V Rising Best Weapons, Weapon Tier List

V Rising has several different types of weapons available, and each of them has special abilities. The weapons in V Rising are equal to each other in the damage department, with the differentiating factor being the two special skills the weapons have. Our guide lists all the best weapons in V Rising according to how useful they are.

V Rising Weapon Damage and Abilities


  • Weapon Damage: 35/35/40
  • Skill#1: Whirlwind: In this skill, your character will spin and slash enemies in the attack range, dealing them 35% of physical damage for 1.1s. The damage is done every 0.25s of attack duration. This skill has an 8s cooldown.
  • Skill#2: Shockwave: A shockwave is created, which deals 70% of physical damage to enemies for 1.6s. The enemies who get launched into the air from the shockwave are affected by this skill. This skill has an 8s cooldown as well. The skill can also be recast to teleport to the enemy and hit them three times, doing 25% of physical damage from each blow.


  • Weapon Damage: 40/40/50
  • Skill#1: A Thousand Spears: A multi-stab attack is executed, doing 30% physical damage in 8 ticks. If you recast this skill during the effective period, a thrust attack is performed, knocking back enemies and doing 50% physical damage. It has a cooldown of 8s.
  • Skill#2: Harpoon: Hurl the Spear towards the enemy to pull them closer to you and do 70% physical damage. It also has an 8s cooldown.


  • Weapon Damage: 45/45/55
  • Skill#1: X-Strike: Launch two axes toward the opponent in the shape of X. Each axe hit does 85% physical damage and slows them for 1.5s. If both axes hit the enemy, they get incapacitated for 2 seconds. The skill has an 8s cooldown.
  • Skill#2: Frenzy: Rush and strike the closest enemy to do 100% physical damage, after which a Frenzy state is activated. In this state, movement speed gets increased by 25% and attack speed by 30% for 0.8s on each successful hit on an enemy. This skill has a cooldown of 8s.


  • Weapon Damage: 50/50/60
  • Skill#1: Crushing Blow: Jump closer to the enemy and smack the Mace on the ground, doing 110% of physical damage and snaring the enemy for 2 seconds. This skill has a cooldown of 8s.
  • Skill#2: Smack: Slam enemies ahead of you to do 50% physical damage while also launching them away from you. The enemies get incapacitated for 1.2 seconds as well. This attack has a cooldown of 9s.


  • Weapon Damage: 110
  • Skill#1: Rain of Bolts: Launch 5 bolts that rain on the enemies, doing 40% physical damage on each hit. It also inflicts 1.5s snare on the enemies. This skill has a cooldown of 8s.
  • Skill#2: Snapshot: Fires quick shots which do 75% damage to enemies while also interrupting their attacks and inflicting snare for 2s. This skill has a cooldown of 8s.


  • Weapon Damage: 50/50/55
  • Skill#1: Howling Reaper: Launch a howling reaper towards the enemies, which does 20% physical damage every 0.25s for 2.5s. It also slows down the enemies for 1.5 seconds. This skill has a cooldown of 8s.
  • Skill#2: Tendon Swing: The reaper swings, doing 125% physical damage to enemies in range. It also knocks them and snares for 2 seconds. This skill has a cooldown of 8s.


  • Weapon Damage: 27.5/27.5/35
  • Skill#1: Elusive Strike: Rush forward and back to slash enemies, doing 60% physical damage and slowing them for 2s with each hit. This skill has a cooldown of 8s.
  • Skill#2: Camouflage: Movement speed gets increased for 6s by 25% while in camouflage, and primary attacks do 80% physical damage while incapacitating enemies for 3s. This skill has a cooldown of 10s.

V Rising Weapon Tier List

1. Sword

Being your initially acquired weapon in V Rising, Sword possesses both speed and power. With its skills such as Whirlwind and Shockwave, it can deal damage to multiple enemies and attack a target with combo attacks, making it the best weapon to wield in PvE.

2. Spear

Spear is one of the best PvE weapons to wield in V Rising. It’s best used against single targets, and with its skills such as A Thousand Spears and Harpoon, you can bombard the target with attacks and pull them towards you to deal damage.

3. Axes

Mostly used for cutting resources such as Tress, Axes serve as a good weapon. With skills such as Frenzy and X-Strike, you can trigger random move attacks and speed buff and even slow down the target’s speed.

4. Mace

Although relatively a slower weapon than most, it still provides more damage than a standard weapon. Being a slow weapon, the Mace is best sued against slower enemies, crushing their skulls into the ground.

With skills like Crushing Blow and Smack, it’s sure to trap the opponent and smack them through the area, opening a chance for you to regenerate your health.

5. Reaper

Being best used for PvP fights, the Reaper is a slow and situational weapon, like the Mace, that works best on slower enemies in PvE. With skills such as Howling Reaper and Tendon Swing, you’re most likely to cause the enemy to slow down and snares them for a brief period.

6. Slasher

Although lacking a large Damage per Second rate, the Slasher is still considered a good weapon with fast attacks. With its skills such as The Elusive Strike and Camouflage, you can slash the enemy apart and increases your speed for further attacks.

7. Crossbow

Being last on the list makes it obvious that the Crossbow is perhaps the least favorite weapon to help you win battles in V Rising. Even though the Rain of Bolts and Snapshot skill showers the opponents with Bolts and Interrupts their attacks, it’s still best used as a backup weapon.

How to Upgrade Weapons

To upgrade your weapons in V Rising, you must find particular recipes required to enhance your weapon’s ability.

These recipes can be found as a dropped items from enemies, by bosses, or even acquired by placing the V Rising Paper inside the Research Table

There are two best ways to upgrade a weapon; the first method is by crafting the weapon from the start, while the other option is to combine the weapon with different materials to create a new and improved weapon.

Also, make sure to hunt for high-level bosses as they drop unique weapons such as General’s Soul Reaper (Undead Commander).

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