly enemies waiting to fight you once you reach the location. Therefore, we recommend visiting the area once you’re on level 36 or higher.


However, once you’ve dealt with all the bad guys and cleared your way, you can finally enjoy what the Haunted Iron Mine holds for you! As soon you go inside and start exploring the place, you’ll find yourself in Iron heaven with a lot of it scattered around, waiting to be collected.

Explore the place, there will be many chests filled with iron. Start looting them. All these chests respawn in a day or two so if you feel short of iron, you can again go up there and loot all the chests again.

Other than that, sometimes, when you take down all the enemies at Haunted Iron Mine you get additional iron for free. The only condition is not getting yourself killed and taking them all down.

If you are thinking to get inside this Haunted Mine, we strongly recommend having copper weapons with you as there are enemies that can be quite a challenge.

In 10 minutes you should be able to gather around 700 iron from these chests. But if you want to get a huge amount of iron in a relatively lesser time then you should go for mining.

How to Mine Iron

Before players can acquire the Iron Ores, they’ll first have to locate Iron Veins and mine them. Luckily, the Haunted Iron Mine is jammed with Iron Veins, so finding them won’t be an issue. However, a piece of equipment is still required to mine them. To mine Iron Veins for Iron Ores, players must craft a Copper Mace.

To do so, first set up a simple workbench as you usually would for any crafting, and then take a Sawmill to create Wooden Planks.

Now go ahead and select a Bone Mace and upgrade it to a Reinforced Bone Mace. Once that’s done, mine Copper Ore alongside crafting a Furnace. Now smelt Copper Ore into Copper Ingots and craft a Copper Mace.

Once that is done, voila! You’ve got yourself the perfect tool to acquire Iron Veins and Ores efficiently. Now make your way down to the location as explained below and gather all that Iron!

How to Craft Iron Ingots

Once players have acquired the Iron Ores, it’s time to convert them into Iron Ingots. It’s a straightforward procedure and doesn’t require half of the effort that went into acquiring Iron Ores in the first place.

To begin, you’ll need the Iron Ingot crafting recipe which can be obtained by defeating Quincey the Bandit King in Farbane Woods’ Bandit Stronghold.

Make sure to have explosives on you because the entrance to Farbane Woods is blocked. Blow up the entrance and go inside. There will be Quincey the Bandit King standing with his two guards. Take them all down to get the iron ingots crafting recipe.

Once you’ve acquired the Iron ingot recipe, add a Furnace to your castle and feed it your ores to create Iron Ingots.

To craft one iron ingot, you’ll need x20 iron ore. However, if your furnace is built in a room with Forge Floor, the cost can be reduced by 25%.

Once it converts them into Iron Ingots, you can now use it for weapons and update your gear with Smithy’s help.

Iron Weapons, Armor and Crossbow

As you progress through the game, your enemies will naturally be getting stronger. In order to take them on, you need better weapons and armor and after copper gear, that obviously comes in the shape of Iron equipment. Iron is a very special resource that could be used to make many powerful weapons and armors.

Once you have the Iron Ingots, you can now craft many weapons and items of your choice. For example, you can craft Iron Crossbow using the Woodworking Bench alongside other weapons, including Iron Reaper, Iron Swordsand Iron Slashers etc.

After defeating Quincey the Bandit King in Farbane Woods, you would be able to use ‘Smithy’ to make weapons. Interact with Smithy and you would be able to make new weapons.

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